What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month, according to the Islamic calendar, and it is believed by Muslims that the first revelation of the Holy Quran towards the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took place in the month of Ramadan. To practice religion according to the teachings of Quran and Prophet (PBUH), Muslims across the globe are bound to fast during the complete day from sunrise to sunset. Muslims are restricted to avoid eating food and drinking from Sehar till Iftaar. Rozas are the fourth of the five pillars of Islam and considered as the most important Muslim practice to be followed. During fasting, Muslims usually spend their time focusing towards prayers and recitation of Quran and follow other Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

When is Ramadan in 2018?

Depending on astronomical charts, Ramadan 2018 may start on Wednesday, 16th May this year and it is going to continue for almost thirty days until 14th June, Thursday. It means that the first day of the next month is Shawwal, that is expected to commence on June, Friday 15th, 2018. The first day of the month Shawwal is going to mark the date of Eid ul Fitr, an Islamic festival or celebration for completing the holy month of Ramadan according to Muslim norms, values and practices.

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