Biryani also known as biriyani or briyani is a famous South Asian rice mixed dish that is originated by the Muslims of South East Asia. It is widely acceptable and has a popularity throughout South Asian region and stays as a famous delight among the region. It is commonly mixed and cooked with basic spices into rice, added with meat and vegetables or both are mixed to make this perfect delicacy. The meat used in biryani is mainly Chicken, Mutton, Fish or Beef.

How was this Dish Originated?

Ancient Muslims Indians claim to mention meat cooked with rice together to form Pulao. You can find many delectable Pulao Recipes both in English and Urdu here at SooperChef. The Pulao comes from the ancestry of North Indian Muslims and there are various types of biryanis developed by the Muslims living in the centers of Delhi and is also known as a Mughlai cuisine. The Biryani dish was originated in the era of Mughal emperors, more specifically in the smaller areas of Lucknow and other nearby areas. Today, Biryani has conquered the taste buds of South East Asian Countries, mainly in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. It is one of the most favorite cuisine of Muslim communities. In Pakistan, it is famous all across the country and made with different varieties and spices such as Sindhi Dum Biryani, Kabab Biryani , Vegetable BiryaniBeef BiryaniChicken Special Biryani and many other types are available here at SooperChef. You can make any type of Biryani available at SooperChef by watching instant 1-minute cooking video at your home easily. All of the recipes are both in English and Urdu language for your comfort. There are loads of Rice Recipes other than Biryani recipes.

How to Make Biryani Rice?

The easiest method is illustrated in our 1-minute instant cooking video guide that is compiled with complete ingredients, cooking method and recipes with proper instructions while watching it on your smartphone.Simple method is to wash the rice and soak it for at least twenty methods. Then heat your pressure cooker with cooking oil, add spiced and fry the spice un till you can smell the fragrance. Now add the sliced or chopped onions and fry them until the color changes to golden brown. Then add some amount of garlic and ginger paste and fry its until you smell a vibrant fragrance. After that, add tomatoes, fresh yogurt, red chili powder, mint leaves, coriander, salt, cardamom, salt as per your taste and turmeric powder.

How to Add Meat into your Biryani?

First of all, you need to clean the meat that you are adding. Either it is chicken meat cut into regular pieces, beef or mutton with the same sliced proportions. Then add the meat in your cooking pan. Likewise, above instructed add salt as per your taste, ginger and garlic paste, green chili paste or regular chopped green chilies, red chili powder, fried brown onions, cardamom powder, cumin seeds, cinnamon, semi cooked or boiled rice, a bit of saffron, water and cooking oil and mix it well. Now, let it simmer for approximately ten to fifteen minutes under very low flame. It varies from one biryani recipe to the other.

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