Little that we know that multinational companies use targeted marketing tactics of tempting to make us buy such things we don’t necessarily need. However, some of the things may not only be not so useful but also harm our health as well.
SooperChef has made a list of such things that most of us often have at our homes. We barely think about their quality, but, in fact, most of them may not only be unneeded but also quite harmful to our health and that is been proven by various scientific researchers.

So, the point to think is that, should we still continue to use them in our daily lives at all or not?

Plastic Food Containers

It’s not that the plastic is harmful to our health but the chemical composition while manufacturing them makes the plastic container a solid material. We often wash, heat and get in contact with them and most importantly, getting intact with food items makes the situation harmful and worse. The plastic itself is very toxic, injurious and dangerous. So, it is better not to use the plastic food containers for above than 5 months span of time, and make it sure to better avoid them while using or heating the food in the containers in the microwave oven.


Most of us regularly use this casual shoe wear on a daily basis, but Crocs is not a proper substitute to stable our heels. The unfixed heel can cause a lot of problems to our feet and legs, such as toe injuries, foot pain and the formation of calluses. Moreover, the major reason to wear something more comfortable like a sleeper, shoe or sandal is the universal fact that the part of the shoe that supports between the toe and the heel becomes very soft after a prolonged usage while walking, running or jogging in our daily life routine. It is vital for any kind of footwear to have a solid shank so that you don’t feel damaged or discomfort while walking on a regular basis.

Antibacterial Soap

The legal law that regulates the amount of triclosan, an antiseptic that is widely used in almost every antibacterial soap make 0.1 to 0.3 percent. However, the cause of harm is much bigger and worse than you can imagine. Triclosan makes our immune system weak enough for our human body to resist the true absorption of antibiotics. It is also a cause of hormonal imbalance and muscular dystrophy. Moreover, the antibacterial soap is no more than a pure marketing tactic to be advertised widely to common people. Research shows that any type of bacteria can be easily wiped out from your body with a regular soap as well.

Nonstick Cookware

The harmful chemicals while using to make the nonstick cover on your frying pan are not so harmful by their own. However, as the temperature rises and goes to 230 degrees Celsius, the frying surface adds up a certain amount of volatile and harmful substance to the food item you are cooking in the pan. Scientific researchers have discovered that the presence of these harmful chemicals in our human blood may lead to the formation of cancer cells.


For all the ladies, you must pay close attention to the ingredients of your favorite mascara while you purchase a new one when the old one ends up. Some of the components such as aluminum powder, propylene glycol, parabens are harmful to your beautiful eyes. You should avoid using someone else’s mascara as it can form bacterial infection that may harm your eyes and can be a cause of eye infection.

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