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Palak Paneer Recipe

Palak Paneer Recipe in Urdu & English Palak Paneer recipe is a traditional vegan recipe which is a favourite of vegetarians and cheese lovers alike. It has been added to the long list of delicious cooking recipes on the www.sooperchef.pk menu. There are many other delicious traditional Pakistani recipes like navratan mix vegetable, vegetable biryani, paneer pakora (cheese pakora), Mutanjan and spicy vegetable kabab but palak paneer is without a doubt, the creamiest one. This light and healthy vegetable recipe originates from the Punjabi region of the Indian subcontinent and is a significant part of the Punjabi cuisine. Palak paneer recipe is prepared in the form of thick curry paste which consists of cheese and pureed spinach. It is one of the dishes that are very popular among the people of the rural areas of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is seasoned with garam masala, garlic, and various other spices that are added to the mix to give the recipe its great taste and flavor. Dhabas and roadside eateries often specialize in recipes like palak paneer because of its delectable taste and nutritional values. Palak paneer is sometimes confused with another spinach based recipe which is known as saag but there are a lot of differences between the two as they have different cooking styles and preparation methods. Palak paneer recipe can be served with tandoori roti, chapatti and naan and it is also eaten with boiled rice with great delight. If you want to get the whole recipe and preparation method of the delectable and creamy palak paneer recipe then you can find it on sooperchef.pk along with many other recipes.