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Honey Chicken Drumsticks

Honey Chicken Drumsticks Recipe in Urdu & EnglishChicken is the most loved meat of Pakistan and is proud to present to you the crispy and crumbly Honey Chicken Drumsticks recipe. There are many other great chicken recipes that you can find on the sooperchef menu like chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese & corn samosa and Chicken Manchurian with chicken fried rice recipe. There are many varieties of meat available in Pakistan which includes veal, beef, mutton, lamb, fresh water and saltwater fish but chicken is arguably the most popularly eaten meat variety of them all. The reason behind this popularity is that it is easily available and easy to prepare. In addition to that, chicken meat is one of the best sources of good quality protein with a very diminutive amount of fat. Chicken Honey Drumsticks are one of the most eaten products of poultry chicken and have thousands of variants worldwide. They can be fried, skewed, grilled, braised, smoked, baked or cooked in a curry. Fried Chicken legs are served as a great appetizer and fast food item all over the world especially in the Asia, America, Africa and Middle Eastern territories. Our recipe of honey chicken drumsticks is prepared by covering chicken leg pieces in a batter of Maida (corn flour) and other essentials like oregano, cumin, chili sauce and mustard paste. You can acquire the complete honey chicken drum sticks recipe and preparation method from and also learn to cook with the help of our two-minute instant video guide that will provide you with step by step guidance.

Singaporean Rice

Singaporean Rice Recipe in Urdu & English If you are a rice lover and you are looking for something new and exotic rice recipes then the Singaporean rice recipe is the ultimate delicacy for you. There are many other Pakistani recipes as well as continental recipes on the sooperchef menu like the chicken masala rice, Sindhi Biryani, Bombay biryani, sweet and sour chicken with butter garlic rice and the delectable chicken qeema pulao. Singaporean cuisine is famous all over the world because of its exquisite taste and appetizing aroma. This cuisine is influenced by a lot of cooking styles and seems like an amalgamation of different cuisines like Chinese, Indonesian as well as Indian, and western styles of cooking. This is because Singapore is one of the largest immigrant population holding seaports of the world. The Singaporean rice is a rice-based dish that has made its way into the hearts and kitchens of Pakistani foodies and cooks as well as aspiring chefs and gluttons. This recipe has its uniqueness in its own way as it is a mix of rice, noodles and tangy and spicy chicken. For garnishing and serving, the rice is placed on the bottom side which forms the outermost layer, the hot and spicy chicken curry is placed on top of the rice forming the second layer and lastly, the noodles are placed on the top of all of them to create a magnificent piece of art. The main ingredients used for its preparation are rice, eggs, ketchup, soy sauce, ginger, cooking oil and other vegetables like carrots, chilies, green onion, green capsicum etc. you can download the complete recipe of Singaporean rice on sooperchef.

Schezwan chicken

Schezwan chicken Recipe in Urdu & English Chinese recipes have become an integral part of our lives and sooperchef is proud to present the Schezwan chicken recipe for all of its foodies. This Chinese recipe has made its home into the hearts and minds of all food lovers in Pakistan and we will help you learn how you can prepare this delicious chicken recipes from the comfort of your own kitchen. There are many other great Chinese recipes you need to check out from the sooperchef menu like chicken chow mien, stir-fried beef, Hakka noodles and chicken Manchurian with fried rice. Schezwan recipes are alternatively known as Chuan recipes and they are an integral part of traditional Chinese cuisine. This style of cooking is prevalent all over Chinese republic and it is said to be originated from the Sichuan province in southwestern China. This type of Chinese cuisine is known all over the world for its bold flavors predominantly because of the liberal use of chilies and garlic as well as the unique and exotic flavor of the shicuan chili. Kung pao chicken, dan dan noodles, and bon bon chicken are some of the famous Sichuan style cooked recipes that are eaten all over the world mainly because of the Diaspora. Sichuan cooking also involves a number of seafood items like shrimps, prawns, lobsters, and fish which are cooked in curries and soups etc. you can learn the art of cooking this delectable shezuan chicken recipe by logging onto sooperchef where you can download the complete recipe of Schezwan Chicken in Urdu and English language for free.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken Stuffed Breast Recipe in Urdu & English Chicken is one of the most used meats in Pakistani recipes and SooperChef is proud to bring you another tasty chicken recipe known as the chicken stuffed breast. There is a huge range of tasty chicken recipes that you can find on the menu like chicken schnitzel, chicken malai boti, chicken cheese corn samosa, chicken manchurian, chicken loaf and the delectable chicken chapli kabab. Stuffing is a cooking process/method in which a mixture of foods like vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, chilies, capsicum, green onion, olives, green coriander, and oregano are often assorted with starch to fill another food item prior to the cooking process. Stuffing is also known as filling or dressing and is a common cooking practice in countries like Europe and America, especially on the occasion of thanks giving when the delicious stuffed turkey is prepared as a traditional recipe. The turkey stuffing is often composed of dried bread or corn bread in the form of cubes or breadcrumbs and other than that sausage meat, celery, salt, pepper, spices, and herbs along with savory sauces are also added to the mix. In the poultry seasoning processes, giblets are often used. In the United Kingdom, dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, pine nuts, salted pistachios, apricots and flaked almonds are also used for dressing purposes. If you want to learn the art of dressing and prepare your very own chicken stuffed breast recipe at home then log onto Sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe of chicken stuffed breast in Urdu and English language.

Mongolian Chicken

Sooperchef has added another delectable cooking recipes to its long menu and it is known as the Mongolian Chicken recipe. As the name suggests, the Chicken Mongolian recipe gets its name because of its origin that dates back to the Mongolian empire. There are many other tasty continental recipes on our menu like the chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, Italian chicken, hummus, peri bites, hot shots, rainbow cake, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken tempura and chicken lasagna. Mongolian chicken is an alternative for the classy Mongolian beef recipe as it is much healthier than it. Furthermore, it is also easy to prepare taking less than an hour to get done, this makes it one of the best choices if you are willing to prepare a tasty meal during the rush hours of the day. Some of the main ingredients that are used in the preparation are cornstarch, brown sugar, vegetable oil, minced or grounded garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, low sodium chicken stock and sesame oil. Mongolian cuisines were traditionally mildly spiced but with time and influence of other cooking styles, many new variants have come forth. Usually, this recipe is served with boiled rice, egg fried rice or you can have it with a spoon and fork if you like. You need to follow if you want to download the complete recipe and preparation method of the delectable Mongolian chicken recipe in both English and Urdu languages. You can also learn to cook from our two minute, instant step by step video guide.

Whole Chicken Roast

Whole Chicken Roast Recipe in Urdu & English Whole chicken roast recipe is one of the most widely eaten chicken recipe around the globe and now it is gaining popularity in Pakistan. Chicken is the staple meat of Pakistan and because of its easy availability, economic price and easy cooking styles, many Pakistani recipes are made out of chicken. There are many other chicken cooking recipes on menu of SooperChef like chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese kofta curry, chicken tempura, chicken wings, chicken tarragon, chicken stuffed cheese kabab, chicken changezi, yogurt chicken roast, chicken bbq handi and chicken lasagna. Chicken roast can be prepared in pieces or as a whole in a kitchen at home or over a fire. Usually, it is done over a professional rotator spit which equally heats the meat and keeps the flavor intact. It can also be prepared in a clay oven which is known as the tandoor and the recipe prepared in it is called chicken tandoori. The chicken is traditionally roasted in its own fats and juices while its spins on the rotisserie so the heat is equally distributed to all parts of the chicken meat so the flavor and aroma are kept unblemished. Full Chicken roast is a recipe that is eaten all over the world and its variants can be found in many types of worldwide cuisines. You can download the complete recipe of whole chicken roast and preparation method of the drool-worthy and aromatic whole chicken recipe. You can also download the SooperChef mobile application for android and iOS from the playstore and appstore respectively.

Chili Garlic Wings

Craving for something spicy, crispy and deep fried? Then look no further, you have just hit the jackpot, say hello to the Chili Garlic Wings recipe. There are many other fast foods and chicken recipes on the Sooperchef menu like the chicken honey wings, chicken spicy wings, cheese nuggets, Seekh kabab paratha roll, fried chicken legs, chicken Manchurian, cheese stuffed chicken kababs, Gola kabab, chicken Kachori, cheese pakora and potato lollipops, but nothing can beat the taste and freshness of the chili garlic wings. This recipe is from the fried chicken family which is a significant part of western cuisine and was popularized in modern days by famous eateries like KFC that serve fried chicken recipes all over the world. The first fried chicken recipes were prepared in the Middle Ages. These cooking recipes were mainly composed of fritters and small chunks. Nevertheless, it was the Scottish who were the first Europeans that fried their chickens in fat but without any use of seasoning or spices. The general preparation of fried chicken involves pieces of broiler chicken meat, covered in a batter of corn flour or gram flour mixed with spices and herbs, which are then deep fried in oil. It is served with fries and burgers and can be eaten with garlic sauce, mustard sauce, and mint chutney. If you want to learn the art of preparing this hot and spicy garlic wings recipe then you should follow sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe and preparation method in English and Urdu recipes.

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Vegetable is surely known for its healthy impact but there is another option for foodaholics that offers energy and fabulous taste. There are dishes based on ingredient called chicken. We all might have tried the cooking recipes of chicken biryanichicken manchurian, chicken burgers and chickens pizzas from famous restaurants but nothing can be compared with delicious Pakistani chicken dishes. SooperChef has wide range of chicken recipes that help the foodies to relish good flavors with variety.

Variety of Best Chicken Recipes

Pakistani chicken recipes are not of same kind. When you start exploring this category on SooperChef then you will get to know that numerous other ingredients assist to create masterpieces. Vegetables, salt, spices, sausages and oils are common and most preferred items for chicken recipes. Like there is a dish called chili chicken that even has lemon and egg to enhance the beauty and polish the flavor. Chicken nugget is superb sort of food that is not only good for adults but is also yummy for kids. Simple chicken recipes include chicken salads that encompass vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and onions for making them healthier and colorful.

Have you ever wondered that a chicken dish can be sweet? Well, yes it can. SooperChef has such best chicken recipes that add sweet essence to the dish. Ingredients like honey and sugar are finest names for adding sweetness. Sour chicken dishes are also popular in Pakistan and their recipes are demonstrated on website of SooperChef.

Pakistanis Love Chicken Dishes

SooperChef knows how much our country adores chicken dishes. Either chicken is in rice, in salad or in sweet dish, natives always value the food. So, there are chicken recipes in Urdu language that assist every being to read and learn easily. The list of ingredients is displayed above than the procedure part which helps reader to collect the ingredients first. Our website also utilizes English language to depict chicken recipes and for boosting readability.

You can have chicken recipes for dinner which comprise of bit heavier stuff and is even appropriate in entertaining large number of family members. Fried chicken recipes add a bit distinctive taste that is always admired by Pakistanis.

What if you desire to cook a chicken dish in a short period of time? Or maybe your guests have arrived and you do not have plenty of time to cook a big chicken meal? Then there is no need to be worried because titles of quick chicken recipes are always there at Less complicated and more delicious dishes save your time and arise your value before others. Just select your favorite name from the webpage of chicken recipes and open the details to create yummy food items all by yourself. Other than the text form, there are also videos to give more information in visual form.

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