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Italian MeatBalls

Italian Meatballs Italian Meatballs is an innovative and tasty and famous Italian recipe which is widely served all over Europe and America, as a main course dish and is adored by masses of foodies all across the planet. This peppery dish is a flavorful meatball recipe which is prepared with minced meat. Usually the minced is made from beef or mutton meat in thick, zesty gravy. The spicy Italian meatballs recipe is locally referred to as Koftay in the native Urdu language of Pakistan and is prepared by rolling marinated mince into small (bite-sized) balls that are then cooked in a pan along with eggs and gram flour. Other essentials like red chili powder, garam masala, salt, cumin, green chili, black pepper and corn flour are added. For the groundwork of the curry, a variety of ingredients are required such as chopped garlic, bbq sauce or tomato sauce with crushed red chili powder, lemon juice, crushed black pepper, cumin powder. The Italian meatballs recipe is served with spaghetti and easy to prepare, and when made perfectly, its tasty sauce with beautiful texture and aroma are second to none. The Italian meatballs recipe can be served at family dinners and auspicious occasions like parties and festivals. You can access the delectable Italian Meatballs recipe at and download the entire recipe in Urdu and English languages. You can also follow out step by step video guide for preparing this delectable dish. Other tasty recipes on sooperchef are Thai soup, pinwheel samosa recipe and the delectable spicy meatballs in bbq sauce recipe.

Beef Steak with Lemon & Honey Sauce

Beef steak with honey and lemon sauce Meat enthusiasts and protein lovers, consider yourself in luck, as your very own is bringing in the flavorsome and nutritious beef steak with honey and lemon sauce recipe. This tasty beef recipe is highly rich in nutrients like protein and contains a minimal amount of fat which makes it the gold standard choice for people dealing with fat and trying to get in the shape they want or maybe just trying to burn excess fat off their waistlines. There is a wide range of tasty recipes that you can find on sooperchef like the fiery and hot peri peri chicken recipe , the mushy and chewy honey chicken drumsticks, the crispy and crumbly chicken bbq nachos and the tasty tarragon chicken recipe . Steak is usually prepared by slicing meat from corner to corner in muscular parts with the possible insertion of a bone. Steak is prepared by a diversity of meats which include chicken, bison, beef, veal, mutton, sheep, reindeer, turkey and deer. Steak can also be prepared with fish meat, the meat used for the function is generally from salmon or large pelagic fishes like swordfish, marlin, and tuna. Steak recipes are typically prepared by grilling but they can also be prepared through a frying or broiling process. Some illustrious steak cuts are known as rib eye steak, T-bone steak, top sirloin steak, and flank. Steaks are served with an array of appetizers like mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, French fries, cheese, and rice along with a variety of sauces like hickory sauce, mustard sauce, bbq sauce , tomato ketchup and chili garlic sauce . Log on to to download the entire beef steak with honey and lemon sauce recipe in Urdu and English language for free.

Special Nargisi Kofta

Special Nargisi Kofta Recipe in Urdu & English is a paradise for the tasty cooking recipe where new recipes are added to the menu daily. Special Nargisi Kofta recipe is the latest meatball dish recipe added to the long list of delectable Pakistani recipes that you can enjoy with your friends and family. This is best Eid ul Adha recipe for your guests . There are many types of kofta recipes eaten all over Pakistan like the chicken cheese kofta curry, kofta biryani, and chicken kofta curry. Koftas are the desi doppelganger of the American meatball but our version is way more tasty and savory. This recipe is usually prepared with ground beef and added with spices and herbs. Nevertheless, it can be prepared mutton, chicken or even fish meat, shrimps and prawns. The Koftas are usually made in a spicy curry and can be served with roti, naan or boiled rice but you can also eat it with a fork or dip it in some tasty bbq sauce. Nargisi Kofta is a kofta recipes prepared by encasing a hard-boiled egg inside a spicy kofta coating. This recipe is widely popular all over Pakistan and is eaten with great delight. It can also be fried or cooked in the usual way, it does not disappoint the taste buds whatsoever. Nargisi koftas are full of protein and a very healthy dish for youngsters and adults alike. You can find the complete recipe and preparation method of the delectable Nargisi kofta recipe in Urdu and English language at Sooperchef. You can also learn cooking in a fun and easy way from our step by step two minute video guide.

Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll

Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll Recipe in Urdu & English If you are a bbq recipes lover than sooperchef is definitely the right choice for you. Say hello to the desi delicacy known as the Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll recipe. This delectable bbq snack is a common street food not only in Pakistan but also all over India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. There are many other delicious Pakistani recipes on the menu of like hot shots, yogurt chicken roast, nargisi kofta, stir fried beef, Italian chicken, gola kabab, kabab biryani, fried chicken legs, chicken cheese kofta curry and chicken cheese stuffed kababs. Kabab Paratha roll is basically a kabab that is rolled in paratha bread after being assorted with vegetables, sauces like chutney and sometimes cheese. The recipe said to have started back in 1932 in the city of Calcutta, India. First prepared in the Nizam restaurant, which was a famous eatery for the British soldiers of the British Raj. The theory begins the popularity of the Kebab Paratha roll is that the British "babus" of that time were too fastidious to touch the kabab so they liked having it wrapped in Paratha bread. Later on, it became famous among the common populace as the Nizam restaurant gained popularity after the British left the country. It was and is known as the “Kati roll” in India and in Bangladesh, it is pronounced as the Kathi roll. If you want to learn the art of preparing delectable kabab recipes then you should follow sooperchef where you can find the complete recipe of seekh kabab paratha roll and preparation method.

Kabab Biryani

Kabab Biryani Recipe in Urdu & English Pakistani foodies love two types of food, bbq, and biryani. And so our innovative chefs at sooperchef have come up with the innovative and tasty kabab biryani recipe. This tasty biryani recipe is an inventive blend as it involves the preparation of a biryani with kababs in it, rather than the normal meat chunks. There are many other traditional cooking recipes on menu like the Sindhi biryani, chicken bbq biryani, kofta biryani, beef biryani masala, Kashmiri pulao recipe, chicken Murgh tikka pulao, special Murgh biryani, and the vegetable biryani recipe. Biryani is a colorful South Asian mixed, rice based dish that was first prepared by the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Now it is famous all over the world, mainly in areas with Muslim populations like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Burma and some parts of the western countries. Originally, biryani was prepared by mutton or lamb meat but now it can be prepared with chicken, beef, fish, prawns, shrimps, fish and even vegetables. According to a food historian from India, the first origins of biryani date back to 4000 years when the first meat and rice combinations of dishes were prepared. It is said that pulao is the precursor to the modern day biryani. Unlike pulao, biryani recipes are not cooked in seasoned broth and taste much spicier than the pulao. If you want to prepare the delectable, styled kabab biryani recipe in urdu then you should follow where a complete recipe along with the preparation method can be found.

Popular Beef Recipes

Enjoy Delicious Beef Recipes by Sooperchef

There is an extensive range of beef dishes, beef recipes and foods cooked worldwide. Beef is best known as the culinary name for meat coming from cattle. Beef is a type of meat harvested from bulls, cows etc. Its acceptability as a food resource varies from one region to another among different parts of the world.Beef is a popular, rich in taste, versatile and not that much expensive form of meat. There are many easy beef recipes such as roast beef, grilled steaks, minced beef meat. Beef taste much delicious when fried and mixed with sausage, curry or gravy. There are several ways to prepare and cook beef. SooperChef guides you beef recipes in urdu, easy beef dishes and other meat recipes with videosand has got top of the line instant and easy Pakistani meat dishes list that are so easy to learn and serve for your lunchtime or dinner.Some of the most famous and common method to make beef dishes are:

Grilling Beef

You can easily make burgers at home with the help of grilled beef. But one must make it sure to use a ground beef for cooking burger. Add your favorite ingredients, spices, sausages, cheese. Grilling beef in the burgers require and oven to be cooked at a higher volume.

Grill Steaks

If you are planning a roof top BBQ on a weekend, then grilling beef steaks is a perfect treat that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Choose whichever part of the cut you prefer to grill ranging from ribs to chomps and thigh cuts, marinate them with spices and yoghurt while placing them over the hot grill.

Making Beef Kebabs

Kebabs is considered as the most delectable dish to be served at parties. Kababs are formulated by cut sized cubed beef meat and a series of your favorite vegetables while grilled. It is better to choose a meat cut or purchase that type of meet that is already in the cube format. Cubed beef is usually available in small pieces but you can also experiment to cut it down as per your requirement for making kebabs. Simply place the meat on the grill or skewer and season it with sour sausages and dry spices for an exotic taste before placing it over the hot grill.

Cooking Beef as a Desi Delight

Ground beef is one of the most versatile cuts of beef to be cooked across the country. There are various type of beef meat dishes and delicacies cooked that varies from region to region. This type of food can be used to make variety of dishes with unique styles. There is an extensive range of beef dishes that can be prepared and requires specific seasoning and ingredients. One of the most favorite beef dish is Qeema Shimla Mirch that is on top of the list to be cooked at every Pakistani home. It doesn’t require that much of special technique and easy to be cooked.SooperChef provides you an extensive range of delicious dishes coming from various parts of the world. You can simply download the Android or iOS app and follow 1-minute instant cooking video daily.Pakistani Recipes | Chinese Recipes | Sweets & Desserst Recipes | Continental Recipes | Ramadan Recipes | Iftar Recipes | Eid ul Adha Recipes | Indian recipes