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Honey Chicken Drumsticks

Honey Chicken Drumsticks Recipe in Urdu & EnglishChicken is the most loved meat of Pakistan and is proud to present to you the crispy and crumbly Honey Chicken Drumsticks recipe. There are many other great chicken recipes that you can find on the sooperchef menu like chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese & corn samosa and Chicken Manchurian with chicken fried rice recipe. There are many varieties of meat available in Pakistan which includes veal, beef, mutton, lamb, fresh water and saltwater fish but chicken is arguably the most popularly eaten meat variety of them all. The reason behind this popularity is that it is easily available and easy to prepare. In addition to that, chicken meat is one of the best sources of good quality protein with a very diminutive amount of fat. Chicken Honey Drumsticks are one of the most eaten products of poultry chicken and have thousands of variants worldwide. They can be fried, skewed, grilled, braised, smoked, baked or cooked in a curry. Fried Chicken legs are served as a great appetizer and fast food item all over the world especially in the Asia, America, Africa and Middle Eastern territories. Our recipe of honey chicken drumsticks is prepared by covering chicken leg pieces in a batter of Maida (corn flour) and other essentials like oregano, cumin, chili sauce and mustard paste. You can acquire the complete honey chicken drum sticks recipe and preparation method from and also learn to cook with the help of our two-minute instant video guide that will provide you with step by step guidance.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken Stuffed Breast Recipe in Urdu & English Chicken is one of the most used meats in Pakistani recipes and SooperChef is proud to bring you another tasty chicken recipe known as the chicken stuffed breast. There is a huge range of tasty chicken recipes that you can find on the menu like chicken schnitzel, chicken malai boti, chicken cheese corn samosa, chicken manchurian, chicken loaf and the delectable chicken chapli kabab. Stuffing is a cooking process/method in which a mixture of foods like vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, chilies, capsicum, green onion, olives, green coriander, and oregano are often assorted with starch to fill another food item prior to the cooking process. Stuffing is also known as filling or dressing and is a common cooking practice in countries like Europe and America, especially on the occasion of thanks giving when the delicious stuffed turkey is prepared as a traditional recipe. The turkey stuffing is often composed of dried bread or corn bread in the form of cubes or breadcrumbs and other than that sausage meat, celery, salt, pepper, spices, and herbs along with savory sauces are also added to the mix. In the poultry seasoning processes, giblets are often used. In the United Kingdom, dry fruits and nuts like walnuts, pine nuts, salted pistachios, apricots and flaked almonds are also used for dressing purposes. If you want to learn the art of dressing and prepare your very own chicken stuffed breast recipe at home then log onto Sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe of chicken stuffed breast in Urdu and English language.

Crispy Chicken Burger

Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Urdu & English If you are one of those foodies who is sick of desi and traditional Pakistani recipes and wants something crispy and tasty for a change, then the Crispy Chicken Burger recipe is the recipe of choice for you. There are many other great snack recipes on Sooperchef menu like chicken cheese rolls, chicken schnitzels, cheese nuggets and peri bites. Burgers are eaten all over the world and are found in all shapes and sizes. They can be in a circular form or elongated. Burgers are basically a sandwich of two buns which are placed on the top and the bottom. The between of these buns can be placed with a patty, chapli kabab, tikkas, fish chunks, prawns, shrimps or anything you want to put in it. these delectable fast food items are eaten all over the world with great delight as they were made famous by internally acclaimed fast food restaurants like burger king, KFC, McDonald's, that serve burgers every day. There are many types of burgers that are famous like steak burger, chicken burger, chicken cheese burger, beef patty burger, ground beef patty burger etc. many restaurants and eateries have also introduced vegetarian burgers like the rice burger and the veggie burger. Pakistan has its very own variant of burgers which are known as the anday wala burger and in some places like Karachi, it is known as bun kabab. The chicken crispy burger are known as zinger burgers in Pakistan and they have a battered and deep fried crispy fillet or chicken piece in between the buns. You can download the complete recipe of CrispyChicken Burger on

Chili Garlic Wings

Craving for something spicy, crispy and deep fried? Then look no further, you have just hit the jackpot, say hello to the Chili Garlic Wings recipe. There are many other fast foods and chicken recipes on the Sooperchef menu like the chicken honey wings, chicken spicy wings, cheese nuggets, Seekh kabab paratha roll, fried chicken legs, chicken Manchurian, cheese stuffed chicken kababs, Gola kabab, chicken Kachori, cheese pakora and potato lollipops, but nothing can beat the taste and freshness of the chili garlic wings. This recipe is from the fried chicken family which is a significant part of western cuisine and was popularized in modern days by famous eateries like KFC that serve fried chicken recipes all over the world. The first fried chicken recipes were prepared in the Middle Ages. These cooking recipes were mainly composed of fritters and small chunks. Nevertheless, it was the Scottish who were the first Europeans that fried their chickens in fat but without any use of seasoning or spices. The general preparation of fried chicken involves pieces of broiler chicken meat, covered in a batter of corn flour or gram flour mixed with spices and herbs, which are then deep fried in oil. It is served with fries and burgers and can be eaten with garlic sauce, mustard sauce, and mint chutney. If you want to learn the art of preparing this hot and spicy garlic wings recipe then you should follow sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe and preparation method in English and Urdu recipes.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings Recipe in Urdu & English Chicken Wings recipe is one of the latest additions to the Sooperchef  cooking recipes menu and it is one of the chicken recipes that everyone needs to try at every cost. This delectable Continental food recipe was originally cooked in America but is now gaining popularity in Asia, Europe and some parts of the Arabian Peninsula. there are many other continental recipes on the sooperchef menu like the chicken tarragon, chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, chicken cheese roll, Spanish omelet and chicken lasagna but chicken wings recipe beats them all when it comes to taste and crispiness. Crispy chicken wings recipe was first prepared in 1964, Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York. That is why in America, chicken wings are known as Buffalo wings. In America, they are served with a special blue cheese dip and sauce. The cook who pioneered the Buffalo wings was named as Teresa Bellissimo. Chicken wings recipe can be prepared in different styles and variations according to the chef’s choice. It can be prepared with bread crumbs, or without, in a batter with vinegar based sauce. No matter what the combination is, the chicken wings are served after a deep frying process which gives this delectable chicken recipe a golden and crispy texture. Chicken wings recipe is eaten mostly as an appetizer with celery sticks and hot sauce. You can find the complete recipe on along with a two-minute video guide that will guide you to perfection.

Chicken Tarragon

Tarragon Chicken recipe in Urdu & English Pakistani kitchens offer a wide range of dishes for people who love to try new taste and cuisine. From Mediterranean to Spanish, we have it all. One of such exotic and delectable dishes is the Tarragon Chicken recipe. There are many other continental and exotic dishes on the sooperchef chicken recipes menu like chicken schnitzel, malai boti recipe, chicken loaf, chicken roast, chicken lasagna, chicken manchurian, spanish omelet,  italian chicken and Chicken wraps, but the Chicken Tarragon recipe is arguably the most innovative and tasty one. In culinary uses, Tarragon is basically a one of the four “fines herbs” used mostly in French Cooking recipes and it is known for its aromatic properties. The herb is particularly used for fish, eggs and chicken recipes.  Tarragon herb is also used for as the main flavoring ingredient of the famous Béarnaise Sauce. Tarragon Chicken recipe is prepared by shallow frying chicken breasts in butter until it is golden brown. Prior to the frying process, the chicken is covered in a batter of maida, salt, black pepper and mustard powder. Other essentials like chicken stock, tarragon herb mix, boiled noodles and chili sauce are also added. Parsley is used for garnishing purposes. If you want to learn the art of preparing the delectable chicken tarragon recipe then you should visit and discover the complete preparation method and Tarragon Chicken recipe in Urdu / English language.

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