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Swiss Roll Recipe

For the people who have a sweet tooth for new and tasty dessert recipes, and craving some scrumptious dessert right now, sooperchef is proud to present the all new Swiss roll recipe! There has been a variety of tasty and mouth watering dessert recipes on sooperchef, some of the honorable mentions are: the chocolaty jubilee mousse cake recipe, the delectable and vivid lemon soufflé recipe, the best choice for Nutella lovers Nutella brownie recipe and the delightfully tasty doughnut recipe. The Swiss roll also goes by the name of jelly roll, cake roll and cream roll; it is basically a type of sponge cake roll which is filled with ingredients like jam, whipped cream and different types of icings. The origins of the recipe are unclear to date, and despite the name “Swiss roll” the recipe is believed to have originated somewhere in central Europe, most likely in Austria. It is also said that the Swiss roll was first discovered back in the nineteenth century, along with the inventions of Battenberg, Victoria sponge recipe and doughnuts. The earliest versions of the swiss roll were known as the jelly cake and it was an English recipe. The earliest publication about the jelly cake was done back in the year of 1852, in Utica, New York, in a journal known as the Northern Farmer. You can find the complete Swiss roll recipe by logging on to where you can find it in Urdu and English languages for free. You can also watch the complete recipe on our two minute instant recipe video.

Stuffed Chicken Cheese Roll

Are you feeling hungry and craving something scrumptiously deep fried? Are you looking for a snack that would fill you up and tingle your taste buds at the same time? Then my friend, you have come to the right place, is the home of tasty snacks and with its new addition, the drool worthy stuffed chicken cheese roll recipe, it is on a roll! There is a great range of snacks recipes on sooperchef that you can choose from for example the delectable stuffed pizza recipe, the mouth watering chicken pineapple dry recipe, the notorious bun kabab recipe, and the crispy and crumbly afghan samosa recipe. The stuffed cheese roll recipe is among the most relished snacks of Pakistan. it Is eaten specially during the month of Ramadan along with other deep fried snacks like samosas, pakoras, jalebis, fruit chaat and dahi bhalla. As the much awaited winter approaches Pakistan, these deep fried snacks are brought to life. It is prepared with a soft outer layer known as the “roll patti” which resembles the tortilla, but is much softer in texture. It is then filled with various items like chicken, cheese, corn, cheese, vegetables like potatoes, cabbage, celery, onions, diced green chilies, bbq sauce, mustard sauce and ketchup etc. apart from chicken, other types of meat like beef and fish are sometimes used for the same purpose too. All types of cheese like cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella cheese can be used for the preparation of the delectable stuffed chicken cheese roll recipe.

Stuffed Pizza | Pizza Dough Recipe | How to make Kebab Pizza

Stuffed Pizza Attention all pizza lovers and cheese devotees, brace yourself! The stuffed pizza recipe by is here! This delectable recipe is the forerunner of the original Chicago styled pizza and now it is rocking it in Pakistani kitchens, big time! There have been many great pizza recipes on like the tasty and smoky chicken tikka pizza, the desi-modern hybrid known as the pizza paratha recipe, the ultimate recipe of for egg lover’s, the delectable omelet pizza, and the tasty and easy to prepare bread pizza recipe. Food historians state that during the year of 1943, the Chicago deep dish pizza was prepared and gained much popularity. By the mid of late 1970’s, two famous pizza chains of Chicago started experimenting on the deep-dish pizza and created the recipe for the stuffed pizza. Stuffed pizzas are usually deeper than the already deep-dish pizzas. One more difference between a simple pizza and a stuffed pizza is that the topping density of a stuffed pizza is much more than that of any other kind of pizza. The stuffed pizza recipe can be topped with a verity of toppings just like any other pizza, for example, cheese, beef, chicken, fish meat, prawns, shrimps and vegetables like tomatoes, green chilies, diced capsicums, different types of cheese and pepperoni. You can log on to and find the complete recipe for the stuffed pizza recipe in Urdu and English language for free. You can also acquire added assistance from our two-minute instant recipe videos that provide step by step guidance.

Easy & Simple Bread Samosa | How to make Bread Samosa

There have been some really tasty and flavorsome samosa recipes on the sooperchef menu, like the crunchy chicken cheese samosa recipe, the crumbly afghan samosa recipe, and the delectable chicken cheese corn samosa. But there is a new and easy to prepare samosa in town, which is rocking it, big time! Say hello to the drool-worthy bread samosa recipe by This tasty amalgamation of samosa and sandwich is going to be the new favorite of your children as it is great for lunch boxes and can be had with tea to make your teatime even more tasty and fun. Although the traditional samosa recipe is prepared by a filling in a samosa Patti (tortilla like covering) which is folded in the form of a triangle, the tasty and innovative version of the samosa-sandwich hybrid is prepared by bread slices which are rolled and filled with a filling of a variety of ingredients like onions, pea’s beans, salt, turmeric, fenugreek, cumin powder, dry coriander, potatoes, chili powder, chopped green chilies, garlic paste and green coriander. The bread slices are then deep fried in cooking oil until their texture changes to a tasty and crispy golden brown. This tasty bread samosa recipe can be served with a variety of garnished and condiments like tomato ketchup, chili and garlic sauce, mustard sauce, mayonnaise, mint chutney and zeera raita. Samosas are popular all over India, Pakistan, and many other countries along with Afghanistan, some parts of Europe and America as well as the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula. You can find the complete bread samosa recipe on

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