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Mutton Roast Masala

Mutton Roast Masala Recipe in Urdu & English Roasted meat is one of the many spicy delicacies of Pakistan recipes. Sooperchef is bringing you the tasty mutton roast masala recipe that you can enjoy with your friends and family. This tangy and spicy bakra eid recipes is something you cannot miss at any cost. You can visit for a wide range of tasty Mutton recipes like mutton Mandi, mutton chanp masala, mutton kunna and the delectable Punjabi Mutton curry. There are many variants ranging from beef roast to the exotic quail roast. But the most favorite and lavished roast meat of Pakistan is the mutton roast. The mutton roast also is known as the lamb roast, is an original recipe of the northern areas Pakistan from the KPK province where it was originally made out of sheep’s meat and was known as the “shinwari”. Roasting techniques are popular all over the world and roasted mutton meat is a significant part of many cuisines all over the world. Other bbq recipes are prepared by grilling, skewing or braising. Smoking the meat is another technique that is prevalent in many parts of the world and is steadily gaining popularity in the Many other meat recipes are prepared using veal, beef, chicken or fish. The Mutton roast recipe is eaten all over Pakistan with great delight by old and young alike, especially on festivities like Eid and grand family gatherings. Learn the art of preparing the spicy mutton roast recipe and download it with the complete preparation method of  mutton roast recipe in Urdu and English at Sooperchef

Mutton Paya Recipe

Mutton Paye Recipe in Urdu & English Sooperchef has added another new and delectable recipe to the long list of Eid ul Adha recipes and it is none other than the tasty mutton paya recipe. Paye, also known as trotters are a traditional Pakistnai dish which is served as many festive occasions and served to guests at special gatherings like Eid Milan parties and bbq evenings. Paya is an Urdu or Hindi word for feet. There is a whole range of mutton recipes to choose from on the sooperchef menu like Mutton Mandi, mutton roast masala, Punjabi Mutton curry masala, and mutton do pyaza. The paya curry is an amalgamation of central and south Asian Cuisine, and in central Asian territories, it is known as “Pacha”. In the early days, the Paya dish was adopted by Muslim chefs from places like Lucknow, Lahore, and Hyderabad from where it gained popularity and now is a famous Pakistani recipe, playing a significant role in Pakistani and Indian cuisine. It is also eaten in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East, however, the cooking style varies from place to place. It has become of the most loved traditional breakfasts in Pakistani especially the Punjabi dominated cities like Lahore and in Amritsar, India. It is garnished with long coriander, fried onion, ginger and lemon juice. It is mostly eaten with a hot naan or roti and in some cases, a chapati is preferred. You can download the complete mutton paya recipe in Urdu and English language along with the comprehensive preparation method from Sooperchef.

Mutton Chanp Masala

Learn how to make Mutton Champ Masala Recipe Bakra Eid is approaching fast so it is time to get out bbq and grills ready. One the most loved special Pakistani food is the Mutton Champ Masla recipe. Other bbq recipes that you can find on the sooperchef menu are chapli kabab, spicy meatballs in bbq sauce, Badami Seekh kabab and bbq biryani. Mutton chanp is basically the Pakistani version of the western rib cut which is sold at all supermarkets and butcher shops. They can be cooked as the whole slab or cage or they can be cooked separately. The great thing about the mutton champ is that they can be prepared in a variety of ways like grilling, braising, smoking, skewing, shallow frying over a tawa or deep frying in a pan or Karahi. Ribs are served all over the world in different ways and in Pakistan, the champ recipe was popularized by roadside eateries that would serve steaming hot chanps with Tawa fried green chilies and masala wali roti. This trend is most prevalent in Punjab province of Pakistan especially in cities like Lahore, Multan, and Sialkot. Ribs from many animals can be used to make champ like mutton, veal, beef, and lamb and they are served with a number of sauces like mustard, ketchup, mint chutney, bbq sauce and hot sauce. It can be eaten with a fork or served with a hot naan or roti. Sometimes champs are served as a starter although, in most of the cases, they are served as the main course meal. To download the complete recipe of mutton champ along with the preparation method of mutton champ masala recipe in Urdu and English, log on to

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Mutton is best known as goat/lamb meat in majority of the countries across the world. For instance, mutton curry is so delicious and is always made from goat Mutton Recipe meat. It is projected that almost one-third of the goat/lamb population is slaughtered on a yearly basis and sold as a mutton. SooperChef provides you with variety of Mutton recipes in Urdu that are easy to cook at home. Mutton recipes are rich and delicious in taste when cooked with basic ingredients and spices at home.Before starting to cook with Pakistani mutton recipes, it stays important to determine and know the best parts of the mutton meat so that you can prepare best meat dishes. These are the five basic parts of the mutton meat to select for a good cut and proper cooking:
  1. Leg
  2. Breast
  3. Shoulder
  4. Ribs
  5. Loin

Various Cuts of Mutton Meat

The cuts of mutton meat which almost all of us are most familiar with are as follows:

Shoulder Chop

Shoulder chops require not that much of your cooking time in the kitchen and is considered less expensive.


The rack of mutton meat lamb is considered one of the most delicious meat when properly cooked and it contains almost 7-8 ribs mostly coming from the center of the goat cut. It is fancy in presentation and rich in taste as well.


Ribs of the mutton are a budget friendly bought item and is perfect source for frying salty and grilling, served with gravy as well.

Loin Chop

It is considered as an instant serving that is easy and ready to cook, available at the meat shop. They are small in size and T-shaped, perfect for steaks. It is very tender and lean cuts of mutton.


The breast of the lamb is mouthwatering, appealing and delectable source of mutton. This type of mutton is known best for roasting, braising or cooked in desi style salan which properly tenders the meat.


Mutton Shanks are mostly meaty and rich in flavor with marrow inside it. It is perfect to make nihari that is pure rich and mouthwatering. It requires slow cooking method so that meat can get soft and most tender with the broth.


Mutton meat legs are considered as a tradition for festive seasons, party occasions and holiday feasts. It can be purchased in many variants such as bone with the meat or boneless and mashed to make it lean for grilling and roasting purpose.

Minced Mutton

Minced mutton is perfect to make a desi mutton Qeema salan or you can make Seekh Kababs out of it. Minced meat is easily available at grocery stores and it can be made out of mutton parts like shoulder, leg, neck as per your requirement.SooperChef is the Largest Digital Food Network that offers you 1-minute instant cooking recipes videos, making cooking more delightful and easier for you. Get the most delicious and instant recipe daily by downloading our Android & iOS app.Pakistani Recipes | Chinese Recipes | Sweets & Desserst Recipes | Continental Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Iftar Recipes | Eid ul Adha Recipes