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Popcorn Chicken Recipe (KFC Style)

Popcorn chicken Recipe By SooperChef The popcorn chicken recipe is presented to you by the largest and number one ranking cooking and food network of Pakistan, and is the best recipe of choice for all the people who are willing to change their taste by adding something different to their list of chowders or maybe add another tasty recipe to their list of iftar recipes. The popcorn chicken is originally a chicken product that was popularized by the multinational chain of fast food: Kentucky’s Fried Chicken and it is composed of small, bite-sized chicken chunks that can be popped into the mouth just like popcorn. These chicken chunks are breaded or battered to have a crunchy outer layer and the cooking process used for the preparation is deep frying. Sooperchef started broadcasting its daily recipes in 2016 and since then there have been numerous recipes on its panel that can be accessed for free in both Urdu and English languages. Some of the most honorable mentions on the menu that are also the top charts, include the delectable and tasty macaroni chaat recipe, the smoky and flavorsome tikka pulao recipe for all the bbq lovers, the explosively flavorsome dynamite chicken recipe, the protein-laden keema lobia recipe for all the fitness devotees and the last but not the least the tasty and hearty lasagna roll-ups recipe. The creation of popcorn chicken is credited to a food technologist who went by the name of Gene Gagliardi. In the march of the year 1992, popcorn chicken was test-marketed in the United States of America and by the September of the same year, it had been launched nationwide as it was a huge success. Periodically, it has been available at KFC outlets all over the world and teenagers and kids are unusually fond of this recipe, find the complete popcorn chicken recipe on for free.

Macaroni Chaat Recipe

Macaroni chaat recipe Are you a fan of mixing new and traditional flavors together? Then the very tasty and new fangled macaroni chaat recipe by the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan: is the best choice for you this holy month of Ramadan. Since the beginning of sooperchef back in the year of 2016, there have been numerous tasty and delicious recipes that have been uploaded on its panel for free in both Urdu and English languages. Some of the most top notch recipes that can be found on the panel of sooperchef at the time include the smoky and delicious tikka pulao recipe for all bbq lovers, the saucy and tasty dynamite chicken recipe, the flavorsome and drool worthy lasagna roll ups recipe, the protein laden keema lobia recipe and the last but not the least the keema samosa recipe. The macaroni chaat recipe is the desi version of a macaroni salad. This is basically a type of pasta salad that is cooked with elbow macaroni and usually served cold. One of the main ingredients used in the preparation is mayonnaise. Much like coleslaw and potato salads, the macaroni salad is traditionally served as a side dish along with bbq items, fried chicken, and other picnic styled recipes. Macaroni is basically a dry variety of pasta that is traditionally shaped and produced in various shapes and sizes and eaten all over the world. It is prepared with durum wheat and originates from the modern day Italy: it is cut in short lengths and there are many curved varieties present like the elbow macaroni. In the northern part of America, the term macaroni us often used synonymously with the elbow shaped variant of macaroni as it is the most widely used macaroni used in recipes that are prevalent in the region. Drop by at for the complete macaroni chaat recipe in Urdu and English for free.  

Kids Recipes from SooperChef

Picky and quick eaters and they always run out of time while serving them with the meal? Dinner, or a breakfast, or a lunch doesn’t need to be a quarrel against the clock and finicky taste buds as well. These Kids Recipes by SooperChef will have a wholesome nutritious and healthy value for the lunch that they will all fall in love on the table in less than half an hour time. Either its your favorite cupcake, cheese, macaroni, or chicken wings, you are going to find healthy and mouthwatering versions of all the delectable dishes surely loved by your children. And, the best part is that the adults will also enjoy these creative and unique recipes too. You can find a huge range of delicious, healthy and scrumptious kids recipes offered by the best ever and the largest digital food network of Pakistan known as ‘SooperChef’. Here is the list of some of the most popular and loved one recipes by Kids from SooperChef and there is another entity dedicated for kids to eat delectable recipes named ass SooperChef Junior over the social media platform Facebook. It is a totally versatile channel brought to you by SooperChef that aims to bring vibrant and exciting recipes, rich in nutritional value and flavors. Here is the list of delectable kids’ recipes brought to you by SooperChef: And much more to offer. There is a dedicated category for Kids Recipes under the SooperChef platform. You can download the apps available for both Android and iOS users and get a push notification on a daily basis for a new delectable recipe every single day for making a delicious lunch, breakfast or dinner for your family or if you have planned to invite guests at your home, there are ample of dinner recipes available that you can select according to your taste and preference. Make a new dish every single day by watching 1-minute instant cooking videos at SooperChef. The best part of this largest and leading digital food network is that it is present both in Urdu and English languages for the comfort of the users so that they can easily watch according to their selected language. Enjoy the art of cooking as SooperChef has got you served with easy to go cooking methods, along with instructions and ingredients, summed up in the 1-minute instant video. Enjoy cooking and master your cooking skills with the help of your one and only companion SooperChef.