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Matar Pulao (Peas Pulao) Recipe

Matar Pulao Greetings and salutations to all the rice lovers out there, for it is time for them to rejoice as the tasty and aromatic matar pulao recipe by the largest and number one ranking food network: is here with only a click on the screen of your smartphones. The pulao recipe, also known as the pilaf recipe, is a rice based dish that is prepared by cooking rice in a seasoned broth. There have been some really tasty and delicious recipes on the menu of Sooperchef which is Pakistan's No.1 best digital food network since its advent back in the year of 2016. Some of the most honorable mentions that you can access for free on the menu of sooperchef include the likes of the protein laden and highly nutritious beef steak recipe, the saucy and spicy masala wings recipe, the healthy and hearty bread roll recipe, the exotic chicken noodles (Mongolian style) recipe, and the last but not the least, the saucy and spicy katori chaat recipe. the pulao recipe is often confused with the biryani recipe, but in fact the nature of both the recipes are entirely different from each other: the biryani recipe is flavored with spices and herbs and has food color assortments added to it, whereas the pulao recipe has no color added to it and is mostly brown because of the sautéing process, and instead of being flavored with spices, pulao is seasoned with broth that is precooked for the same purpose. The pulao recipe is mainly composed of meat (beef, veal, chicken, mutton, lamb etc) and rice although there are many vegetarian variants too like the Pakistani matar pulao that incorporates the use of fresh or canned peas instead of the customary use of the meat. Many recipes like the Kabuli pulao recipe is added with another ingredient as a garnish such as dried fruits and nuts. Find the complete matar pulao pakistani recipe on the menu of in Urdu and English language for free. 

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

Tandoori chicken Recipe in Urdu & English If you are a fan of something hot, spicy and bursting with flavor then you are at the right place as the delectable chicken tandoori recipe has just been introduced to your smartphones by the largest and number one ranking online food network of Pakistan, There have some really tasty and delicious recipes on the menu of since it started cooking, back in the year of 2016. There are some really honorable and mention-worthy recipes that you need to learn about, some of them include the include the sizzling Katori chaat recipe, the heartening and juicy banana and pineapple smoothie recipe, the key antagonist of high temperature: the wonderful Thandai (sardai recipe), the succulent and lip smacking garlic naan recipe and the very last but not the least: the saucy chicken chili dry recipe. The tandoori chicken recipe is a chicken meat recipe that is prepared through a cooking process of roasting marinated chicken in a cylindrical, clay oven, known as the tandoor. This is where the recipe gets its name from too. Prior to the roasting process, the chicken meat is marinated in yogurt, and other spices for a specific period of time to ensure that the recipe get’s its original taste. It is originally a very popular dish from the Indian subcontinent but has spread all over the world and become of the most sought-after chicken recipes on the face of the entire planet. It is a very little known fact that this recipe was first prepared in Peshawar by a restaurant named as Moti Mahal. The chef's names incorporated to the popularity of this spicy chicken dish include Kundan Laal Jaggi, Thakur Dass, Lal Gujral and other Punjabi Hindus who are also known as the founders of the moti Mahal restaurant, back in the day where it was located in British ruled India, and is now Pakistan. a special spice blend known as the tandoori masala is used by making a mixture with yogurt as a marinade and then the marinated chicken is seasoned with cayenne pepper, Kashmiri red chili peppers, food colorings and turmeric. Find the complete tandoori chicken recipe on the menu of for free in Urdu and English languages.

Bread Roll Recipe

Bread Roll Recipe in Urdu & English If you are willing to prepare a bread roll at home because of all the unhygienic stuff out there in the market that is unreliable and expensive? Then you need to try out the healthy and hearty bread roll recipe by the largest and number one digital food network of the country: yes your very own  There have been some really delicious and healthy recipes on the menu of that you can make at your home with only a click on your smartphone device for free. Some of the top-notch recipes on the menu of sooperchef include the peppery and crispy Katori chaat recipe, the energizing and cool banana and pineapple smoothie recipe, the decisive arch-rival of heat: the mouth-watering Thandai (sardai recipe), the appetizing and scrumptious garlic naan recipe and the very last but not the least: the saucy chicken chili dry recipe. A bread roll is referred to as small, often round bread loaf that is served as a meal accompaniment. It can be eaten with any recipe of choice but traditionally it was eaten with butter or either plain. Rolls can be served and eaten as a whole and they can easily be cut transversely and filled with different types of fillings like cheese, meat, and vegetables between the two halves. Rolls are also widely used to make sandwiches just like they are made with the help of simple slices of bread and are a great part of the cuisine all over the world. Bread and bread rolls have been around since the beginning of time and the first known recipes are found in a description as old as 170 AD. Rolls are especially common in Europe, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Austria. Find the complete recipe of the hearty bread roll recipe on

Chicken Noodles (Mongolian Style) Recipe

Chicken noodles (Mongolian style) Recipe If you are ready to indulge in another delicious recipe by the largest digital network of Pakistan, then the delectable and steamy chicken noodles (Mongolian style) recipe is the win-win recipe for you that you can prepare easily from the comfort of your own homes, with the help of Over the course of the last year, there have been some really tasty and delicious recipes on the roster of some of the most top-notch recipes that you can access on the menu for free in both Urdu and English language include the likes of the spicy and crunchy Katori chaat recipe, the refreshing and cooling banana and pineapple smoothie recipe, spaghetti with tender pops, the ultimate nemesis of heat: the delectable Thandai (sardai recipe), the delectable and flavorsome garlic naan recipe and the last but not the least: the saucy chicken chili dry recipe. Noodles are one of the most known staple foods from many cultures around the world. They are prepared by stretching, extruding, or rolling and cutting of unleavened dough that is made into a variety of shapes and sizes. While the long and thin noodles might be one of the most known varieties, there are many other verities that are cut into waves, tubes, helices, strings, shells, or prepared by folding over. Noodles are generally prepared in boiling water and but there are recipes whose preparation involves the addition of cooking oil or salt too. Mongolian cuisine is mostly composed of meat and there is very little use of vegetables and spices, although the contemporary recipes are much different as they are seasoned with many spices. The traditional Mongol cuisine is mostly composed of dairy products, animal fats and meat attained from domestic or wild animals. The most common type food is cooked mutton packed in dumplings. Find the complete chicken noodles (Mongolian style) recipe on the menu of for free.

Garlic Naan Recipe

Garlic Naan Recipe in Urdu and English Are you one of the folks who want to give your naan recipes a traditional and tasty twist to make them even more flavorsome, then the garlic naan recipe by the largest and number one digital food and cooking network There have been some really tasty and hearty recipes on the menu of since the advent of back in 2016. Some of the most honorable mentions on the menu right now include the tasty and refreshing strawberry and banana smoothie recipe, the sweet and sour chicken wings recipe that will tingle your taste buds, the cheesy and flavorsome chicken cheese paratha recipe, the saucy and fiery Arabiata pasta recipe and the tasty and quick naan recipe without oven. Naan recipe is essentially an oven-baked, leavened or non-leavened flatbread recipe that is popularly eaten in numerous parts of the earth. It is chiefly popular in the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, central Asia and South Asia. The word naan comes from the Persian lingo and simply and literally translates to bread. The most primitive manifestation of the declaration naan in the English lingo dates back to 1810 in a travelogue of a British man recognized as William Tooke. The Persian statement of naan is proved to be of Middle Persian origin, having a connotation of bread foodstuff which is of the Iranian constituency to be accurate. In general, it bears a resemblance to the pita bread and looks very recognizable to the pita bread and is typically prepared by leavening with bread starter or yeast. On the other hand, in the contemporary times, the current recipes of the naan sometimes surrogate baking powder for the yeast. Yogurt and milk are used in the groundwork of the dough as the can also convey individual tastes to the recipe. Conventionally, the naan is organized in an earthen oven known as the tandoor. Find the complete tasty garlic naan recipe on 

Chicken Chilli Dry Recipe

Chicken Chilli Dry Recipe in Urdu & English If you are one of the folks who love to indulge themselves in some tasty Chinese recipes then the chicken chilli dry recipe by the largest online food network of Pakistan: sooperchef, is going to be your newest favorite recipe. The Chili chicken recipe is among the most beloved and widely eaten Indo-Chinese recipes of the Indian subcontinent and is eaten in many parts of the world with great delight. This chicken chilli dry recipe with enthusiasm has great significance among the Asian cuisines and is served hot in eateries and restaurants all over Asia. It is prevalent predominantly in countries like India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh and now gaining popularity in Pakistan too. There are many another delectable and healthy recipes on the menu of which include the cheesy and healthy chicken cheese paratha recipe, the saucy and fiery Arabiata pasta recipe, the tasty naan recipe without oven, the healthy and hearty homemade pita bread and pita pockets recipe and the tasty Arabian rice recipe. There are many variants of the chili chicken as ingredients and preparation styles vary from place to place. Though dry chicken is one of the major components used in the groundwork of the majority of the recipes. The chicken meat used for the reason is frequently kept boneless but some alternative to the recipe also integrate bony chicken meat in the procedure. There are lots of special food preparation styles in which the recipes of the chili chicken format are prepared, a number of the majorly accepted versions of the chili chicken recipe take in the Bengali chili chicken, green chili chicken, tangrai chicken recipe and the tasty Chinese chilli chicken recipe. Download the absolute preparation method and Chicken chilli dry recipe in Urdu and English for free by logging on to sooperchef.  

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry smoothie recipe in Urdu & English With the summer in its full swing, temperatures are soaring sky high and there is nothing to beat the heat like a tasty and cool strawberry smoothie recipe from the number one and largest online food and cooking network of Pakistan, yes your very own this smoothie recipe will not only help you beat the heat but will also prove to be of great assistance in Ramadan of 2018 as it will help you regain all the lost energy and nutrients from the body, that is lost through the whole hectic day of fasting. Furthermore, if you are looking for a post-workout drink that will help you replenish, then you know you have hit the jackpot. There are many delicious recipes on the menu of that can be accessed to with only a tap on the screen of your smartphone devices. Some of the most delectable and mention-worthy recipes include the tasty and healthy naan recipe without oven, the hearty homemade pita bread and pita pockets recipe, the delicious and crunchy Arabian rice recipe, the creamy and cool Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe and the last but not the least the saucy Arabiata pasta recipe for all the spice lovers. A smoothie is a thick, cold and tasty beverage that is prepared by blending fruits and vegetables. Other ingredients like dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese along with herbal supplements or nutritional supplements like whey powder and plant milk are also some of the most widely used additions to a glass of smoothie. Sweeteners like sugar, honey, stevia syrup, crushed ice, and water can also be added. A smoothie containing a dairy product is often very similar to a vegetable milkshake although the latter one typically contains less fruit and vegetables and more often loaded with ice cream or frozen yogurt. Find the complete strawberry smoothie recipe on for free.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day 2018

Mother’s Day is a real time celebration to honor and show real gratitude and massive respect to the lady who leads all the family, known to be the mother of the family. It shows the true spirit of celebration for the dedication and commitment of being a mother to take care about the family bonding, raising kids to their adulthood and leading a wise life as being a mother. Majority of the people across the globe celebrate this glorious day to honor their mothers in the month of May. It is almost the same celebration as we honor other family members by celebrating Father’s Day, Grandparents Day and Siblings Day. But, the fact of a healthy and happy living family is incomplete without Mother. So, Mother’s Day 2018 is a day to honor and show your true love to your mother who has been supportive with you through thick and thin of your lives.

Mother’s Day Recipes by

We can celebrate Mother’s Day in various manners but cooking for her a healthy recipe for the day will make the lady completely taken away with joys and happiness as she has been cooking for you three times in a day for a very long span of time. It is the time to serve your mother with delectable cooking Mother's Day Recipes that are available for free at SooperChef. You can try to cook any sort of dish for your mother. Either it is Pakistani recipes, Chinese recipes, Sweet recipes, Other recipes, Ramadan recipes and much more offered to you free by SooperChef. You can get the most delicious recipes catered within 1-minute instant cooking videos. You can select your favorite recipes from the above-mentioned categories and cook her the ultimate food of her own choice for breakfast or Mother’s Day brunch as SooperChef provides you with delicious and mouthwatering Mother’s Day Ideas to cook any sort of dish that your mom will love to have. All you need to do is download the Android and iOS apps for free and search your favorite Mom’s recipe to make her feel happy for the rest of the day.

Mother's Day Brunch

Cooking a brunch as a meal for this Mother’s Day is also a perfect idea to get her served well and make her happy. Either you are a newbie or into cooking for a longtime, SooperChef will be a true companion to cover all your cooking needs. There is a list of appetizers, fresh homemade juices and much more to offer for Mother’s Day Brunch.

Mother’s Day Menu

There is a list of mesmerizing and rich in flavor recipes for this special occasion as you surely don’t want to miss the chance to serve your mother with the best of cooking recipes, either it comes to Mother's Day Dinner Recipes or Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas, there is a list of desi recipes to serve your mother for a wholesome dinner. You can also try make her favorite Chicken Burger, Kashmiri Pulao, Chicken Wings or when it comes to cake recipes, you can also make a perfect cake by looking at easy to make Cake recipes within the comfort of your own home. You do not require to take her out of home for a dinner as SooperChef provides you with unique and simple cooking ideas to make this day a perfect and memorable one, cherished by all the family members.