Pains You Should Pretty Much Never Ignore

Pains You Should Pretty Much Never Ignore

Pains You Should Pretty Much Never Ignore

Pain that indicates a serious or a life-threatening situation is generally intense and it starts on an instant and abrupt basis, linked with a number of signs and symptoms. BetterRead is providing you the information of such pain symptoms that require an immediate attention.

An Instant onset headache

If the pain starts in your head is all of a sudden and turns unbearable to resist, you could have a brain aneurysm, a bulge within the wall of an artery. If it is left untreated, the blood vessel can easily burst out, leading towards a potential fatal stroke or a huge brain bleeding. You need to visit the hospital on an immediate basis under such situation. These Diet Mistakes Trigger Severe Headaches & Migraines.

Tooth pain when you drink something cold

If the outer layer of the tooth is decaying or damaged, it can directly get exposed with the nerve inside your tooth, leaving you with unbearable panic when the specific area is in contact with any hot or cold substance. Moreover, the sensitivity, an exposed nerve also leads to a risk of a bacterial infection that can get easily spread to the other body parts. You need to visit the dentist for such extreme tooth decay or sensitivity.

Pain that spreads across your chest

Chest pain is a real symptom of a heart attack that is due to the lack of oxygen reaching your heart. The pain can easily spread towards your jaw, neck, or shoulder. You need to consult your doctor on an immediate basis.

Pain in the pelvis or abdomen

Cramps related to menstruation are normal for most of the women. But, if they get worsen or comes back on and off, you could have a possible endometriosis, a type of condition where the tissue that is used to grow within the uterus starts to grow outside. You need to consult your gynecologist for that issue. If left unnoticed, it could increase the chances of infertility.

Achy or cramping pain in the leg

If the pain is gathered by the swelling, redness and warmth, you could possibly have a blood clotting also known as a deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). You need to visit your doctor as he will advise you to have an ultrasound. You must avoid to massage the panic area as this will eventually cause the blood clot to travel towards your heart or damaging your lungs.

Constant pins and needles in your feet

If your feet are burning, numb or tingly, you could have a damaged nerve that is caused by diabetes. You may feel the loss of feeling in your foot. You need to visit the doctor as he/she will advise you to have a blood glucose test. The affected area of your limb might need to be amputated if the damage gets really severe.

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