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Sweets Recipes in Urdu & English

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Ingredients - 300g Desi Ghee - 300g Icing Sugar - 1 Egg White - 300g Maida - ½ tsp Cardamom Powder - 75g Pistachio - 1 Yolk Cooking Method: 1- In a bowl, add desi ghee, icing sugar and mix it. 2- Now, add egg white, maida cardamom powder, pistachio and mix it. After that, keep in the freezer for 10 minutes. 3- Now, make khatai with the mixture. 4- Now, cover the top of khatai with yolk and add pistachio on it. 5- Now, oven bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degree centigrade. Your tasty Pista Nankhatai now ready to serve Making Time: 30 Minutes Serve: 4

Rainbow Cake

Ingredients: - 12 eggs - 200g Maida - 200g Sugar - 500g Cream - 50g Condensed Milk - 50g Cheese Cream - ¼ tsp Food Color (Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple) Cooking Method: 1- In a bowl, add eggs, sugar and mix well. 2- Now, add maida and mix it, then divide this mixture into 6 bowls equally. 3- Now, add food color (Pink, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple) in each bowl respectively and mix it. 4- Now, oven bake them for 10 minutes at 170° C. 5- Now, in a bowl, add cream, condensed milk, cheese cream and mix it well. 6- Now spray each baked mixture with water lightly, add cream between them and cover these mixtures with cream. Your delicious Rainbow Cake now ready to serve. Cooking Time: 40 minutes Serve: 3-4


Ingredients: -600g Guard Rice -3tbsp Desi Ghee -Half cup Milk -6 Green Cardamom -Half cup Sugar -20g Almond -20g Cashew -20g Pistachio -20g Copra -20g Raisin -150g Khoya -200g Rasgulla (small) -25g Totti Frutti (Red) -25g Totti Frutti (Green) Cooking Method: 1- In a bowl, add and soak the rice for one and half hours, then boil it. 2- Now, in a pan, add desi ghee, milk, green cardamom, sugar, almond, cashew, pistachio, Copra, raisin, boiled rice and cook for 3-4 minutes. 3- Now, add khoya, small rasgulla, red totti frutti, green totti frutti and simmer for 4 minutes. 4- Now, add green color, red color, yellow color and then simmer again for 3-4 minutes. Your sweet Mutajan now ready to serve Cooking time: 1 hour Serve: 3

Jubilee Mousse Cake

Ingredients - 200g Whipped Cream - 200g Chocolate Chip - 200ml Milk - 1-1/2 tbsp Gelatin - 150g Biscuits - 100g Butter - 6 Mitchell’s Jubliee Chocolate - Mitchell’s Happy Hearts for topping - Caramel Syrup for topping - Chocolate Syrup for topping Method 1- In a zipped bag, add biscuits and crush it well. 2- In a bowl, add crushed biscuit, melted butter and mix it well. 3- In a cake frame, add biscuit and butter mixture and press it slightly. 4- Now keep in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. 5- In a bowl, add chocolate chip and melt it. 6- Now, add milk, gelatin and mix it well. 7- In a bowl, add whipped cream, chocolate and milk mixture and mix it well. 8- Now, cut the Mitchell’s Jubliee Chocolate into small pieces and add in the mixture. 9- Now, add this mixture in the cake frame and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. 10- Now, use Mittchell’s Jubliee Chocolate, Mitchell’s Happy Hearts, Chocolate Syrup, Caramel Syrup as a topping. Your Yummy jubilee mousse cake now ready to serve.

Mix Fruit Smoothie

Ingredients - 2 Mango - 2 Banana - ½ cup Orange Juice - ½ cup pineapple juice - 2 tbsp Honey - 3 tbsp Sugar - 1 cup milk - 1 cup yogurt - Ice as needed - 2 tbsp Cream Method In a blender, add ice cubes, mango, banana, orange juice, pineapple juice, honey, sugar, milk, yogurt and blend it well. Your healthy Mix Fruit Smoothie now ready to serve You can add wiped cream and yogurt mixture's layer in the glass. Time:20 minutes Serve: 3

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Easy Sweets & Desserts, Mithai, Cake Recipes in Urdu & English by SooperChef.pk

Satisfy your sweet tooth with most of delicious sweet recipes in Urdu at SooperChef.pk including cake recipes in Urdu, cookie recipes, ice cream recipes, pudding recipes and frozen dessert and sweet recipes. Whether you feel a need of baking a spectacular birthday cake or trying a simple Oreo madness, this collection is just for you. It also includes yummy Kashmiri tea, Jalebi Recipe, Gajar ki kher, Akhroti Halwa, Russian Salad, Mithai, cookies, muffins, slices, cake recipes and much more. So, if you’re planning to check out some easy dessert recipes in Urdu, SooperChef.pk is here to provide you with comfortable and easy sweet recipes.

Every now and then, kids in the family deserve a sweet treat! We will be covering sweets and desserts recipes just for you ranging from fruity to chocolaty and everything in between. Stay connected with us via Sooperchef iOS & Android Mobile apps to check out the latest sweet dishes in urdu collection.

Types of Desserts and Sweets Dishes

Many history books have defined different types of sweets and desserts. The sub types of these meals vary in their texture and flavor, but all desserts share one thing in common. That is its sweet taste. These treats fulfill the craving for a simple sweet at the end of a spicy meal, no matter what form it has.

Puddings and Custards

Puddings and creamy custards include a thick dairy base. The thickener used in it determines whether it is a pudding or a custard. Mostly, custards are thickened with eggs and cooked. However, Puddings are made thick with starches. Nowadays, most of the brands in Pakistan are manufacturing products so that once can easily cook custards and pudding at home. The most common types of puddings are rice and tapioca.

Frozen Desserts

If you’re thinking to beat the summer heat, ice cream is the only best option. Ice cream consists of frozen cream. Moreover, Frozen custards can be used in the summer season also. They are made with the combination of cooked base of egg yolks. If you want to try a dairy-free dessert, try a sorbet made from churned fruit. Frozen yogurt served with fruit makes it a yummy low calorie treat.


Cakes are not just baked for birthday parties or events.These types of desserts resemble tender and sweet breads. There is a wide range of cakes recipes that include chocolate cakes, angel food cake, cream cakes, pound cake, fruit cake and much more. Cupcakes and snack cakes are smaller in size and are served for individuals.

Desi Sweets, Mithai and Desserts

Desi Sweet dishes and Pakistani Desserts recipes are just exceptional and cannot fit nicely into any of the category. Muttanjan is one simple example. It is just one tasty Pakistani dessert to enjoy after a dinner or lunch. You can also try simple Gajrella to serve your family in winters. Most of the Pakistani sweets dishes are easy to make and SooperChef.pk provides you with one-minute instant cooking videos with proper guidance so that you can learn and master your skills at home. SooperChef.pk is available both in Urdu and English language for your comfort.

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