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Mutton Ginger Recipe

Mutton Ginger Recipe By Sooperchef Hello and salutations to all the fans of the largest online food and cooking portal of Pakistan which is presenting the delectable mutton ginger recipe to all of its fans. This is surely the recipe for all the sooper foodies out there who love the taste of meat especially mutton. There is a huge range of meat recipes and curries that you can prepare and enjoy with your friends and family from the comfort of your own homes by logging on to Some of the most top-notch recipes on the menu that can be accessed for free right now include the tasty and fluffy mutton gushtaba recipe, the soft and mushy mutton moti pulao recipe, the delectable and hearty mutton pulao recipe, the creamy mutton Nihari recipe, the smoky and flavorsome mutton champ roasts recipe and the last but not the least: the tasty mutton stew recipe. Mutton is one of the most eaten meats in the world and the western world mostly refers to mutton as meat from a sheep however in the Indian subcontinent, the term mutton is used to describe meat from a goat. In the world, there are three types of meat eaten that fall into the category which include: lamb, hogget, and mutton. Lamb is the most expensive of the three and evidently the most flavorsome which is why it is preferred in many Indian recipes, Pakistani and other cuisines elsewhere in the world. Goat meat from adult goats is known as chevon and kid when it is taken from a young or juvenile animal. In general, parts of the Asian subcontinent, mainly countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where this meat is eaten widely: the word mutton is used to describe both sheep and goat meat. You can download the delicious mutton ginger eid recipes from in Urdu and English for free.

Mutton Gushtaba Recipe

Mutton Gushtaba recipe Have you ever heard about Kashmiri cuisines and the taste they offer? If not then you are missing out big time! Kashmiri cuisine offers some of the tastiest cuisines of all time. Most of the recipes from this cuisine are based on meat (mutton, lamb and chicken meat are the most popular kinds of meat used in the cooking) but there are some pretty good tasting vegetarian dishes too. Pakistan’s largest online cooking platform, sooperchef is about to bring an utterly amazing Kashmiri recipe to your kitchens via your smartphones and other smart devices, it is called the mutton gushtaba recipe. other great mutton recipes that are worthy of a look include the delectable mutton moti pulao recipe, another Kashmiri delicacy, the mutton do pyaza recipe, the peppery mutton kali Mirch karahi and at last but not the least the hearty and smoky mutton champ roast recipe. As the name suggests, the mutton gushtaba is prepared with the meat of a lamb or goat. One of the most distinguishing features of this delectable recipe is that the meat being used for a purpose is not ground or chopped with the help of a blender, chopper o meat cleaver, rather it is used as is traditionally beaten on a rock until it is supple enough to be shaped into a big meatball, much larger than a normal day kofta. The inside of the gushtaba is soft and velvety because of this particular style of cooking. The word gushtaba is a loose translation of “full stop” and traditionally it is served at the end of the meal, right before the dessert. Download the complete mutton gushtaba recipe from in Urdu and English for free.

Namkeen Gosht

Namkeen Gosht Recipe in Urdu & English Sooperchef is happy to add another delectable meat recipe to its long list of great recipes and this one is known as the tasty namkeen gosht recipe. Is it prepared with cooking meat in butter, ghee and garlic paste. There are many other delectable meat recipes on the menu including the tasty and aromatic mutton moti Pulao recipe, the delectable mutton champ roast, Mutton Nihari Recipe and the tasty smoked mutton kaleji.Namkeen gosht can be referred to a number of meat dishes that are prevalent in the country. According to one theory, this type of cooking originated from the rocky province of Baluchistan. This type of Baluchi recipes are mostly mildly spiced and good source of animal protein and good fats. Traditionally, the namkeen gosht recipe are prepared in such a way that the meat is cooked in its own fat. The name “Namkeen Gosht” is from the Urdu language which literally translates to “salty meat”. Namkeen Gosht is usually prepared with mutton meat but it can be made with lamb, veal, and beef. It can also be cooked in a vessel or cooking pot but it can also be made inside a Karahi which is the Pakistani doppelganger of the Japanese wok as they look very similar and have the same function of shallow frying meat and vegetables in it. if you want to learn the art of preparing the namkeen gosht recipe then log on to and download the complete recipe and preparation method in Urdu and English for free.

Mutton Stew

Mutton Stew Recipes With the festivities and celebrations of Eid-ul-Adha 2k17 approaching near with every passing second, is happy to bring you the delectable Mutton Stew recipe that you can prepare and enjoy with your family this Bakra Eid. There is a wide range of meat recipes on the menu like the tasty white Murgh white qorma, mutton qorma, mutton Mandi and the delectable beef biryani masala recipe. Stew is basically an assortment of many solid ingredients which are cooked in a liquid and the resultant gravy is served as main course meal. The stew recipe can involve the incorporation of meat, certain vegetables like beans, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers. The meat used for the preparation can be from veal, beef, mutton, lamb and sometimes it is prepared with chicken meat. Fish and prawns can also be used for the preparation of the stew. Stock, broth, and water are mostly used the cooking mediums for the stew. The process of cooking a stew mostly takes place at comparatively low temperatures as compared to other curries and the seasonings and dressing are added after the cooking process is complete. Stews are mostly prepared as thick recipes and are thickened with the use of flour, cornstarch or by the process of reduction. Sometimes the stew recipes are confused with soups but there is a lot of difference between them. You can learn to prepare the delectable mutton stew recipe for you and your family by downloading the entire recipe of mutton stew recipe and preparation method from Sooperchef in Urdu and English language for free.

Mutton Korma

Mutton Korma Recipe in Urdu & English The celebrations of Bakra Eid  are about to commence and there’s no better recipe that says festivity other than the delectable Mutton Korma recipe. This traditional Pakistani recipe is one of the most beloved recipes of the country and served at many occasions like parties, social gatherings and wedding ceremonies etc. there are many other traditional recipes that you should take a look on the Sooperchef menu which include the special nargisi kofta, the delectable namkeen tikka boti, the tasty and nutritious qeema Karahi recipe and the creamy chicken malai boti recipe etc. the korma is basically a meat curry recipe in which the meat or vegetables are braised with cream or yogurt, water or stock along with the addition of spices to produce a thick glaze like sauce. The word korma is derived from the Urdu language and it refers to “braising”. The recipe has roots and a history that dates back to the 16th century when the Indian subcontinent was under the rule of the Mughal Dynasty and it is one of the most well known and characteristic recipes of the royal Mughal kitchens. A korma can be mildly spiced, creamy or fiery hot and spicy as there are thousands of variations and cooking processes that vary from place to place. It can be made with mutton, lamb, beef, chicken, veal and sometimes vegetables like turnips and spinach. You can find the complete recipe of Mutton Korma Recipe along with its preparation method in Urdu and English language on

Delicious Mutton Recipes by 

Mutton is best known as goat/lamb meat in majority of the countries across the world. For instance, mutton curry is so delicious and is always made from goat Mutton Recipe meat. It is projected that almost one-third of the goat/lamb population is slaughtered on a yearly basis and sold as a mutton. SooperChef provides you with variety of Mutton recipes in Urdu that are easy to cook at home. Mutton recipes are rich and delicious in taste when cooked with basic ingredients and spices at home. Before starting to cook with Pakistani mutton recipes, it stays important to determine and know the best parts of the mutton meat so that you can prepare best meat dishes. These are the five basic parts of the mutton meat to select for a good cut and proper cooking:
  1. Leg
  2. Breast
  3. Shoulder
  4. Ribs
  5. Loin

Various Cuts of Mutton Meat

The cuts of mutton meat which almost all of us are most familiar with are as follows:

Shoulder Chop

Shoulder chops require not that much of your cooking time in the kitchen and is considered less expensive.


The rack of mutton meat lamb is considered one of the most delicious meat when properly cooked and it contains almost 7-8 ribs mostly coming from the center of the goat cut. It is fancy in presentation and rich in taste as well.


Ribs of the mutton are a budget friendly bought item and is perfect source for frying salty and grilling, served with gravy as well.

Loin Chop

It is considered as an instant serving that is easy and ready to cook, available at the meat shop. They are small in size and T-shaped, perfect for steaks. It is very tender and lean cuts of mutton.


The breast of the lamb is mouthwatering, appealing and delectable source of mutton. This type of mutton is known best for roasting, braising or cooked in desi style salan which properly tenders the meat.


Mutton Shanks are mostly meaty and rich in flavor with marrow inside it. It is perfect to make nihari that is pure rich and mouthwatering. It requires slow cooking method so that meat can get soft and most tender with the broth.


Mutton meat legs are considered as a tradition for festive seasons, party occasions and holiday feasts. It can be purchased in many variants such as bone with the meat or boneless and mashed to make it lean for grilling and roasting purpose.

Minced Mutton

Minced mutton is perfect to make a desi mutton Qeema salan or you can make Seekh Kababs out of it. Minced meat is easily available at grocery stores and it can be made out of mutton parts like shoulder, leg, neck as per your requirement. SooperChef is the Largest Digital Food Network that offers you 1-minute instant cooking recipes videos, making cooking more delightful and easier for you. Get the most delicious and instant recipe daily by downloading our Android & iOS app. Pakistani Recipes | Chinese Recipes | Sweets & Desserst Recipes | Continental Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Iftar Recipes | Eid ul Adha Recipes | Indian recipes