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If you are looking for something sweet, fuzzy and crumbly to eat then you have hit the jackpot. Nan khatai biscuit recipe is one of the beloved baked confectionaries of the Indian subcontinent and is commonly popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. There are many other delicious desserts recipes on the menu such as the lab-e-sheerin, mango phirni, shahi kheer, sooji (semolina) ka halwa, Jubilee mousse cake, rainbow cake, Mutanjan, sheer Khurma, chocolate covered stuffed dates, ras malai, fruit trifle, coconut halwa and molten lava cake. The word “nan khatai” is from two languages, Persian word “nan” meaning bread and Afghan word “khatai” meaning biscuit. In northern Iran and Afghanistan, Nan khatai is also known as kulcha-e-khatai. Kulcha is a type of bread which looks very similar to the naan bread. This delicious sweet biscuit recipe is first believed to originate from the city of Surat, India back in the 16th century. There was a Dutch couple who set up a bakery in the city to meet the bakery demands of the Dutch immigrants in the city. When the Dutch left India, the bakery was taken over by an Iranian family who started selling dried bread at low prices. The crispy dried bread recipe got so popular that with time, it gave birth to dried bread biscuits that were known as the naan khatai. The main ingredients used for the traditional Nan khatai was flour, honey, butter, sugar and baking powder. If you want to learn the art of baking this crumbly Nan khatai recipe then you should follow us on sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe of Nan khatai along with the preparation method in Urdu and English language.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Recipe in Urdu & English The rainbow cake recipe is the most colorful recipe that has been prepared in Sooperchef’s kitchen. This creamy, multicolored and lively cake is the newest addition our long list of delicious dessert recipes. All seven colors of the beautiful rainbow are used in its preparation that is why it is given the name “rainbow cake”. There are many other delectable dessert dishes on the menu like Jubilee Mousse cake, Mutanjan, mango firni, molten lava cake, lab-e-sheerin, chocolate covered stuffed dates, sheer Khurma, ras malai, coconut halwa, fruit trifle, shahi tukra and shahi kheer but the rainbow cake is arguably the most vividly colorful one. Cakes are basically a baked form of sweet desserts, and they can be either simple or elaborate. Cakes have been around for a long time now and the earliest form of cakes was modified bread. There are thousands of different styles of making a cake but mostly the four main ingredients used are butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. They are used along with the leavening agents such as baking powder or edible baking soda. The top layer of the cakes are decorated with icings of fruits like cherries, nuts, chocolate, and vanilla etc. the first cake recipes are said to be centuries old when cakes were made by whisking of eggs. Making a cake was considered a labor back then but now with the help of you can find the complete recipe and preparation method along with a two-minute video guide that will help you achieve perfection.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Recipe in Urdu & English Chicken Wings recipe is one of the latest additions to the Sooperchef  cooking recipes menu and it is one of the chicken recipes that everyone needs to try at every cost. This delectable Continental food recipe was originally cooked in America but is now gaining popularity in Asia, Europe and some parts of the Arabian Peninsula. there are many other continental recipes on the sooperchef menu like the chicken tarragon, chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese roll, Spanish omelet and chicken lasagna but chicken wings recipe beats them all when it comes to taste and crispiness. Crispy chicken wings recipe was first prepared in 1964, Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York. That is why in America, chicken wings are known as Buffalo wings. In America, they are served with a special blue cheese dip and sauce. The cook who pioneered the Buffalo wings was named as Teresa Bellissimo. Chicken wings recipe can be prepared in different styles and variations according to the chef’s choice. It can be prepared with bread crumbs, or without, in a batter with vinegar based sauce. No matter what the combination is, the chicken wings are served after a deep frying process which gives this delectable chicken recipe a golden and crispy texture. Chicken wings recipe is eaten mostly as an appetizer with celery sticks and hot sauce. You can find the complete recipe on along with a two-minute video guide that will guide you to perfection.


Chocolate Stuffed Dates Recipe in Urdu & English iChocolate covered stuffed dates recipes a chocolaty dessert that is gaining popularity all over the world. There are many other desserts on the desserts range like Jubilee mousse cake, mango firni, sheer Khurma, molten lava cake, lab-e-sheerin, ras malai, coconut halwa, pineapple walnut delight, sweet potato balls and Shahi sooji ka halwa, but chocolate covered dates is the most innovative one. The origin of date plantations is said to be somewhere from sandy lands around Iraq. Date trees are widely cultivated all over the world in places with tropical and subtropical climatic conditions for its edible sweet fruit. The sweet fruit which is known as the date is very popular among the Muslims of the world especially during the holy and auspicious month of Ramadan where the fast-ending meal known as the iftar is initiated with a date. Both the dried and soft versions of the fruit can be eaten out of hand and can be stuffed or pitted with various dry fruit and nut fillings such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans. These pitted or stuffed dates are often referred to as “stoned dates”. The chocolate stuffed date recipe on is made with roasted almonds and cashews which are stuffed inside the date while a toothpick secures both openings of the date after the seed is removed. Afterwards, the pitted or stuffed dates are covered in chocolate and served as dessert. The complete recipe and preparation method and a step by step video guide for the chocolate date recipe can be found on along with many other delicious dessert recipes.

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