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Mango Chutney | Keri Chatni | Aam ki Chatni Recipe

Aam ki chutney:There are thousands of reasons to hate summer but a mango ain’t one. And the delectable and saucy aam ki chutney recipe by the largest and number one ranking, online food and cooking network of Pakistan: is one of the very best ways to incorporate the king of fruits in your diet this summer. The aam ki chutney recipe also goes by the name of Keri ki chutney, which is the native word for a green or unripe mango: the kind that is used for the preparation of the sweet and sour aam ki chutney. There are countless other delicious and healthy recipes on the menu of that can be accessed for free in both Urdu and English languages on the panel. Some of the most honorable mentions of the top-notch recipes on the menu include the likes of the hearty and smoky chicken tikka pulao recipe for all the folks who can’t have enough of bbq, the explosively flavorsome dynamite chicken recipe, the tasty and hearty lasagna roll-ups recipe, the protein filled lobia and keema recipe and the last but not the very least: the tasty and crumbly keema samosa recipe (Pakistani style recipe). The green mango chutney is basically an Indian chutney recipe which is prepared by only unripe mangoes as the ripe ones are sweet and lose their sourness upon ripening. The green unripe ones are harder in texture, sour in taste which provides the necessary tang of the chutney. For the making, the mangoes are peeled and sprinkled with pepper, turmeric, and salt and fried in oil alongside other spices. Water is added to the mix and heated until the mangoes become soft. Some of the main ingredients include fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, nigella seeds, and cumin seeds. Find the complete aam ki chutney recipe on 

Mint Margarita Recipe

Healthy Mint Margarita Recipe by Sooperchef As summer is reaching us by leaps and bounds, it is time to find a cool beverage and drink recipes that would help us beat the heat in a refreshing way. Say hello to the Mint Margarita Recipe by the largest online food network of the country, The tasty mint margarita recipe is a famous cocktail beverage that was first found the year of 1937, in the Café Royal Cocktail Book. One of the earliest stories that involve the process of a mint margarita being invented is from the same year, and the invention is credited to a man named Carlos Danny Herrera, in Mexico. There are many tasty drink recipes that you can easily access the menu of sooperchef, and some of the honorable mentions that you need to check out include the tasty mango lassi recipe, the exotic and delightful Pina colada recipe, the sweet and sour falsa juice recipe, the nutritious and breezy Sharbat badaam recipe, and at last but not the least, the traditional and delectable Sattu recipe. Margarita drinks come in many colors and flavors like strawberry margaritas are red in color and orange margaritas are orange. Usually, the margarita is prepared with lime juice and salt and the beverage is served shaken with rice: this serving is called margarita on the rocks, or it is served blended with ice (known as the frozen margarita) or it can be served without ice, known as the “straighten up” margarita. You can make your summers enjoyable by downloading the mint margarita recipe in Urdu & English by Sooperchef for free of cost.

Pasta 2 ways

Pasta two ways recipe Howdy there sooper foodies! Are you on the lookout for a scrumptious and mouthwatering snack recipe that is equally healthy and filling? Are you ready for another tasty and delicious cooking recipe by Pakistan’s largest online food network? Yes, we are talking about no other than you very own! And our dedicated team of sooper chef’s is happy to present the delectable and innovative pasta two ways recipe. there have been some really awesome and delicious recipes on the panel of, some of the most noteworthy mentions on our menu right now are delectable and healthy dates and nuts lollipops recipe, the milky and creamy ras malai recipe, the crispy on the outside and soft on the inside: noodle stuffed rolls recipe, the German delicacy: black forest recipe, the Arabian delight: mutton kabsa recipe, and at last but not the least, the sarson saag recipe. The term pasta is used to describe a variety of dishes (like the Alfredo pasta and penne pasta) which are made by a special type of noodle. This noodle is prepared with unleavened dough of white flour; mixed with eggs and water and mixed together to make various sheets one over the other. It is usually prepared by boiling or baking. Rice flour can also be used to make a healthier gluten-free type of pasta. You can watch our two-minute video and download the complete two ways pasta recipe in both Urdu and English language, for free, exclusively on your favorite food network,

Suji Halwa with Puri Recipe

Suji halwa with puri recipe Do you remember the great old times of your childhood where your mother would make some soft velvety halva and the times of your college and university where you would bunk classes and eat halwa with steaming hot puris at your nearest dhaba? Well if you are in the mood of reliving those moments, Pakistan’s largest online food portal, yes your very own is bringing the delectable and healthful suji halwa with puri recipe back to your kitchens through your smartphones and other smart devices, so you can taste your favourite snack of your childhood memories once more! There are a lot of appetizing and fragrant halwa recipes that you can discover on the carte du jour of, a few of the first-rate recipes on the menu right now take in the mouth-watering and sweet-smelling coconut halwa recipe, the winter’s pleasure: gajar ka halwa recipe, the delicious and the last but not the least, the drool-worthy akhrot halwa recipe. Halwa is essentially a thick, sweet confection served across numerous parts of the planet including crossways the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, South Asia, central Asia, and Europe and now gaining reputation over a number of parts of America as well. The sooji halwa is eaten mainly in places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Bhutan. It is conventionally prepared with wheat semolina, in the company of butter or vegetable oil, and honey or sugar is used for the sweetening principles. Learn and prepare the suji halwa with puri recipe at your home with the help of and download the entire recipe in both Urdu and English languages for free.