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No-Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake

Hello and welcome to the largest online food network of Pakistan, sooperchef, whose competent team of chefs is presenting the delectable no-bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe for all of its fans. This zesty, no-bake dessert is the dish of choice for folks who have a sweet-tooth for cakes and baked/ no-baked desserts but are looking for something new that would provide a new explosion of flavor in their mouths. Similarly, there is a whole range of delicious and saccharine desserts on the panel of, some of the most honorable mentions that you can find on the menu right now include the tasty and fruity strawberry two ways recipe, the soft and mushy chocolate chip muffins recipe, the delightfully colored rainbow cookies recipe, the German delight: the black forest cake recipe, and then the amzing creamy ras malai recipe, the soft and velvety milk powder Burfi recipe, and the milky rabri recipe. The biscuit cake recipe also goes by the name of the cookie cake and is a dessert that is composed of a large, cake-sized biscuit or cookie, and then it is decorated with frosting, similar to the decoration of a normal day cake. There are many flavors of vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough and strawberry that can be used of the preparation of the cookie cake. The dough for the cake is generally prepared by adjusting the portions of cookie recipes according to the size and shape of the pan and can be made into all types of shapes and sizes too. You can find the complete no-bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe in Urdu and English at for free.

Cake Rusk Recipe

Cake Rusk There have been many great duos on this god’s earth, but I bet you can’t name a better duo than a cup of tea with some crispy and crumbly cake rusks! They are healthy, filling and also make great chewing food for babies who are starting to grow out teeth. Keeping all of these facts in mind, the biggest online food network of Pakistan, your very own is bringing you the crumbly and crispy cake rusk recipe to prepare from the comfort of your own kitchens. Cake rusks are not the only tasty recipe by sooperchef that you can enjoy during your snack time with your cup of tea, here are some other honorable mentions that you need to take a look at, the topnotch recipes on the menu right now include the healthy and hearty chicken and vegetable sandwich and Nutella sandwich recipe, the cheesy and tasty pizza bomb recipe for kids, the spicy and ever green 3 pakora recipe, the cute looking potato smiley recipe for kids, the appetizing and flavorsome chicken kathi roll and the last but not the least, the velvety and smooth, creamy coffee recipe. Rusk is a term that is used for a hard, dry biscuit or twice-baked bread for added crisp and crumbly texture. It is eaten all over the world including Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Azerbaijan, Italy, Japan, and Russia etc. In India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, the word rusk is used to refer to a toasted biscuit or traditional dried bread. It is a common snack which is eaten alongside tea with great delight. You can find the complete cake rusk recipe in Urdu and English on