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Homemade Chicken Corn Soup

Winter has made its presence known in most parts of the world by now and this year it has been early indeed. A cold wind is blowing and the chilly weather is soon to take over. In this type of weather, food becomes even tastier and feels much more delightful, but it is hard to go outside and buy stuff, but fear not, your very own has decided to bring a delicacy of winters, the tasty and healthy homemade chicken corn soup recipe to your kitchens via your smart devices. There have been many great recipes on our menu which you can try to make this winter even beautiful, just like the delectable and creamy Swiss roll recipe, the perfect combination for seafood lovers and bbq lovers the fish tikka recipe, the tangy and saucy tamarind chutney recipe and the last but not the least the date bbq sauce recipe. Chicken corn soup is one of the very famous and well-known soups that have made their way into the hearts and kitchens of soup lovers all over Pakistan. it is made with the chicken and corn which are simmered in water with a variety of other elements. The soup looks very much like a clear broth most of the times with a misty aroma, which is assorted with chicken chunks, and other common ingredients like rice grains, dumplings, and barley. Other types of soups like hot and sour, seafood, and mushroom cream soup recipes are also prevalent in Pakistan, especially during the winter season. You can find the complete homemade chicken corn soup recipe on

3 Types of Salad

Salad 3 Ways Recipe in Urdu & English What’s the best way to enjoy a good recipe? Supplement it with a great tasting salad, that’s why SooperChef is bringing you the salad 3 ways recipe. This tasty and healthy recipe show you three ways of preparing a delicious, healthy and crunchy salad that is light on the heart and flavor some for your taste buds. There are many other recipes on that you need to check out, some honorable mentions include the delectable chicken macaroni salad recipe, the creamy and fruity Russian salad recipe, delicious and easy to prepare Greek salad recipe and the delectable Italian salad recipe. Salads are widely eaten in Pakistan by food lovers of all ages. This type of healthy salad is also adored by fitness enthusiasts and body builders since they are good in taste and have high nutritional value. The first salad shown in the salad 3 ways recipe is the “kachumber” salad which is also known as the crushed salad due to the texture and shape of nicely diced vegetables used for its preparation. Up next on the second spot is the red beans salad recipe which incorporates boiled kidney beans that are assorted with capsicum, black pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. The third and final recipe shown is the macaroni salad which is prepared with macaroni and vegetables like cabbage and carrot, along with white pepper powder and olive oil. You can find the complete preparation method and recipe of the Salad 3 ways recipe at

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Quick & Easy Soup Recipes by Sooperchef

Soup recipes are dated back the ancient times. Soup recipes in Urdu are one of the simplest dishes that you can easily try at home. With a little inspiration taken from the wide range of soup recipes introduced by SooperChef, you can easily prepare most delicious and tasty recipes.Soups can be classified into various categories depending upon the ingredients used in it. Soups can be thin and thick as well, ranging on the time to cook. Although there are countless soup recipes, most of the are usually made by following similar guidelines and process. Best of all is that you can make custom made soup at home as you have the compete authority to add your favorite ingredients as per your taste.

Here is the range of soup recipes:

1- Chicken soup recipes 2- Vegetable Soup Recipes 3- Chicken & vegetable Soup Recipes in Urdu 4- Corn Soup 5- Hot and Sour Soup Recipes both in English & Urdu And much more healthy soup recipes that will soothe your taste buds in chilly winter season.

Gather your Ingredients for Making your Type of Soup

While you are cooking your vegetable, meat or mixed soup, there is no need to get exhausted to gather ingredients as they are easily available from your nearby grocery store. Peas, kidney beans, carrots, potatoes etc. forms a great combination to make a healthy broth for your soup. Other veggies like tomatoes, onions and corn can also add vibrant taste for your soup. The smaller pieces you cut them, the more aroma and flavor will be added to the broth.Noodles can also be added to make the flavor more delicious. They are specially added to form a solid thick type of soup and not to forget while adding sliced cubed chicken, mutton or beef pieces as per your likings.Add your favorite spices to your stock while the broth simmers on the stove. You can add salt, peppers as per your taste, small amount of parsley, vinegar etc. as per your taste.

Let it Cook for an Hour until the Ingredients become

Now, finally stir well your ingredients while adding small quantity of water and let it steam for more than half an hour un till the veggies and meat gets soft and tender. Stir regularly with consistent motion. Taste the soup broth time to time to check the perfection of the soup during the cooking process. Try adding desired spices if the soup seems to be taste less to spice up the soup in a better way.

Soup is Ready to Serve!

Place the soup into bowls to serve, making a homemade soup can be a bit lengthy as it requires complete attention but with little effort, you will find the homemade soup that is more appealing, satisfying and will surely delight your taste buds.You will find your best soup recipes in Urdu at SooperChef. Download our Android & iOS App to get the delicious recipes on your mobile phone daily. Pakistani Recipes | Chinese Recipes | Sweets & Desserst Recipes | Continental Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Iftar Recipes | Eid ul Adha Recipes