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Arabian Rice Recipe (KFC Style)

If you are one of the folks who loves chomping down on Arabian recipes and has a sweet tooth for the Arabian recipe then wallah! The crispy and tasty Arabian rice recipe from sooperchef.pk is the choice of recipe that you have been looking for. The recipe was made famous by an internationally famous food chain KFC and thus has gained much popularity and is eaten all over the world. Over the course of the last year, there have been a great number of delectable recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk: the largest online digital food network in the country. some of the most top rated recipes on the panel include the cheesy and tasty pizza fries using readymade fingers recipe, the saucy and delectable pesto pasta recipe, the effortless and healthy chicken burger for kids recipe, the flavorsome chicken pie recipe and at last but not the least the tasty and delightful Arabian maqlooba recipe. The Arabian rice recipe popularized by Kentucky’s Fried Chicken (KFC) composed of chicken chunks that were fried and served with rice that was topped with or without sauces of your choice. With our recipe of the variant, that uses K&N’s ready to fry fiery fingers and rice, you can enjoy the same great taste while preparing it from the comfort of your own homes. The Arabian cuisine consists of various different recipes including regional cuisines extending the Arab world from the Maghreb to the Fertile Crescent in the Arabian Peninsula. Most of the Arabian recipes of the Arab cooking style are primitive and hundreds of years old and reflect the true nature of the Arabian culture that was much influenced by the traders that traded spices, foods, herbs, and flavors with the Spaniards before the crusades. The Arab kitchens are influenced highly by the hot climatic conditions, cultivation as well as trading possibilities. Log on to sooperchef.pk and enjoy the complete Arabian rice recipe in Urdu and English language for free.

Arabian Mandi Recipe

Chicken Arabian Mandi Recipe by Sooperchef Are you an Arabian cuisines enthusiast and always on the lookout for something delicious, hale and hearty and amazing? Then the Arabian Mandi recipe from the largest digital online food network of the country: Sooperchef is the recipe of choice for you. Mandi is a customary rice and meat amalgam recipe the is an original from the Middle East although it is warm heartedly relished all over the Arabian Peninsula and numerous other parts of the world including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, and India. On the menu of the number one food network of Pakistan, you can find numerous delicious and vigorous meat dishes which the forum of sooperchef.pk allows you to access for free. Some of the most honorable mentions include the delicious and drool-worthy namkeen gosth recipe, the fragrant mutton moti pulao recipe, the velvety beef Nihari recipe, the delectable beef haleem recipe and the scrumptious mutton champ roast recipe. The term Mandi comes from the Arabic language, “nada”, which translates to dew owing to the dewy tang of the meat used in preparation of the recipe. The precise origin of the recipe is said to be Yemen, whereas it is has gained much notoriety in many parts of the Asian subcontinent including Pakistan and some parts of India with vast Muslim majorities. The traditional way of preparing the Mandi recipe by slow roasting mutton meat: the meat is usually taken from a young, small sized lamb, to ensure further enhancement of the dish’s flavor. Mandi can also be prepared using chicken meat, but the conventional Mandi recipe is made with mutton meat, in earthen clay pot known as the tandoor, and in Arabic it is called the “tanoor”. Garnishing purposes are carried out using raisins, almonds, cashews and other nuts and dry fruits. you can follow sooperchef.pk to learn how to prepared the tasty Arabian Mandi recipe and download the complete recipe in Urdu and English language for free.  

Beef Pulao

Easy Beef Pulao Recipe in English and Urdu Pulao is one of the most relished meat and rice-based recipes of all, and that is why the culinary experts of sooperchef: the largest online food network of the country is here with the tasty Beef Pulao Recipe. There have been some really tasty and aromatic pulao recipes on the menu of sooperchef over the course of the last year. Some of the most honorable mentions that are certainly worth a shot, include the flavorsome chicken tehari pulao recipe, the soft and chewy mutton pulao recipe, the pulao with nine gems: tasty Navratan pulao recipe, the delicacy from Kashmir: the delectable Kashmiri pulao recipe and at last but not the least: the smoky chicken (murgh) tikka pulao recipe. All of these delectable pulao recipes can be found in Urdu and English language for free. The pulao recipe also goes by many other names like pilaf, polu, polov and pulaav etc and is eaten in many parts of the world including Armenia, India, Pakistan, Iran, central Asia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Greece, Brazil , Uganda, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Caribbean. During the period of the Soviet Union, the central Asian versions of the pulao spread all over the Soviet republican states and became a significant part of the common Soviet cuisine. Sometimes it is confused with biryani but there is a great deal of difference between the two rice recipes: the biryani recipe is seasoned with spices while pulao is seasoned with broth.  The first known pulao recipe was written by a Persian scholar of the tenth century, Abu Ali Ibn Sina (also known as Avicenna) to the western world. According to the Persian scholars, Avicenna is the father of the modern version of the pulao that we see nowadays. The complete recipe of the tasty beef pulao recipe can be downloaded by logging on to sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English for free.  

Maqlooba Recipe

Are you a fan of sandy dunes and camels like scenarios? Then brace yourself as the delectable and exotic Arabian maqlooba recipe is being brought to you by the largest online digital food network of the country: yes, your very own sooperchef.pk! The maqluba, often spelled as maqlooba is a traditional Arabian dish from the Levant, and is eaten all over the Middle East and some parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The dish includes the incorporation of a combination of rice, meat and fried vegetables that are placed in a pot. This pot is flipped upside when the dish is to be served as the Arabic tradition goes. This is why the recipe is known as maqluba,  or upside down rice recipe the Arabic word translation for upside down. The dish also goes by some other names occasionally like maaluba, maglub, and maqlouba. There are numerous other recipes that can be found on the menu of sooperchef that will tingle your taste buds with delight. Some of the most honorable mentions on the menu right now include the delectable and aromatic chicken tehari pulao, the tasty and flavorsome Navratan pulao recipe, the delectable and soft galouti kabab recipe, the delightfully light chicken vegetable spring rolls recipe, the crispy and crumbly chicken tender recipe and at last but not the least, the no-bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe. The maqlooba recipe can be prepared with a variety of vegetables like fried potatoes, cauliflower, and eggplant, tomatoes along with meat from mutton, lamb or chicken. The maqluba is served at a hot temperature, alongside a serving of yogurt or a simple Arabian salad composed of diced cucumbers, parsley, tomatoes and is sprinkled with lemon juice. This salad is often served with a tahini sauce which enhances its flavor more. The recipe is not only a significant part of the Arabian cuisine but also has great importance in the Jordanian and Palestinian style of cooking. Find the complete recipe of the Arabian maqlooba in Urdu and English for free on sooperchef.pk.

Navratan Pulao Recipe

Hello and welcome to the largest online food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk. Whose team of chefs is presenting the Navratan pulao recipe for all of its fans! There have been some really tasty and easy to prepare rice recipes on the panel of sooperchef that you can find on our website for free. Some of the most honorable mentions that are worthy of a check include the traditional and delectable Sindhi biryani recipe , the delightfully aromatic chicken tehari pulao recipe , the soupy and flavorful chicken (murgh) Yakhni pulao recipe , the spicy and delectable keema biryani recipe , the delightfully saccharine gur waly chawal recipe , the saucy and tangy lemon rice recipe and at last but not the least, the palatable and flavorsome mutton pulao recipe . Navratan pulao is a rice-based recipe from the Indian style of cooking and belongs to the Hindi recipes section. The word Navratan comes from the Sanskrit language and it literally translates to “nav” nine and “rattan” gems, owing to the purposeful amount of different vegetables and ingredients for the preparation. It is said that the first Navratan pulao’s ingredients were a total of nine in number, hence the name. In the modern days, this delectable pulao is prepared by an assortment of vegetables like diced carrots, cubed potatoes, green beans, and cauliflower etc while after preparation it is dressed and garnished with nuts like cashews and almonds. You can find the step by step preparation method of the Navratan pulao recipe in Urdu and English for free by logging on to sooperchef.pk.

Sindhi Biryani Recipe

Sindhi Biryani recipe is a traditional biryani recipe of Pakistan’s Sindh province and is one of the most beloved dishes of Pakistani and an integral part of the Sindhi cuisine but nevertheless, it is widely popular all over Pakistan and is now steadily gaining popularity all over the world because of the Diasporas of the region. The idea of the importance and fame of this recipe can be realized with it being served at various auspicious occasions like weddings, social gatherings, parties and almost every flight of PIA serving a plateful of Sindhi biryani to its passengers. There are many other types of biryani eaten all over the world and sooperchef has covered all of them on its menu like the special Murgh biryani recipe, the delectable Bombay biryani recipe, the protein filled beef biryani masala recipe, the palatable kofta biryani recipe, the tasty amalgam chicken bbq biryani recipe, and even a vegan variant known as the vegetable biryani recipe. The distinctive characteristic of the Sindhi Biryani which distinguishes it from other biryani alternatives is that it is prepared with a healthy serving of potatoes together with the customary meat and rice content. The potatoes, before being added to the mix, are thoroughly peeled and quartered. This Biryani recipe can be prepared with all sorts of meat like lamb, mutton, veal, beef or chicken. You can download the inclusive recipe of the Sindh biryani by following sooperchef.pk, where you can numerous other tasty and delicious recipes like this.

Kabsa Recipe | Kabsa Rice

If you are a fan of sandy dunes, fast running cars, and oriental music then you are sure to find this Arabian recipe by sooperchef.pk, appealing to your core. Arabian lovers, say Marhaba to the mutton kabsa recipe by sooperchef.pk, Pakistan’s largest online food network. This delectable meat recipe is the ultimate choice for all those foodies who have a taste for mildly spiced Arabian recipes. There are many other tasty and healthy recipes present on the menu of sooperchef.pk, some of the most honorable mentions on the panel right now include the tasty and soft chicken Reshmi handi recipe, the colorful and aromatic chicken tehari pulao recipe, the tasty and flavorsome chicken dum biryani recipe, the lovable and saccharine milk powder barfi recipe and at last but not the least the tasty cheesy chicken cheese kofta curry recipe. Although kabsa is known largely as an Arabian recipe, the origin of kabsa is Yemen, and there it is regarded as a national dish. Kabsa belongs to a family of rice-based dishes which are made with meat and rice. It is served all over the Arabian peninsula and middle eastern countries popularly, such as Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq etc. there are different types of kabsas but every variant has a uniqueness of its own. Along with long grain rice, meat from mutton, lamb, beef, camel, and fish can be used. The garnishing purposes are taken care of with the help of dry fruits and nuts like pine nuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts etc. enjoy the whole mutton kabsa recipe in Urdu and English language for free on sooperchef.pk.

Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe

Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe by Sooperchef There have been some really nice rice recipes on the panel of sooperchef.pk, and now it is taking on Awadhi cuisine, rice lovers, say hello to the delectable and aromatic Chicken tehari pulao recipe ! This scented and pleasing plateful of yellow colored rice is one of the tastiest recipes in the entire Indian subcontinent. Numerous other rice based and pulao recipes can be found on the menu of sooperchef that you need to take a look at, some of the most honorable mentions on the menu right now include the hot and spicy Bombay biryani recipe, the smooth and delightful and fragrant Kabuli pulao recipe, the flavorsome and hearty mutton pulao recipe and the luscious Kashmiri pulao recipe. Chicken pulao is eaten all over the world and is also one of the most relished rice based recipes in Pakistan. The chicken tehari pulao recipe is a yellow colored rice dish from the kitchens of Awadhi origin and it is known as the vegetarian version of the traditional pulao. The preparation procedure includes plain cooked rice which are added with spices and vegetables for flavor and the distinctive yellow color it has. However, in most parts of Pakistan, it is made with red meat which provides is with some really good flavor too. This Awadhi cuisine is widely eaten in many parts of north India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is said that during the Muslim rule over the Indian subcontinent, Muslim rulers developed this recipe for the Hindu bookkeepers. Study the expertise of preparing the mouth-watering chicken tehari pulao recipe by logging on to sooperchef.pk and download the inclusive recipe and preparation course of action in Urdu and English language free of cost.

Enjoy the Real Taste of Biryani, Pulao & Rice Recipes With Sooperchef.pk

Rice is a type of cereal grain that is widely consumed as a staple food to serve the majority population of the world. Rice dishes are mostly made and consumed in most of the Asian countries. It is the form of grain with the second highest worldwide production following wheat and corn.There are various types of rice recipes prepared all across the world, specifically in Asian and Indian subcontinent that includes countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Basmati Rice Used for Cooking Biryani & Pulao Recipes

Basmati rice is a long grain form of rice mainly cultivated in India and Pakistan and is considered to be one of the finest quality of white rice. This type of rice has a unique ambience when cooked and each grain remains separate after cooked, providing a light and fluffy taste. This type of rice can be served with various home cooked curries and mostly Basmati rice is used to prepare Pulao recipes & Biryani recipes.

There are various types of rice dishes and recipes that can be easily cooked and prepared at home. Some of them are listed below:

Fried Rice Accompanied with other Variants

Fried rice is a type of recipe that is formed by stir frying the rice in a frying pan mixed with various ingredients like vegetables, eggs, meat or even seafood. It is also served and eaten along with other accompanied dishes. Fried rice is primarily originated from Southeast Asian countries. Chinese fried rice served with Chicken Manchurian makes a perfect combination for a meal or a dinner.


Biryani recipe is one of the most delicious rice recipes of South Asian origin and most popular among the people of Pakistan. Moreover, the dish is really easy to be cooked at home. The dish has gained popularity among people from ages across the Indian subcontinent. The dish is usually made with spices, meat and basmati rice. You can check out the 1-minute instant video and learn to make Biryani recipe in Urdu offered by SooperChef.

Pulao Recipe

Pulao Recipe is also one of the easiest recipe that can be cooked at home within thirty minutes of your time. It can be cooked with different variants by adding Boiled Chick Peas or different vegetables as per your taste. The dish is prepared by adding mild spices. It is one of the most common and popular homemade dish cooked almost at every home in Pakistan. Pulao is also served along with different spicy dishes like Chicken Karahi, Mutton Karahi, etc. at family parties or festive. Pulao recipes makes a perfect combination with mint or yogurt raita. Get the complete list of rice recipes, Pulao recipes in Urdu at SooperChef.

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