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Chapli kabab Sandwich

Chapli Kabab Sandwich Recipe in Urdu & English Foodies looking for a great snack to make their snack time and tea-time tastier, look no further, the mighty Chapli Kabab Sandwich is here. This tasty and flavorful sandwich will fulfill all your needs as it has just the right amount of nutrition as well as having a delectable taste. There are many other tasty snack recipes on the sooperchef.pk menu like chicken nuggets, cheese samosa, chicken bbq nachos and chicken stuffed cheese kabab. This delicious and easy to prepare sandwich recipe is an amalgamation of two different and diverse cultures: the desi chapli kabab and the western club sandwich. The chapli kabab recipe is one of the most eaten kabab recipes of Pakistan and the extent of popularity and demand for the chapli kabab can be estimated by the fact that there are more than a thousand chapli kabab eateries in the city of Peshawar alone. This delectable kabab is flat and disc shaped and the texture of the kabab resembles the sole of a Peshawari chappal, this is the reason behind the peculiar name of the chapli kabab. It is eaten all over the country with great delight, as an appetizer, part of the main course meal at bbq parties and as a common and popular street snack. Apart from being sandwiched in bread, it can also be eaten with roti, chapatti, and naan. You can find the complete recipe for chapli kabab sandwich by sooperchef on our app and website and download it in English and Urdu language for free.

Namkeen Tikka Boti

Eid-ul-Adha is right around the corner and nothing says meat delicacy like a kabab and Sooperchef is bringing in the delectableNamkeen Tikka Boti recipe. As the name suggests, Namkeen Tikka Boti known as afghan tikka kabab is native to the country of Afghanistan but has gained popularity all over India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh because of its great taste and aroma. There are many other kabab recipes to choose from on the sooperchef menu like the Badami seekh kabab, gola kabab, chicken chapli kabab and chicken stuffed cheese kabab but the Namkeen Tikka Boti is the latest and most innovative entrée on our menu. By the look of it, Afghani tikka Kabab looks very much like a tikka because it is composed of small, bite sized chicken chunks that are skewed on iron rods, over a heat source. It can also be grilled or baked. Usually, the kabab is a piece of minced meat that is mixed with spices like turmeric, pepper, chilies, salt, and masala etc. the traditional kabab preparing utensil is made out of iron and is known as the angeethi in which the coals are heated and then the meat is cooked over it. Sometimes, kebabs can be prepared in an earthen clay oven known as the tandoori. Kababs can be made out of chicken, veal, mutton, lamb, beef and even fish and are eaten all over the world and every country has its very own version of it. They can be served as a side dish or main course meal and eaten with bbq sauce, chutney and ketchup. You can find the complete recipe of Namkeen Boti on sooperchef.pk.

Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll

Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll Recipe in Urdu & English If you are a bbq recipes lover than sooperchef is definitely the right choice for you. Say hello to the desi delicacy known as the Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll recipe. This delectable bbq snack is a common street food not only in Pakistan but also all over India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. There are many other delicious Pakistani recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk like hot shots, yogurt chicken roast, nargisi kofta, stir fried beef, Italian chicken, gola kabab, kabab biryani, fried chicken legs, chicken cheese kofta curry and chicken cheese stuffed kababs. Kabab Paratha roll is basically a kabab that is rolled in paratha bread after being assorted with vegetables, sauces like chutney and sometimes cheese. The recipe said to have started back in 1932 in the city of Calcutta, India. First prepared in the Nizam restaurant, which was a famous eatery for the British soldiers of the British Raj. The theory begins the popularity of the Kebab Paratha roll is that the British "babus" of that time were too fastidious to touch the kabab so they liked having it wrapped in Paratha bread. Later on, it became famous among the common populace as the Nizam restaurant gained popularity after the British left the country. It was and is known as the “Kati roll” in India and in Bangladesh, it is pronounced as the Kathi roll. If you want to learn the art of preparing delectable kabab recipes then you should follow sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe of seekh kabab paratha roll and preparation method.

Kabab Biryani

Kabab Biryani Recipe in Urdu & English Pakistani foodies love two types of food, bbq, and biryani. And so our innovative chefs at sooperchef have come up with the innovative and tasty kabab biryani recipe. This tasty biryani recipe is an inventive blend as it involves the preparation of a biryani with kababs in it, rather than the normal meat chunks. There are many other traditional cooking recipes on sooperchef.pk menu like the Sindhi biryani, chicken bbq biryani, kofta biryani, beef biryani masala, Kashmiri pulao recipe, chicken Murgh tikka pulao, special Murgh biryani, and the vegetable biryani recipe. Biryani is a colorful South Asian mixed, rice based dish that was first prepared by the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Now it is famous all over the world, mainly in areas with Muslim populations like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and some parts of the western countries. Originally, biryani was prepared by mutton or lamb meat but now it can be prepared with chicken, beef, fish, prawns, shrimps, fish and even vegetables. According to a food historian from India, the first origins of biryani date back to 4000 years when the first meat and rice combinations of dishes were prepared. It is said that pulao is the precursor to the modern day biryani. Unlike pulao, biryani recipes are not cooked in seasoned broth and taste much spicier than the pulao. If you want to prepare the delectable, styled kabab biryani recipe in urdu then you should follow sooperchef.pk where a complete recipe along with the preparation method can be found.

Kabab Masala

Kebab Masala Recipe in Urdu & English Kebab Masala Recipe is a traditional bbq recipe on the sooperchef menu and is loved by foodies of all ages. There are many other traditional cooking recipes and bbq recipes on the sooperchef.pk menu like the stir fried beef, beef stroganoff, malai boti handi, chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken tarragon, chicken bbq handi, chicken bbq biryani, mutton kundi, sindhi biryani, chicken malai boti, chicken malai handi, Murgh Yakhni pulao, Sindhi dum biryani and Murgh white qorma. Kabab recipe is a meat based dish which is traditionally prepared by grilling or skewing pieces of meat on a fire source. The fire source used for the purpose is mostly charcoal or firewood. The cooking process takes over earthen or iron cooking utensil known as the angeethi or it can be done in an earthen or clay oven known as the tandoor. This type of cooking is said to be originated from the Arabian Peninsula and now it is popular all over the world. It is especially admired in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Levant, turkey, and Bangladesh during the auspicious occasions of Eid ul Adha where many bbq parties take place. The word kebab is a derivation from the Persian translation of grilling. There are thousands of varieties of kababs all over the world and each one represents a taste and culture of its own origin. You can find a wide range of kebab recipes on the sooperchef menu and download the complete recipe for kabab masala recipe along with its preparations method in Urdu and English languages.

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