Even though the actual happening of migraines is still not clear, but, the majority of the experts agree to the fact that severe headaches can trigger by the medicines you intake, or abrupt changes in your endocrine system, and improper sleep routines.

Moreover, your daily eating habits also create an impact to trigger migraines and headaches. Almost ten percent of the people across the globe suffer from a different type of headaches and migraines, triggered by typical dietary mistakes.

BetterRead came up with a list of the most common food items that causes migraine attacks.

Let us get to the facts straightaway:

Aged cheese

Cheese that is old or goes through any sort of aging process to be conserved for lasting long might be activating migraine as it is high in tyramine. Tyramine is extracted from the amino acid, tyrosine and is formed in such type of foods that are spoiled, aged, pickled, fermented, smoked, or marinated. Aged cheese includes the most used cheddar cheese. But, on the other side, fresh cheese doesn’t include much amount of tyramine and considered safe to intake even if you have migraine attacks. You need to double check the label before buying any sort of cheese as the aging of cheese is mentioned on the label.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons have got a huge quantity of acid that can impact on your blood’s pH level and increase the chances of having a headache or a possible migraine. Almost 11 percent of the people suffering from headaches have reported citrus drinks to trigger their migraine effect, according to a recent study. Apart from that, such type of fruits contains tyramine and histamine that can affect your overall health if you haven’t got the tendency to overcome them.

Cold foods

If you are obsessed with eating ice cream or gulping down a cold carbonated fizzy drink, when your body is exhausted and over-heated from extreme hot temperatures outside, you may catch a cold-stimulus headache on an instant basis that usually lasts up to 60 seconds to 1-2 minutes. You need to avoid them during such a condition.


Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. These type of grains, as well as the products made out of them, may trigger migraine effects for the people who are intolerant to gluten related products.

Food additives

An additional sum of the chemicals in foods have zero nutritional value, moreover, creates a negative impact on your overall health. So, if you suffer from repetitive headaches, try to stay away from foods that contain additives. Additives are mostly added to processed foods, canned items that are rich in nitrates or nitrites. As the additives get into your body, your blood vessels start to swell up, causing a severe headache or a migraine as well. Here are 6 Foods Nutritionists Say You Should Eat Less In 2018 as it contains food additives and artificial sweeteners that damages our inner health.


Regular or excessive intake of caffeine-related products such as coffee or tea creates a real contribution to the various type of headaches. You need to put a limit while intaking caffeinated drinks to 200-300 milligrams that sums up to two to three cups of coffee or tea in a day. Caffeine is also available in an excessive quantity in the products such as cocoa, chocolate, carbonated beverages, and even in some painkillers as well. Too much of coffee is really bad for your health. Here are some of the Symptoms that You’re Drinking Too Much Coffee and damaging your health.

Hope, you find this article informative. Share this article with the people suffering from headaches or migraines.

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