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Bohri Kabab Recipe

Hello there folks, if you are on the lookout for a tasty and delicious kabab recipe then the Bohri kabab recipe by the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan, sooperchef.pk is the green light for you to taste. As the name suggests, the Bohri kabab recipe is a kabab dish that was made and introduced by the Bohra community of Pakistan. There have been some really tasty and delicious recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk since we started cooking for our beloved folks back in 2016. The most honorable mentions and the top-notch recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk nowadays include the delicious and hearty aloo ka paratha achari recipe, the steamy and tasty Afghani pulao recipe, the saucy and tangy teriyakis chicken wings recipe, the infamous aloo samosa recipe and the delightful matar pulao recipe. The Bohri cuisine is said to be an amalgamation of both Mughlai cuisines and Gujarati cuisines and this logic has great significance since the native or mother language of the Bohri people is also Gujarati` although many times it is confused for memoni language. For the preparation of the Bohri kabab, the meat is taken from either chicken or beef and then minced thoroughly. The distinguishing characteristic here being that the meat is minced twice and then rolled into medium sized balls, although the size can vary from place to place and according to choice, other ingredients such as thoroughly beaten eggs, roasted cumin, chili powders and green chilies are also added to the mix. When the kababs are ready, bread crumbs are added to the top layer as a coating to ensure the crumbly outer texture of the Bohri kabab is in place. You can download the complete Bohri kabab recipe in Urdu and English language from sooperchef.pk for free.

Galouti Kebab Recipe

Galouti Kebab Recipe by Sooperchef Are you ready for another awesomely tasting and nutritious kabab recipe? Then brace yourself as the largest online food network, sooperchef.pk is bringing in the tasty Galouti Kebab recipe for all of its sooper foodie fans all around the country. There have been some really protein rich and tasty kabab recipes on the menu of Sooperchef, during the course of the last year. Some of the most honorable mentions that you need to check out right now include the delectable chicken chapli kabab recipe, the nutritious and easy to prepare chapli kabab sandwich recipe, the infamous bun kabab recipe, the pleasant and fragrant kabab biryani recipe, the peppery and fiery kabab masala recipe, the delicious seafood-kabab combination: the fish potato kabab recipe, the vegetarian alternative: the stuffed potato kababs recipe, and the last but not the least, the tasty seekh kabab paratha roll recipe. The Galouti kabab recipe is a variety of the kabab, eaten popularly in south Asia. The original galouti kabab was prepared by an amalgamation of minced mutton meat and green papaya. This kabab recipes is said to be the softest kabab ever made, and it was originally developed this way for an elderly Nawab of Lucknow, who could not eat and chew regular kababs due to old age and weak teeth. The Galouti kebab is very popular in Kolkata city, however, the most famous eatery, known for its tasty galouti kebabs, is situated in Lucknow, and knows as Tunday Kebab. There the kabab is recognized as a hallmark of Awadhi cuisines.

Shami Kabab Recipe

Beef Shami Kabab Recipe Sooperchef, Pakistan’s largest and number one online food network is ready to bring the delectable and notorious Shami Kabab recipe for all of its sooper foodie fans all around the world. There have been some really tasty and nutritious kabab recipes on the menu of sooperchef, and some of the most honorable mentions on the panel right now that are certainly worth a look include the delectable chicken chapli kabab recipe, the nutritious and easy to prepare chapli kabab sandwich recipe, the notorious bun kabab recipe, the palatable and aromatic kabab biryani recipe, the spicy and fiery kabab masala recipe, the tasty seafood-kabab amalgam: the fish potato kabab recipe, the vegan alternate: the stuffed potato kababs recipe, and the last but not the least seekh kabab paratha roll recipe. The Shami Kabab recipe is a local variety of flat, round shaped kabab and is a great part of the Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian cuisines. It is made by minced meat, usually chicken but mutton and beef variants are also eaten all over the Indian subcontinent. The minced meat patty is also assorted with ground chickpeas that are usually boiled before the grinding process. This patty is then usually fried with a beaten egg to hold it together. Most of the times, Shami kabab is eaten as a snack or an appetizer but it is also used to prepare other snacks like sandwiches like the notorious anda Shami burger recipe. The Shami Kabab recipe is often garnished with lemon juice and served with fresh cut, raw vegetables like cucumbers and onions, and alongside green coriander chutney. You can download the complete Beef Shami Kabab recipe from sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English for free.

Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Chicken Reshmi Kabab Recipe This recipe is for the all foodies out there who are sick and tired of eating the same old kabab recipes all over again. The Chicken Reshmi Kabab recipe is here and it is going to enlighten your taste buds with a whole new level of scrumptiousness. Sooperchef.pk features numerous other bbq recipes on its panel and some of the most honorable mentions include the delectable and all rounding seekh kabab paratha roll , the round shaped gola kabab recipe , the ultimate amalgamations of bbq and biryani: the kabab biryani recipe , the chicken bbq biryani recipe , and amazing chicken (Murgh) tikka pulao recipe and the kofta biryani recipe , the flavorsome chicken chapli kabab recipe , and at last but not the least the fiery and spicy meatballs in bbq sauce . Kabab is a meat recipe that is eaten all over the world including Asia, Europe, America, the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and Russia. But the point of its origin is stated to be Middle Eastern. For the preparation of a kabab, the meat can be either minced or diced which is then grilled or skewed over a heat source, traditionally coals. Other than that, other heat sources like a naked flame, firewood an earthen oven known as the tandoor can be used too. In Pakistan, most of the kababs are prepared in a cooking utensil known as the angeethi. The complete recipe and preparation method of Reshmi Kabab recipe can be found on sooperchef.pk, free of cost in both Urdu and English languages. Download, enjoy and share!

Kabab Recipes by SooperChef

Kababs also known as Kebabs or kabobs are the type of cooked meat dishes, basically made out of chicken, mutton, lamb or beef, with their origins belonging from Middle Eastern Cuisine. Majority of its variants are famous all across the Asian subcontinent and has got the popularity around the world. It is one of the most beloved dish among food lovers, who love to taste new flavors and delectable recipes. Kabab is one of the most famous dish, specifically in the Middle Eastern and the Muslim world across the globe. This recipe covers a wide range of grilled meat dishes. Although kebabs are most of the time cooked and made in the skewer, but most of the times, the method of preparation is different, depending from one region to another.

How Kababs are Made?

Kabab dishes is made up with the help of grounded meat or minced meat that is finely cut, and sometimes it is mixed with some veggies as well, depending on the taste and preference of the people across various regions of the world. Then, it is finally prepared or cooked on a skewer over a fire, or by the usage of grill, sometimes baked in an oven or by the help of frying pan. The kababs are commonly served with various accompaniments as per the other delectable recipes. The type of meat that is required to make kebabs is often chicken, mutton, or lamb, but depending upon various regions, it can include an array of fish, chopped or minced beef, and for the Muslims, pork is strictly prohibited to be used in this dish. Majority of English and European countries used to have the most prevalent kebab dishes that includes shish kabab and doner kabab. Both of them are commonly referred as ‘kebabs’ in English language.

The origin and versions of Kababs

According to ancient Hindu texts, modern day kababs in South Asian countries trace their origin and belongings from the Mughal era of cuisines in India. Majority of the kebab recipes in Pakistan and India are almost similar to other kabab preparations along with their delicious taste, credited by the usage of traditional spices. As per their different versions such as Galouti Kabab, Gola kabab, Tikka kabab, Shami Kabab, Chapli Kabab and much more to offer all across the country, native to Pakistan. Kebabs in Pakistan dates back their origin with an influence of the Mughal Era cuisines. Pakistani cuisines has a wide range of kababs. Meat of beef, mutton, lamb, chicken and sometimes vegetables including potatoes are used in the preparation of this scrumptious and rich in flavor recipe. Some of the most popular kababs presented by SooperChef include

List of Most Famous Kabab Recipes available at Sooperchef Menu

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