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Lemon Chicken Recipe

Lemon Chicken SooperChef going to be your best friend if you are one of the sooper foodies who are on the lookout for new and tasty Chinese recipes such as the flavorful and delicious lemon chicken recipe! You can take our word on it; this delicious recipe is worth a try! On the menu of Pakistan’s largest online food network,, you will be able to find numerous drool-worthy Chinese recipes such as the fiery Schezwan Chicken recipe , the crunchy and crumbly sweet and sour chicken with butter garlic sauce recipe, the spongy and squishy chicken chow mien recipe, the crimson-colored chicken Manchurian recipe, and at last but not the least the scrumptious Hakka noodles . The palatable lemon chicken is in point of fact a name of more than a few different variants of a Chinese recipe eaten around the sphere, prepared largely with lemon and chicken. The Canadian-Chinese style of cooking involves preparation of the lemon chicken recipe, usually with small chunks of chicken meat that are either sautéed or deep fried with a substantial covering of sweet and sour lemon-flavored sauce. Some bistros in China serve up a deviation of the lemon chicken recipe with chunks of chicken that are pre-battered before being rolled in almond silvers, prior to the process of deep-frying. After being deep fried, they are served with a lemon glaze sauce. You can log on to your favorite online food channel, and find the complete lemon chicken recipe in both Urdu and English languages.

Rasmalai Recipe | Perfect & Soft Rasmalai

RasMalai It is a moment of celebration of all traditional dessert lovers as Pakistan’s largest online food network, yes your very own is presenting the creamy and flavorsome Ras Malai recipe to its beloved fans all over the globe! There are many other dessert recipes on the menu of like the delicious and creamy peda two ways recipe, the milky and hearty rabri recipe, crispy and crumbly cake rusk recipe and the delectable quick fruit cake recipe. This milk-based dessert is a thick and traditional dessert that is admired not only in Pakistan but all over the Indian Subcontinent. The origin of this delicious dessert is believed to be Bengali and in the Bangladeshi territories, it is referred to as “Rossomalai”. According to the western definitions, ras malai can be called a “rich cheesecake with no crust”. The dessert is made with condensed milk while fresh milk is also used along with eggs, baking powder, and sugar is used as a sweetener. Garnishing purposes are carried out with the help of green cardamom and dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts which provide it a divine look. This delicious dessert recipe is best served chilled and usually, it is served with a plateful of thickened milk. Get yourself a perfect Ras Malai recipe in Urdu and English by following on the website you can download the complete recipe for iOS and Android, free of cost as well as acquire added assistance from our video for a step by step guide to perfection!

Noodle Stuffed Rolls

Noodle stuffed Rolls This new and innovative recipe is for all the people who have a sweet tooth for fresh and flavorsome snack recipes, and for those who are craving some delicious snack right now, sooperchef is gleeful to present the all-new Noodles Stuffed Roll recipe for all of its users! There have been a some really tasty and mouthwatering deep fried snack recipes on the menu of, some of the most honorable mentions are: the drool-worthy chicken Kathi roll recipe, the delectable and vivid chicken pocket roll recipe, the best choice for cheese lovers the stuffed chicken cheese roll recipe, the evergreen seekh kabab paratha roll recipe and the delightfully tasty macaroni cheese roll recipe. The Noodles Stuffed Roll can be prepared very easily as the general preparation is no different than any other roll recipe that is normally eaten all over the country. in raw form, the soft outer layer, known as the “roll Patti” looks very much like the tortilla, only being is much mushier in texture, but after frying it becomes really crispy and crumbly. Apart from noodles, it can also be filled with various items like chicken meat, cheese, corn, cheese, vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, celery, onions, and diced green chilies. This tasty recipe can be served with all kinds of sauces like bbq sauce, mustard sauce and ketchup etc. find the complete Noodles Stuffed Roll recipe by logging on to and find it in both Urdu and English languages for free.

Chicken Reshmi Handi Recipe

Reshmi handi Hey! How is it going sooper foodies? Are you ready to get rid of all the extra spicy foods, and are your taste buds are craving for something mushy, soft and creamy? Then you have hit the jackpot, the Reshmi handi recipe by is the win-win recipe for you. Pakistan is a place of lively civilization and colorfully assorted lifestyles. Such celestial cultures include some special cooking approaches with everyone having a unique quality of their own. One such preparation technique includes an ancient cuisine utensil known as the Handi. Handi is the desi substitute of the American bean pot, a sturdy, spacious mouthed pot traditionally made of clay or copper. Plentiful of such Pakistani handi recipes are available on our menu, some of the honorable most mentions include the regal and graceful chicken shahi handi recipe, the smoky and delicious chicken barbeque handi recipe and the creamy and velvety white handi recipe and the flavorsome Madrasi handi recipe. The Reshmi handi recipe gets its name from the word “resham” of the Urdu language which means “silk”, owing to the soft, silky texture of the dish. The Kolachi inspired Reshmi handi is a tasty amalgamation of meat and cheese. Most of the times, a variety of cheese known as cottage cheese is used but you can use mozzarella cheese as well. It can be served with all kinds of flatbreads like naan, chapatti, and roti as well. You can learn to prepare the delectable Reshmi handi recipe by logging on to

Sarson Ka Saag

Sarson ka Saag and makai ki roti recipe If you belong to a Punjabi speaking family or even have some Punjabi relatives then you must have had the chance of relishing the delectable Sarson Ka Saag with a healthy and delectable Makai ki roti. But what if you want to make it yourself? You’ve heard too that it is very difficult to prepare? No more! Pakistan’s largest online food network, yes your very own Sooperchef is brining in the traditionally tasty and healthy Saag and makai ki roti recipe to your dining tables via your smart phones and other smart devices. There are many other delectable recipes that you can find on the menu of Sooper Chef, some of the most honorable mentions include the aromatic and delectable chicken tehari pulao recipe, the spicy and flavorsome pakora three ways recipe, the creamy and hearty rabri recipe, and at last but not the least, the delicious and protein packed mutton gushtaba recipe. Saag is basically a leaf based dish (prepared with leafy vegetables like spinach, mustard leaves, green collards, basella, and finally chopped broccoli) of the Punjabi origin of the Indian subcontinent. It is often prepared with desi ghee and topped with butter, paneer or more desi ghee for added taste, and prevalent in rural areas especially in the Punjabi dominated populations. It is eaten with different types of bread like roti, naan, paratha and even boiled rice. Makai ki roti is flat bread which is made with dough of maize flour and is yellow or golden in color. Want to prepare saag and makai ki roti at your own home? Log on to for the complete recipe in Urdu and English for free.

Chicken Tehari Pulao Recipe

Chicken tehari pulao recipe There have been some really nice rice recipes on the panel of, and now it is taking on Awadhi cuisine, rice lovers, say hello to the delectable and aromatic Chicken tehari pulao recipe ! This scented and pleasing plateful of yellow colored rice is one of the tastiest recipes in the entire Indian subcontinent. Numerous other rice based and pulao recipes can be found on the menu of sooperchef that you need to take a look at, some of the most honorable mentions on the menu right now include the hot and spicy Bombay biryani recipe, the smooth and delightful and fragrant Kabuli pulao recipe, the flavorsome and hearty mutton pulao recipe and the luscious Kashmiri pulao recipe. Chicken pulao is eaten all over the world and is also one of the most relished rice based recipes in Pakistan. The chicken tehari pulao recipe is a yellow colored rice dish from the kitchens of Awadhi origin and it is known as the vegetarian version of the traditional pulao. The preparation procedure includes plain cooked rice which are added with spices and vegetables for flavor and the distinctive yellow color it has. However, in most parts of Pakistan, it is made with red meat which provides is with some really good flavor too. This Awadhi cuisine is widely eaten in many parts of north India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is said that during the Muslim rule over the Indian subcontinent, Muslim rulers developed this recipe for the Hindu bookkeepers. Study the expertise of preparing the mouth-watering chicken tehari pulao recipe by logging on to and download the inclusive recipe and preparation course of action in Urdu and English language free of cost.

3 Pakora Recipe

3 Pakora Recipe A beautiful evening, you sitting on your terrace and enjoying the cool breeze with a cup of tea in your hand, what could be missing? Something tasty, spicy and deep fried that will take care of your fried cravings and would also be effortless to make? If that is the case then sooperchef might be the best place for you, as we are bringing not one, not two but a pakora recipe that will tell you how to make three different types of pakoras! The 3 pakora recipe by Pakistan’s largest online food network is here! This recipe is the latest variety of pakora recently added to the vast menu of delectable snacks. There are numerous more types of Pakora recipes on sooperchef’s menu such as the delectable and inventive chicken Pakora recipe, the buttery and silky Cheese Pakora recipe and as well as the customary Alu Pakora. The source of the name given to this fritter snack, “Pakora” is believed to be a derivation of a word “pakavata”, from the language of Sanskrit which translates to a “small lump of deep-fried food”. This tasty snack is a beloved and admired street food all over the Indian subcontinent especially in locations like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh because of its easiness to prepare and its crumbly and crispy texture, delectable aroma and appetizing flavor as well. Pakoras can be prepared effortlessly while taking a very diminutive period of time and can prove to be a very scrumptious item for lunch boxes for children, or it can be served as a delectable snack in evenings for snack time. This is why it is seen as a common food item to be prepared during the rush hours of Iftar during the sacred month of Ramadan. If you are willing to download the entire recipe and preparation procedure of this tasty 3 pakora recipe then you need to log on to, where you can find it free of cost in Urdu and English language along with an inclusive step by step video guide that will direct your 3 pakora recipe to ultimate precision.

Peda 2 Ways

Peda 2 ways recipe Calling all traditional dessert lovers! it is a moment of great joy and pleasure for all of you as we are glad to announce that the biggest online food network of Pakistan, yes your very own is about to bring the mushy and creamy peda two ways recipe for all its beloved fans all around the country! Sooperchef offers many other dessert recipes on its menu which you can download for free, some of the top-notch recipes on the panel right now comprise of the appetizing and smooth rabri recipe, the creamy and chocolaty Nutella brownie recipe, the crusty and crumbly cake rusk recipe and the mouth-watering quick fruit cake recipe. Peda is a dessert recipe originating from the Indian subcontinent and is usually prepared in desi ghee. Other key ingredients that are used for preparation are khoya, Garnishing purposes are carried out with the help of cardamom seeds and dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts while saffron is also widely used for dressing purposes. The term peda is generally used for a blob which could be made by any doughy substance such as flower and khoya. Get yourself a perfect peda two ways recipe in both Urdu and English by for free by following where you can download the complete recipe for iOS and Android while acquiring added assistance from our two minute instant video guide which will provide you with a step by step guide to perfection! Enjoy and share the recipe with all of your friends and family!

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Enrich your taste of Pakistani Recipes in Urdu & English with brings together Pakistani Recipes in Urdu & English and global food Recipes in Urdu at one essential website. We at believe in the modernization of the cooking and making it fun for everyone. We have helped thousands of people to overcome their cooking phobia and made their life easier. SooperChef is an ultimate online kitchen that facilitate you with Pakistani Food recipes, including Pakistani chicken recipes, Pakistani vegetable recipes,  Iftar Recipes, Pakistani mutton recipes, Ramadan Recipes, Eid ul Adha RecipesChinese recipes and much more from the leading cookbooks of the world. provides you cooking experience that is useful, enjoyable and healthier – with simple search tools and categories of Pakistani recipes collections to make it easy for you to enjoy cooking great food.

Pakistani Food Recipes in Urdu & English

Cooking and eating is all about sharing your tremendous experiences. SooperChef is here to make that happen by providing you with easy to learn 2-minute instant Pakistani food recipes in Urdu. You can mark your favorite cooking recipes. is proud to bring you the largest digital cooking recipes in Urdu platform of Pakistan. provides a platform to all food lovers across the globe and has made it possible for you to be the home cooking expert for your family and loved ones. is a quick and easy way to search Pakistani Urdu recipes, Indian recipes, Thai recipes, Chinese recipes, Continental recipes, American recipes, European recipes, Arabian recipes and other premium food recipes. Get Free Indian & Pakistani Food cooking videos. You can learn from our latest collection of instant video recipes. We facilitate our viewers and users by providing them the knowledge of‘how to cook’ in the easiest and fun way.

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