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Homemade Pita Bread and Pita Pockets

Are you planning to go for a road trip, a camping party, or a hike across the countryside? Or just looking for a recipe that you can make and keep in handy for a snack on the go then the Pita Pockets recipe by the largest online food network f Pakistan: is the right thing for you to choose. Pita pockets recipe is basically a sandwich recipe that is made out of a single piece of hollowed or folded bread. Many different types of breads are used for the purpose such as pita, tortilla or simple wrapping bread made with dough. This bread is then stuffed with filling which can be composed of many ingredients like chicken mean, minced beef, peas, potatoes, olives, sliced tomatoes etc. there is a wide range of recipes to choose from when it comes to the panel of some of the most first-class recipes making rounds on the menu right now include the tasty and crispy potato toffee recipe, the sweet and creamy Badami and strawberry kulfi recipe to beat the heat, the cheesy and fiery pizza fries recipe made with readymade fingers, the saucy and flavorsome pesto pasta recipe and the last but not the least: the effortless and timeless chicken burger recipe for your kids. The pocket sandwich recipes have hundreds of variations that are served and eaten all over the world. Some of the most famous ones go by the names of hot pockets, quesadillas, fougasse, calzone, empanadas, Stromboli, pita, runza, pepperoni rolls and pizza rolls. However there are thousands of new ingredients used for the fillings, there are some sandwiches which are prepared by using traditional fillings like goat meat etc. they include gyros, souvlaki, shawarma, doner kebabs and falafels. You can get your hands on the complete chicken pocket recipe by logging on to

Kulfi Recipe | Badami Kulfi | Strawberry Kulfi

Strawberry and Badami kulfi recipe by Sooperchef Summer is here and soon the heat would be unbearable. That is why the largest online food network of Pakistan: is bringing in the delectable strawberry and badami kulfi recipe for all of its fans that will help them keep their cool in the dreadful summer heat. You can also prepare this delectable frozen dessert recipe for your children so they can enjoy a cool and tasty treat and you can ensure that it is prepared in a hygienic way with ingredients that won’t compromise your children’s health at all. There is a whole range of delicious dessert recipes that you can access on the menu of for free. Some of the most top-notch dessert recipes on the menu include the delectable and crumbly meethi tikkiyan recipe, the chocolaty and flavorsome chocolate custard tart recipe, the delicious no-bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe, the tangy and sweet strawberry two ways recipe, and then lastly but not the least the sweet and soft chocolate chip muffins recipe. The kulfi is one of the most relished frozen dessert recipes that is eaten all over Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, the middle east and some parts of the Arabian peninsula. Kulfi is basically a frozen dairy dessert that is often described as traditional Indian ice-cream or the Indian version of ice cream. The recipe does share similarities with ice-cream in terms of taste and appearance but is much more creamy and denser than ice-cream in general. There are many flavors in which the kulfi is made and served, the most eaten and traditional ones include mango, cardamom, rose, cream (malai kulfi), saffron and almond (kesar badam or zafran badam) and pista (pistachio). The contemporary versions include more fruity flavors like apple, orange, strawberry, peanut, peanut butter and avocado. Find the complete strawberry and badami kulfi recipe on for free in Urdu and English language and beat the heat in a tasty way.

Meethi Tikkiyan Recipe

Meethi Tikki Recipe by Sooperchef The meethi Tikki recipe from the largest and number one online food network of Pakistan will take you down the memory lane as it will remind you of your childhood, where at every shab-e-barat and other religious occasions like it your mother would make this tasty and delicious sweet for you. There is a great deal of joy for you if you are one of the folks who love sweets and desserts as on, there are numerous recipes that you can find for free. Some of the most honorable mentions that you need to try at least once include the delectable and luscious chocolate custard tart recipe, the chocolaty no-bake chocolate biscuit cake recipe, the saccharine and tangy strawberry two ways recipe, the soft and mushy chocolate chip muffins recipe and the delightfully colorful rainbow cookies recipe. The recipe meethi tikka gets its name as a combination of two words from the national language of Pakistan: Urdu. It consists of meethi meaning sweet and Tikki referring to a small cake or sweet fried cutlet made out of a batter. There are many variants of the meethi Tikki recipe, as some people like to make them small: bite-sized pieces or they can also be made into larger ones, some people like to keep em soft and while others like to make them soft on the inside with a bit crunchier and crispier texture on the outside. Most of the time they are golden brown in color and are synonymous with certain types of Islamic commemorations and festivals in all of South Asia and the Indian subcontinent, especially in Pakistan and India, they are treated like a delicacy. The general preparation involves flour being mixed with ingredients like milk powder, crushed coconut, almonds, and milk, mixed to make a thick dough that is cut into shapes of choice. Sugar is used for sweetening purposes and vegetable oil is used for frying. Find the complete meethi Tikki recipe on in Urdu and English for free.

Chicken Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe

Ramadan is just around the corner and the number online food network of Pakistan, is bringing in the delectable chicken vegetable spring rolls recipe to all of its fans via a touch on the screen of their smartphone and IOS devices! The spring rolls recipe is one of the most eaten appetizers and street snack, eaten all over the Asian subcontinent and is considered a significant part of the “dim sum”, East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. Furthermore, it has gained much notoriety and there are many variants in the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian recipes styles of cooking. There are many other delectable snacks recipes that you can find on the menu of, and make your iftar or snack time much more pleasurable. Some of the most top-notch recipes on the menu right now include the crispy chicken tender recipe, the sweet and sour strawberry two ways recipe, the crispy and crumbly fried chicken legs recipe, the soft and mushy galouti kabab recipe, and at last but not the least: the traditionalShami kabab recipe. The name spring roll is a literal translation of the Chinese word chun juan. The wrapping material, fillings and cooking methods vary from place to place, depending on the culture of the region. Popular fillings include chicken meat, vegetables like onions, peas, diced carrots, cheese, and corn etc. originating from China, they were first treated as a seasonal food and consumed widely during the spring season, which further strengthens the theory of their name. You can find the complete chicken and vegetable spring rolls recipe in Urdu and English language on for free.

Strawberry 2 Ways Recipe

Spring has made its way in and has brought all kinds of goodies with it. And sooperchef, Pakistan’s largest online food network is about to tell you how you can enjoy the strawberries two ways recipe from the comfort of your very own kitchen. There is a huge variety of delectable desserts and treats prepared by the competent culinary team of sooperchef over the course of the last year. Some of the most top-notch recipes that you need to take a look at right now include the chocolaty and palatable chocolate chip muffins recipe, the delightfully colored rainbow cookies recipe, the soft and spongy delicacy from Germany: the black forest cake recipe, the nutritious and chewy dates and nuts lollipops recipe, the creamy and milky ras malai recipe, the mushy and soft milk powder Burfi recipe and at last but not the least the tasty peda two ways recipe. The strawberry fruit is one of the most eaten fruits of the planet and is cultivated worldwide. This tasty fruit is widely appreciated for its distinctive aroma, juicy texture, bright red color, and sugariness. It is consumed in large quantities as a fresh fruit, and as a garnish on other foods like ice creams, cakes, chocolates, pies, milkshakes, and smoothies. Artificial strawberry flavorings and aromas are also widely used in cosmetic products like hand sanitizers, lip gloss, and perfumes as well as air fresheners. You can download the complete strawberry two ways recipe in Urdu and English, free of cost by logging on to

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Are Cake and bakery lover? Are you looking something tasty and easy to prepare in the comfort of your very own kitchen? Then you are at the right place because is bringing the very tasty and healthy chocolate chip muffins recipe to you for free! Muffin recipes are basically an individual sized bakery product which originated in North America. Modern-day bakeries produce thousands of variants of muffins all over the world today. Here are some other recipes from SooperChef that you should see too: mirror glaze cake , then rainbow cake , and jubilee mousse cake chocolate covered stuffed dates and molten lava cake . There are two different types of muffins: one is a part-raised “flatbread” type muffin which has a European/British origin and was first prepared during the 18th century, while the more famous and better-known cupcake like version, known as the “quickbread” muffin originated in North America back in the 19th century. The quickbread muffins are often confused with cupcakes because of the similar shape but the difference between muffins and cupcakes is that cupcakes are topped with a sugary frosting and are usually sweet while muffins can have savory flavors like cheese muffins and cornmeal muffins. In the west, muffins are mostly accompanied by coffee but you can also have them with a cup of steamy hot tea and make your teatime much more delightful. You can log on to and download the complete chocolate chip muffins recipe in Urdu and English language for free along with our 2-minute video guide for step by step guidance.

Kids Recipes from SooperChef

Picky and quick eaters and they always run out of time while serving them with the meal? Dinner, or a breakfast, or a lunch doesn’t need to be a quarrel against the clock and finicky taste buds as well. These Kids Recipes by SooperChef will have a wholesome nutritious and healthy value for the lunch that they will all fall in love on the table in less than half an hour time. Either its your favorite cupcake, cheese, macaroni, or chicken wings, you are going to find healthy and mouthwatering versions of all the delectable dishes surely loved by your children. And, the best part is that the adults will also enjoy these creative and unique recipes too. You can find a huge range of delicious, healthy and scrumptious kids recipes offered by the best ever and the largest digital food network of Pakistan known as ‘SooperChef’. Here is the list of some of the most popular and loved one recipes by Kids from SooperChef and there is another entity dedicated for kids to eat delectable recipes named ass SooperChef Junior over the social media platform Facebook. It is a totally versatile channel brought to you by SooperChef that aims to bring vibrant and exciting recipes, rich in nutritional value and flavors. Here is the list of delectable kids’ recipes brought to you by SooperChef: And much more to offer. There is a dedicated category for Kids Recipes under the SooperChef platform. You can download the apps available for both Android and iOS users and get a push notification on a daily basis for a new delectable recipe every single day for making a delicious lunch, breakfast or dinner for your family or if you have planned to invite guests at your home, there are ample of dinner recipes available that you can select according to your taste and preference. Make a new dish every single day by watching 1-minute instant cooking videos at SooperChef. The best part of this largest and leading digital food network is that it is present both in Urdu and English languages for the comfort of the users so that they can easily watch according to their selected language. Enjoy the art of cooking as SooperChef has got you served with easy to go cooking methods, along with instructions and ingredients, summed up in the 1-minute instant video. Enjoy cooking and master your cooking skills with the help of your one and only companion SooperChef.