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Galouti Kebab Recipe

Galouti Kebab Recipe by Sooperchef Are you ready for another awesomely tasting and nutritious kabab recipe? Then brace yourself as the largest online food network, is bringing in the tasty Galouti Kebab recipe for all of its sooper foodie fans all around the country. There have been some really protein rich and tasty kabab recipes on the menu of Sooperchef, during the course of the last year. Some of the most honorable mentions that you need to check out right now include the delectable chicken chapli kabab recipe, the nutritious and easy to prepare chapli kabab sandwich recipe, the infamous bun kabab recipe, the pleasant and fragrant kabab biryani recipe, the peppery and fiery kabab masala recipe, the delicious seafood-kabab combination: the fish potato kabab recipe, the vegetarian alternative: the stuffed potato kababs recipe, and the last but not the least, the tasty seekh kabab paratha roll recipe.The Galouti kabab recipe is a variety of the kabab, eaten popularly in south Asia. The original galouti kabab was prepared by an amalgamation of minced mutton meat and green papaya. This kabab recipes is said to be the softest kabab ever made, and it was originally developed this way for an elderly Nawab of Lucknow, who could not eat and chew regular kababs due to old age and weak teeth. The Galouti kebab is very popular in Kolkata city, however, the most famous eatery, known for its tasty galouti kebabs, is situated in Lucknow, and knows as Tunday Kebab. There the kabab is recognized as a hallmark of Awadhi cuisines.

Rasmalai Recipe | Perfect & Soft Rasmalai

RasMalai It is a moment of celebration of all traditional dessert lovers as Pakistan’s largest online food network, yes your very own is presenting the creamy and flavorsome Ras Malai recipe to its beloved fans all over the globe! There are many other dessert recipes on the menu of like the delicious and creamy peda two ways recipe, the milky and hearty mango kulfi, rabri recipe, crispy and crumbly cake rusk recipe and the delectable quick fruit cake recipe. This milk-based dessert is a thick and traditional dessert that is admired not only in Pakistan but all over the Indian Subcontinent. The origin of this delicious dessert is believed to be Bengali and in the Bangladeshi territories, it is referred to as “Rossomalai”. According to the western definitions, ras malai recipe in urdu can be called a “rich cheesecake with no crust”. The dessert is made with condensed milk while fresh milk is also used along with eggs, baking powder, and sugar is used as a sweetener. Garnishing purposes are carried out with the help of green cardamom and dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, and walnuts which provide it a divine look. This delicious dessert recipe is best served chilled and usually, it is served with a plateful of thickened milk. Get yourself a perfect Ras Malai recipe in Urdu and English by following on the website you can download the complete recipe for iOS and Android, free of cost as well as acquire added assistance from our video for a step by step guide to perfection!

Mutton Pulao Recipe

The delectable and aromatic Mutton pulao recipe is another great addition to the extensive list of mouth-watering rice recipes on the menu of This fragrant and delightful plateful of tasty rice is one of the mainly eaten recipes in all of Pakistan. There are many other recipes on sooperchef menu that you need to look into, some of the acme recipes on the menu right now are the tasty mutton stew recipe, the creamy Mutton Nihari, the flavorsome mutton champ roast and the tasty smoky and delectable smoked kaleji recipe. Mutton pulao is one of the most eaten rice recipes in Pakistan and its preparation procedure differ from place to place like in some cases as in the Kabuli pulao, it is garnished and dressed with dry fruits and nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts. No matter what the cooking progression is, pulao is always seasoned with broth or stock. This is one of the main ingredients which divide it from the biryani recipe as biryani is seasoned with spices. Biryani is said to be the progeny of the original pulao recipe as it was prepared in the Indian subcontinent almost four thousand years ago. The first meat and rice combination that was named as the pulao was made out of buffalo meat, but the contemporary versions of the pulao can be prepared with chicken, veal, mutton, beef, and lamb. You can learn the art of preparing the aromatic and delicious mutton pulao recipe by logging on to and downloading the complete recipe and preparation method in Urdu and English language.

Bombay Biryani Recipe

Ask any Pakistani about their favorite food and 90 percent of the answers you receive will be biryani! That is why we are proud to bring you the tasty Bombay Biryani Recipe by This tasty, colorful and cheerful biryani recipe is eaten all over the Indian subcontinent by foodies of all age. There are many biryani recipes on’s menu including the delectable kabab biryani recipe, the traditionally tasty Sindhi biryani recipe, the new and innovative chicken bbq biryani recipe and the mouthwatering kofta biryani recipe . According to some historians Biryani was first set to be prepared in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Era as a confluence of native spicy rice-based dishes of India and the Persian rice and meat pulao which was known as “pilaf” back then. Although sometimes confused with the pulao recipe, biryani is much different as pulao is seasoned with broth and biryani is seasoned with a mixture of different spices that vary from place to place. The significance of biryani in Pakistan can be understood by the fact that No matter if it’s a wedding, a roadside eatery, a five-star restaurant or a school or college canteen, biryani can be found everywhere. The initiation of original biryani recipes is said to be made with lamb meat but nowadays it can be made with almost any meat of the chef’s choice, including beef, mutton, lamb, and veal, chicken and even fish and prawns, although, there are other versions of the biryani such as the Sindhi biryani recipe , which also incorporate addition of some vegetables such as potatoes, in the process of their preparation. You can find the complete Bombay biryani recipe with complete preparation method and ingredients on in Urdu and English language for free. Try this mint margarita, russian salad, chicken shawarma and chicken karahi with your this weekend biryani recipe. You can try this delicious biryani recipe for your beloved mother on this Mother Days 2018

Hyderabadi Chicken Korma

Hyderabadi Chicken Korma RecipeHyderabadi chicken korma recipe is a Special Pakistani recipe that defines eh rich cultural history of the country. Many Pakistani recipes are deep rooted which date back to the royal kitchens of the Mughal empire. There are many other traditional cooking recipes on the sooperchef menu like Lahori Murgh Chanay, dahi bhallay, chicken chapli kabab, chicken pakora, chicken gold cutlets, chicken biryani, chicken Nawabi handi, chicken Kachori, shimla mirch qeema, Achar Gosht and Punjabi Yakhni pulao. The first korma recipe originated from the Indian Subcontinent back in the 16th century. It is a characteristic Mughal cuisine was originally prepared in the royal kitchens of the Mughal Empire for the Nawab of Hyderabad. The word korma is derived from an Urdu word with the meaning “braise”. Classically, the chicken korma recipe is known as a dish in which meat and veggies are braised with stock, water, and yogurt or cream is added to produce a thick glaze or sauce. The flavor and aroma of a Qorma recipe depends on the ingredients i.e. mixture of spices like ground coriander and cumin which is mixed with yogurt that is kept below curdling temperature and is carefully infused with the meat juices. The korma can be mildly spiced or fiery and can be made with chicken, meat, veal and beef. You can watch our two minute korma recipe video and learn to prepare the complete recipe and download the entire preparation method in Urdu on bring you ideas that will help you make delicious cooking recipes at home in the easiest way possible. Along with the detailed recipes, you can acquire assistance from our instant, two-minute recipe videos that will provide you step by step guidance and lead you to perfection, by only a touch on the screen of your smartphone. Sooperchef provides ideas that will help you achieve flawlessness in your cooking techniques, even if you are an aspiring chef or a novice at the point.

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Sooperchef is adding another delectable category, the Indian recipes section to its broad catalog of tasty recipe categories. You can find some really famous and scrumptiously tasting vegan recipes in this category like the karri pakora recipe, the tasty palak pakora recipe, the creamy and soft sarson ka sag recipe, the crunchy and crumbly katlama recipe, as well as some really tasty meat dishes like the spicy and fiery Punjabi mutton masala, the simple and tasty chicken qorma recipe, the mushy Murgh Yakhni pulao recipe, or even if you are looking for some tasty dessert recipes then you can take a look at the creamy rabri recipe, the delectable and soft ras malai recipe and much more!

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If you are looking forward to serving your family, friends or some special guests with a truly appetizing and cheerful meal and also want it to be one of the effortless and easy Indian recipes, then SooperChef is your new best friend. You can save your precious time and prepare drool-worthy dishes for your friends and family by watching our instant, two-minute cooking recipe videos to provide your loved ones with a healthy and scrumptious meal, no matter it is breakfast, lunch or a dinner recipe. provides you with a broad range of cooking ideas and food items so you would be able to try a new meal every day for yourselves, your kids, family or friends.Our online forums like Facebook, YouTube, and our website can be a great platform for you if you are willing to share your vibrant experiences about cooking and eating healthy and tasty food.

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