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Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Urdu & English If you are one of those foodies who is sick of desi and traditional Pakistani recipes and wants something crispy and tasty for a change, then the Crispy Chicken Burger recipe is the recipe of choice for you. There are many other great snack recipes on Sooperchef menu like chicken cheese rolls, chicken schnitzels, cheese nuggets and peri bites. Burgers are eaten all over the world and are found in all shapes and sizes. They can be in a circular form or elongated. Burgers are basically a sandwich of two buns which are placed on the top and the bottom. The between of these buns can be placed with a patty, chapli kabab, tikkas, fish chunks, prawns, shrimps or anything you want to put in it. these delectable fast food items are eaten all over the world with great delight as they were made famous by internally acclaimed fast food restaurants like burger king, KFC, McDonald's, that serve burgers every day. There are many types of burgers that are famous like steak burger, chicken burger, chicken cheese burger, beef patty burger, ground beef patty burger etc. many restaurants and eateries have also introduced vegetarian burgers like the rice burger and the veggie burger. Pakistan has its very own variant of burgers which are known as the anday wala burger and in some places like Karachi, it is known as bun kabab. The chicken crispy burger are known as zinger burgers in Pakistan and they have a battered and deep fried crispy fillet or chicken piece in between the buns. You can download the complete recipe of CrispyChicken Burger on


Hummus Recipe in Urdu & English If you are tired of the same old Pakistani recipes every day, then is the right place for you. Presenting to you, the latest addition to our menu is the hummus recipe. Hummus is a Levantine dip recipe made out of cooked or mashed chickpeas, blended with lemon juice, salt, olive oil, and garlic. SooperChef presents many other delectable continental cooking recipes on its menu like a whole chicken roast, peri bites, hot shots, rainbow cake, chicken tempura, chicken tarragon, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, Spanish omelet, Italian salad and chicken cheese noodles. The word hummus is the Arabic word for chickpeas, owing to their use in the preparation of the dish. Sometimes other beans are used for preparing hummus too, but very rarely. It is very famous over the Middle East and is a significant part of the Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe. Grocery stores around North America and Europe also sell jar or tin packed hummus for a commercial purpose. The first known recipes for the hummus are said to date back to the 13th century as they were found recorded in a cookbook of Cairo. Hummus is also very important part of the Levantine cuisine as it is said to be first prepared by the Ayyubid sultan, Saladin and historians claim that it was him who invented the recipe. If you want to learn the art of preparing this delectable hummus recipe then come to SooperChef where you can find the complete recipe of hummus and preparation method.

Peri Bites

Peri Bites Recipe in Urdu & English Pakistan is a place of flavors and colors. One of the most loved flavors of Pakistani recipes is hot and spicy and that is exactly what our Peri Bites recipe is about. There are many other spicy recipes on the sooperchef menu like spicy meatballs in BBQ sauce, spicy tawa fish, spicy fried fish, spicy cheese balls, chicken spicy wings, spicy vegetable kabab, and spicy Lahori Karahi. Peri bites recipe is a dish prepared originally an African chili known as the peri peri. In native African language Swahili, it is called Piri Piri which is the translation of “pepper pepper”. Peri peri chili is a small genus of the capsicum family with similar sour-bitter taste and is used for many culinary purposes. This chili grows in many African countries including Angola, Uganda, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and highlands of Ethiopia as well as tropical forests of south Sudan. Peri peri chili grows wildly over these areas and it is also cultivated domestically. It was first brought to Goa, India by the Portuguese merchants many centuries ago. Many international food chains like Nando’s are known for their peri peri recipes such as peri peri chicken etc. it is also used for marination and sauce preparing purposes. If you want to learn the art of preparing this hot and spicy yet delectable snack then log on to and download the complete recipe of Peri Bites and preparation method in Urdu and English language. You can also acquire assistance from our two-minute step by step video guide.

Hot Shots

Hot Shots Recipe in Urdu & English Hot shots recipe is an acknowledged fried chicken recipe that was popularized by fried chicken specializing restaurants such as KFC. It is served commonly alongside burgers, fries or just plain ketchup or sauce. There are many popular chicken recipes in Urdu & English on the sooperchef menu such as chicken loaf, chicken schnitzel, Malai boti handi, chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken chow mien, chicken tempura, chicken wings, chicken tarragon, chicken stuffed cheese kabab and chicken cheese rolls. Chicken hotshots recipe is a significant part of the western cuisine and has gained popularity all over the world. Leading chicken meat brands like k&ns are commercially producing items like ready to cook chicken hot shots. One of the reasons that this recipe is so popular among foodies of Pakistan is that it is easy to prepare, it can be frozen for long without the fear of contamination and children absolutely love it. Hot shots are basically small chicken chunks that are cut in the form of cubes and then covered in a batter of maida (gram flour), corn flour, and rice flour. These chunks are then deep fried in oil after which they get a crumbly, crispy golden brown texture. If you want to learn how to prepare this crispy chicken hot shots recipe then visit where you can find the complete recipe along with the preparation method. You can also learn the recipe from out instant two-minute video-guide that will help you achieve your perfect recipe in a fun and easy manner.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe in Urdu & English The rainbow cake recipe is the most colorful recipe that has been prepared in Sooperchef’s kitchen. This creamy, multicolored and lively cake is the newest addition our long list of delicious dessert recipes. All seven colors of the beautiful rainbow are used in its preparation that is why it is given the name “rainbow cake”. There are many other delectable dessert dishes on the menu like Jubilee Mousse cake, Mutanjan, mango firni, molten lava cake, lab-e-sheerin, chocolate covered stuffed dates, sheer Khurma, ras malai, coconut halwa, fruit trifle, shahi tukra and shahi kheer but the rainbow cake is arguably the most vividly colorful one. Cakes are basically a baked form of sweet desserts, and they can be either simple or elaborate. Cakes have been around for a long time now and the earliest form of cakes was modified bread. There are thousands of different styles of making a cake but mostly the four main ingredients used are butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. They are used along with the leavening agents such as baking powder or edible baking soda. The top layer of the cakes are decorated with icings of fruits like cherries, nuts, chocolate, and vanilla etc. the first cake recipes are said to be centuries old when cakes were made by whisking of eggs. Making a cake was considered a labor back then but now with the help of you can find the complete recipe and preparation method along with a two-minute video guide that will help you achieve perfection.

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If you're looking for inspiration to cook delicious Continental food - we've got the most mouthwatering collection Continental cooking recipes for you! From Pan Fried Fish and Finger Fish to Stuffed Onion Rings and Chicken Nuggets, we’ve got all the Continental inspiration you could possibly need.The term Continental cuisine refers to the type of food eaten in the European countries. Under the name of Continental comes UK, American, Armenian, Italian, New Zealand, Russia and many other European dishes.Continental food recipes include less spices and chilies. Instead dairy products and fresh herbs are included in the cuisines.The cooking method utilized in making is mostly grilling, roasting and stewing which make the meal low in calories and the use of carbs is very less in continental cuisines. The type of meals are prepared with cheese, milk, eggs and meats.

Classification of Continental Cuisine

American – American cuisine can be classified into many regions: South-American cuisine, North-American cuisine and Latin-American cuisine. American meals have a rich and diversified style of cooking.Italian – Italian cuisine is considered one of the most famous for its variety of dishes suitable for every season and occasion. What makes Italian food the best is that it varies from region to region. It is one of the tastiest cuisines of the world.British – British food depicts the food culture of England. British continental food distinguished among other with ‘Full Breakfast’. Breads, cheese, pies, hamburger, coffee, tea, pastries and jam are part of some of the main food items served in the United Kingdom.

Cooking Methods for Continental Food

Roasting – Roasting is used to make roasted continental dishes. In this method vegetables and meat is roasted in grill or an oven.Baking – This type of cooking method is mainly used to make pies, pastries, cakes, etc. In this process dish is baked in an oven by providing it dry heat to bake.Grilling – Food items like fish, lamb, beef, vegetables are majorly made by this method to serve continental cuisine.Stewing – It is a unique process of boiling vegetables and meats with ingredients and cooking it in a slow cooker. It is a long cooking process, but most of the continental dishes are made under this method.

Ingredients Used in Continental Cuisines

Continental dishes contain minimum amount of spices and are cooked with less chilies. Fresh herbs are used in cooking recipes. Fresh dairy products are considered as an important part of cooking continental dishes. Cold meats, pastries, jam, bread, butter, cheese, etc. are some of the important served breakfast items used in making Continental cuisine.

Health Benefits of Continental Food

Continental dishes are made mostly by roasting, stewing and grilling method and these cuisines are low in calories, as fats and carbs are not included as a part of Continental foods. This type of food is rich in high protein items like meats, vegetables and eggs. Seafood included as a part of Continental dishes is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and it is considered as one of the main food items in continental meals.Pakistani Recipes | Chinese Recipes | Sweets & Desserst Recipes | Continental Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Iftar Recipes | Eid ul Adha Recipes