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Mirror Glaze Cheesecake

The perfect way to celebrate this 14th of August is with sooperchef’s delectable and distinctive Mirror Glaze Cheesecake recipe. Glazing is a cooking technique which includes a coating of glossy coating. The coating can be sweet or in some cases it is kept savory and is applied by dipping, dripping and or applying by a brush. Basic icings and egg whites are used as glazes. There are many other cake recipes available on the Sooperchef menu like Jubilee mousse cake, molten lava cake, rainbow cake and no bake cheese cake. The glazing often incorporates substances like butter, milk, sugar and a certain type of oils. Glazes can also be made from fruit pulps or fruit juices along with other ingredients and it is used many times when preparing pastries. Glazes made for doughnuts are made with a simple mixture of powdered sugar confectioneries and water in which the doughnuts are dipped in. the savory or salty glazes are usually made with reduced stock which is then put on meat and vegetables. Some candies or confectioneries are also coated with edible wax glazes. In the early times of England, a typical medieval glaze known as the Elizabethan Glaze made from slightly beaten eggs was used in preparing pastries. If you want to learn the art of preparing this delectable and distinctive mirror glaze cake recipe then visit and download the complete recipe of Mirror Glaze Cheesecake in both Urdu and English languages. You can also acquire guidance from our two-minute video guide.

Namkeen Tikka Boti

Eid-ul-Adha is right around the corner and nothing says meat delicacy like a kabab and Sooperchef is bringing in the delectableNamkeen Tikka Boti recipe. As the name suggests, Namkeen Tikka Boti known as afghan tikka kabab is native to the country of Afghanistan but has gained popularity all over India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because of its great taste and aroma. There are many other kabab recipes to choose from on the sooperchef menu like the Badami seekh kabab, gola kabab, chicken chapli kabab and chicken stuffed cheese kabab but the Namkeen Tikka Boti is the latest and most innovative entrée on our menu. By the look of it, Afghani tikka Kabab looks very much like a tikka because it is composed of small, bite sized chicken chunks that are skewed on iron rods, over a heat source. It can also be grilled or baked. Usually, the kabab is a piece of minced meat that is mixed with spices like turmeric, pepper, chilies, salt, and masala etc. the traditional kabab preparing utensil is made out of iron and is known as the angeethi in which the coals are heated and then the meat is cooked over it. Sometimes, kebabs can be prepared in an earthen clay oven known as the tandoori. Kababs can be made out of chicken, veal, mutton, lamb, beef and even fish and are eaten all over the world and every country has its very own version of it. They can be served as a side dish or main course meal and eaten with bbq sauce, chutney and ketchup. You can find the complete recipe of Namkeen Boti on

Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Urdu & English If you are one of those foodies who is sick of desi and traditional Pakistani recipes and wants something crispy and tasty for a change, then the Crispy Chicken Burger recipe is the recipe of choice for you. There are many other great snack recipes on Sooperchef menu like chicken cheese rolls, chicken schnitzels, cheese nuggets and peri bites. Burgers are eaten all over the world and are found in all shapes and sizes. They can be in a circular form or elongated. Burgers are basically a sandwich of two buns which are placed on the top and the bottom. The between of these buns can be placed with a patty, chapli kabab, tikkas, fish chunks, prawns, shrimps or anything you want to put in it. these delectable fast food items are eaten all over the world with great delight as they were made famous by internally acclaimed fast food restaurants like burger king, KFC, McDonald's, that serve burgers every day. There are many types of burgers that are famous like steak burger, chicken burger, chicken cheese burger, beef patty burger, ground beef patty burger etc. many restaurants and eateries have also introduced vegetarian burgers like the rice burger and the veggie burger. Pakistan has its very own variant of burgers which are known as the anday wala burger and in some places like Karachi, it is known as bun kabab. The chicken crispy burger are known as zinger burgers in Pakistan and they have a battered and deep fried crispy fillet or chicken piece in between the buns. You can download the complete recipe of CrispyChicken Burger on

Mongolian Chicken

Sooperchef has added another delectable cooking recipe to its long menu and it is known as the Mongolian chicken recipe. As the name suggests, the Chicken Mongolian recipe gets its name because of its origin that dates back to the Mongolian empire. There are many other tasty continental recipes on our menu like the chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, Italian chicken, hummus, peri bites, hot shots, rainbow cake, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken tempura and chicken lasagna. Mongolian chicken is an alternative for the classy Mongolian beef recipe as it is much healthier than it. Furthermore, it is also easy to prepare taking less than an hour to get done, this makes it one of the best choices if you are willing to prepare a tasty meal during the rush hours of the day. Some of the main ingredients that are used in the preparation are cornstarch, brown sugar, vegetable oil, minced or grounded garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, low sodium chicken stock and sesame oil. Mongolian cuisines were traditionally mildly spiced but with time and influence of other cooking styles, many new variants have come forth. Usually, this recipe is served with boiled rice, egg fried rice or you can have it with a spoon and fork if you like. You need to follow if you want to download the complete recipe and preparation method of the delectable Mongolian chicken recipe in both English and Urdu languages. You can also learn to cook from our two minute, instant step by step video guide.

Special Nargisi Kofta

Special Nargisi Kofta Recipe in Urdu & English is a paradise for the tasty cooking recipe where new recipes are added to the menu daily. Special Nargisi Kofta recipe is the latest meatball dish recipe added to the long list of delectable Pakistani recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family. This is best Eid ul Adha recipe for your guests . There are many types of kofta recipes eaten all over Pakistan like the chicken cheese kofta curry, kofta biryani, and chicken kofta curry. Koftas are the desi doppelganger of the American meatball but our version is way more tasty and savory. This recipe is usually prepared with ground beef and added with spices and herbs. Nevertheless, it can be prepared mutton, chicken or even fish meat, shrimps and prawns. The Koftas are usually made in a spicy curry and can be served with roti, naan or boiled rice but you can also eat it with a fork or dip it in some tasty bbq sauce. Nargisi Kofta is a kofta recipes prepared by encasing a hard-boiled egg inside a spicy kofta coating. This recipe is widely popular all over Pakistan and is eaten with great delight. It can also be fried or cooked in the usual way, it does not disappoint the taste buds whatsoever. Nargisi koftas are full of protein and a very healthy dish for youngsters and adults alike. You can find the complete recipe and preparation method of the delectable Nargisi kofta recipe in Urdu and English language at Sooperchef. You can also learn cooking in a fun and easy way from our step by step two minute video guide.

Four types of Chutney

Four types of Chutney Recipes in Urdu & English Chutney recipes have been around the Indian subcontinent since the beginning of time and today sooperchef introduces you to four types of chutney recipes. This recipe provides you with four different types of chutneys that are eaten in Pakistan with great delight. The plum chutney recipe is made with dried plums which are soaked overnight and then the water from the soaked plums are separated from each other. Later on, it is added with 4 maghaz and lemon is used for the garnishing purposes. One of the most beloved chutneys of the Punjabi region of Pakistan is mango chutney, which is sometimes also known as Kairi chutney. It is made by unripe mangoes, which are cut into thin slices and then boiled in hot water. They are added with red chili, salt, sugar, and whole garlic. This chutney can be served alongside many Pakistani food like dal chawal, chicken malai boti, Baryani  and curry to make them taste even better. Tamarind chutney is one of the tangiest chutneys you can ask for. For its preparation, tamarinds are rid of their seeds and soaked in water for some four to six hours. It is then poured in a pan and added with sugar during the cooking process. Green chutney is essentially the national chutney of Pakistan as it shares the same color of the nation’s flag and eaten with every Special Pakistani recipe imaginable. It is made by grounding ingredients like green chilies, green coriander, salt, lemon juice, roasted cumin, lemon juice and salt etc. you can find the complete recipe of four types of chutney on in Urdu and English language.

Qeema Karahi

Pakistan is a land of great tastes and exquisite flavors, and chicken qeema Karahi recipe is one of the best Pakistani recipes anyone can ask for. It is prepared in a special kitchen utensil known as the Karahi, and it has a very peculiar cooking technique of its own. There are many Karahi recipes featured on the sooperchef menu like Lahori Karahi, white Karahi, Balochi Mutton Karahi, mutton Kali Mirch Karahi, chicken bbq Karahi, namkeen Karahi and chicken Karahi. By the look of it, the Karahi could be called the step sister of the ancient Japanese cooking utensil, “wok”. Karahi is a type of circular, thick, deep cooking pot with steep sides and it is native to the Indian subcontinent. It plays a significant part in Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Nepal cuisine. Traditionally, the Karahi was made out of cast iron, but now it is being made with copper, stainless steel, and also with non-stick surfaces. It can be round and flat bottomed. Basically, the main purpose for which the Karahi was invented, is shallow cooking and frying of meat and vegetables but it is also used for frying sweets like jalebis, snacks like samosas, pakoras and sometimes papad. Another use of the Karahi is that it is inverted and used as a Tawa for the preparation of rumali roti. If you want to learn the art of preparing this aromatic and flavorful keema Karahi then you need to follow SooperChef where you can download the complete recipe of keema karahi and preparation method in Urdu and English language for free.


Hummus Recipe in Urdu & English If you are tired of the same old Pakistani recipes every day, then is the right place for you. Presenting to you, the latest addition to our menu is the hummus recipe. Hummus is a Levantine dip recipe made out of cooked or mashed chickpeas, blended with lemon juice, salt, olive oil, and garlic. SooperChef presents many other delectable continental cooking recipes on its menu like a whole chicken roast, peri bites, hot shots, rainbow cake, chicken tempura, chicken tarragon, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, Spanish omelet, Italian salad and chicken cheese noodles. The word hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas, owing to their use in the preparation of the dish. Sometimes other beans are used for preparing hummus too, but very rarely. It is very famous over the Middle East and is a significant part of the Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Grocery stores around North America and Europe also sell jar or tin packed hummus for a commercial purpose. The first known recipes for the hummus are said to date back to the 13th century as they were found recorded in a cookbook of Cairo. Hummus is also very important part of the Levantine cuisine as it is said to be first prepared by the Ayyubid sultan, Saladin and historians claim that it was him who invented the recipe. If you want to learn the art of preparing this delectable hummus recipe then come to SooperChef where you can find the complete recipe of hummus and preparation method.

Whole Chicken Roast

Whole Chicken Roast Recipe in Urdu & English Whole chicken roast recipe is one of the most widely eaten chicken recipe around the globe and now it is gaining popularity in Pakistan. Chicken is the staple meat of Pakistan and because of its easy availability, economic price and easy cooking styles, many Pakistani recipes are made out of chicken. There are many other chicken cooking recipes on menu of SooperChef like chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken tempura, chicken wings, chicken tarragon, chicken stuffed cheese kabab, chicken changezi, yogurt chicken roast, chicken bbq handi and chicken lasagna. Chicken roast can be prepared in pieces or as a whole in a kitchen at home or over a fire. Usually, it is done over a professional rotator spit which equally heats the meat and keeps the flavor intact. It can also be prepared in a clay oven which is known as the tandoor and the recipe prepared in it is called chicken tandoori. The chicken is traditionally roasted in its own fats and juices while its spins on the rotisserie so the heat is equally distributed to all parts of the chicken meat so the flavor and aroma are kept unblemished. Full Chicken roast is a recipe that is eaten all over the world and its variants can be found in many types of worldwide cuisines. You can download the complete recipe of whole chicken roast and preparation method of the drool-worthy and aromatic whole chicken recipe. You can also download the SooperChef mobile application for android and iOS from the playstore and appstore respectively.


Hareesa Recipe in Urdu & English For all you modern foodies, you can call Hareesa recipe the sister of Haleem cause it looks very much like it but there is a great deal of difference between the two. This thick and rich Pakistani recipe is a sweetheart of denizens of Lahore and there are hundreds of eateries in Lahore alone that serve it sizzling hot. There are many traditional cooking recipes on the menu of like the chicken Nihari, Kashmiri pulao, Sindhi biryani, chicken chapli kabab, Lahori Murgh Chanay, kabab masala, chicken Nawabi handi, achar gosht, Punjabi Yakhni pulao, palak paneer and chicken shami kabab. The original name of Hareesa is “Harees” which is the derivation from an Arabic verb translating as squash or mash. This recipe is originally from the Saudi Arabian desert which is based on coarsely ground wheat which is cooked overnight and then simmered in water along with meat and butter. In some cases, fat from the tail of a sheep is also used. Hareesa is also said to be the forerunner of Haleem which was also thought to be enjoyed by the Prophet Muhammad himself. It is also documented in a book that is as old as the tenth century. The book in which harees is documented is known as Kitab al Tabikh by the writer Ibn Sayyar Al Warraq. It is served hot and traditional garnishes for Hareesa are cardamom, sugar, and clarified butter. If you want to learn how to prepare this delectable Hareesa recipe in Urdu then log on to sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe and preparation method

Chili Garlic Wings

Craving for something spicy, crispy and deep fried? Then look no further, you have just hit the jackpot, say hello to the Chili Garlic Wings recipe. There are many other fast foods and chicken recipes on the Sooperchef menu like the chicken honey wings, chicken spicy wings, cheese nuggets, Seekh kabab paratha roll, fried chicken legs, chicken Manchurian, cheese stuffed chicken kababs, Gola kabab, chicken Kachori, cheese pakora and potato lollipops, but nothing can beat the taste and freshness of the chili garlic wings. This recipe is from the fried chicken family which is a significant part of western cuisine and was popularized in modern days by famous eateries like KFC that serve fried chicken recipes all over the world. The first fried chicken recipes were prepared in the Middle Ages. These cooking recipes were mainly composed of fritters and small chunks. Nevertheless, it was the Scottish who were the first Europeans that fried their chickens in fat but without any use of seasoning or spices. The general preparation of fried chicken involves pieces of broiler chicken meat, covered in a batter of corn flour or gram flour mixed with spices and herbs, which are then deep fried in oil. It is served with fries and burgers and can be eaten with garlic sauce, mustard sauce, and mint chutney. If you want to learn the art of preparing this hot and spicy garlic wings recipe then you should follow sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe and preparation method in English and Urdu recipes.

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