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Aloo Kabab Naan (Homemade) Recipe

Aloo Kabab Stuffed Naan If you are a fan of naan recipes then the tasty and flavorsome aloo kabab stuffed naan recipe from the largest and number one ranking food network of Pakistan, is something that you cannot afford to miss. There have been numerous tasty and healthy cooking recipes on the menu of which can be accessed on the menu for free, in both Urdu and English languages. Some of the most honorable mentions on the panel right now include the likes of the zesty onion stuffed rings recipe, the tasty and flavorsome macaroni chaat recipe, the smoky and hearty chicken tikka pulao recipe, the saucy and flavorsome dynamite chicken recipe, and the last but not the least: the finger licking good lasagna roll-ups recipe. a  naan is basically a flatbread recipe that is leavened and baked in an oven and is found in many cuisines all over the world including the middle eastern cuisine, Central Asian cuisine, and South Asian cuisine. The word naan is a term from the Persian language that literally translates to bread. The earliest appearance of the word naan in the English language is from the year of 1810 in a travelogue of an Englishman named as William Tooke. The modern-day naan is known to originate from then the central Asian and Indian subcontinent with an influence of the Middle Eastern cuisine. The most widespread and well-known varieties of naan in western countries are from the Indian subcontinent. In Iran, from where the word naan is believed to have originated, does not have any specific definition for it, as any kind of flat bread could be known as naan there, as well as other west Asian or ethnic groups or nations like Turks, Kurds, and Azerbaijanis. Follow to get the complete aloo kabab naan recipe for free.  

Popcorn Chicken Recipe (KFC Style)

Popcorn chicken Recipe By SooperChef The popcorn chicken recipe is presented to you by the largest and number one ranking cooking and food network of Pakistan, and is the best recipe of choice for all the people who are willing to change their taste by adding something different to their list of chowders or maybe add another tasty recipe to their list of iftar recipes. The popcorn chicken is originally a chicken product that was popularized by the multinational chain of fast food: Kentucky’s Fried Chicken and it is composed of small, bite-sized chicken chunks that can be popped into the mouth just like popcorn. These chicken chunks are breaded or battered to have a crunchy outer layer and the cooking process used for the preparation is deep frying. Sooperchef started broadcasting its daily recipes in 2016 and since then there have been numerous recipes on its panel that can be accessed for free in both Urdu and English languages. Some of the most honorable mentions on the menu that are also the top charts, include the delectable and tasty macaroni chaat recipe, the smoky and flavorsome tikka pulao recipe for all the bbq lovers, the explosively flavorsome dynamite chicken recipe, the protein-laden keema lobia recipe for all the fitness devotees and the last but not the least the tasty and hearty lasagna roll-ups recipe. The creation of popcorn chicken is credited to a food technologist who went by the name of Gene Gagliardi. In the march of the year 1992, popcorn chicken was test-marketed in the United States of America and by the September of the same year, it had been launched nationwide as it was a huge success. Periodically, it has been available at KFC outlets all over the world and teenagers and kids are unusually fond of this recipe, find the complete popcorn chicken recipe on for free.

Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe

Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe:  Hello Foodies, SooperChef brings you the ultimate twist of Lasagna with the delectable in taste lasagna roll ups recipe. With such mouthwatering recipe, your rest of the day is going to feel like a breeze with a filled appetite. All you need to do is watch the one-minute instant cooking video and learn how to make lasagna roll ups recipe within the comfort of your home. The recipe is so rich in taste and so easy to make that it hardly takes half an hour of your time to cook this recipe. SooperChef is the Pakistan’s number one digital food network that guides you how to cook new and delectable recipes every single day that are covered in a one-minute instant cooking video. You can select from a range of Pakistani recipes, Chinese recipes, Continental recipes, Other Recipes, Sweets & Desserts and much more that this network has to offer for the foodies all across the world. All you need to do is just download the app either you are using Apple or Android, both of the apps are available on Android and iOS for your comfort. There is an enormous range of mouthwatering recipes that you can cook by watching instant videos at your home. You can select your favorite dish from search and get the complete recipe with an instant video to cook at home. SooperChef stays your true kitchen companion when it comes to cooking delicious and mouthwatering dishes and serving your family with vibrant cuisines that you haven’t tried before. Do give a try to this platform and start to cook new dish every day for the rest of your time. Enjoy cooking at your home as there will be no need to order fast food or hanging out to a nearby restaurant when SooperChef is here to serve you at its best.

Keema Samosa Recipe (Pakistani)

Keema/Qeema Samosa Recipe   Hello Foodies. Welcome to SooperChef, your ultimate kitchen companion that guides you to make delectable and unique dishes every single day by providing you the complete recipe, ingredients, instructions along with the cooking method, all covered in the 1-minute instant cooking video. You can watch the video and cook within the comfort of your home and try a unique mouthwatering recipe every single day for your family and loved ones. This time, SooperChef is bringing you the desi delight of special type of Samosa Recipe that is known as Keema Samosa Recipe. This favorite and famous kind of samosa is eaten and loved as a snack all across the nation. Serve it with ketchup, sausage or mint chutney and enjoy munching on Qeema Samosas. The name depicts the ingredients quite well. The recipe is made out of minced meat that can be from chicken, mutton or beef as per your taste and preference. The minced meat is boiled and mixed with the basic spices to add sour taste to mesmerize your taste buds and filled in the samosa patti. After that, all you need to do is deep frying them in the cooking oil until it gives a golden brownish shade to the samosas. Your delicious Qeema samosas are ready to be served. They can be eaten at any time of the day to curb your hunger cravings and we are quite sure that this recipe is going to fill your stomach for a long time as well. Watch the above one-minute instant cooking video and learn how to make Qeema Samosas within the comfort of your own kitchen. You can also download the Android and iOS apps for free and get the daily push notification of new recipe every single day as SooperChef is the largest digital food network that provide you a complete support and learning to cook delectable and vibrant new dishes every single day.