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Chicken Qeema Pulao Recipe

Chicken qeema pulao recipe by your very own sooperchef is another impressive addition to the extensive catalog of mouth-watering rice recipes on its board. This aromatic and pleasurable plateful of appetizing rice is one of the most consumed recipes in all of Pakistan. There are a lot of other delicious recipes on sooperchef menu that are worthy of a look, some of the honorable mentions on the menu right now comprise of the spicy Bombay biryani recipe, the velvety and mouthwatering Chicken malai boti recipe, the delicious and easy kalmi tikka recipe and the scrumptious quick and easy fried chicken recipe. Chicken pulao is one of the most appreciated rice based recipes in Pakistan and its groundwork procedures vary from position to position like, for example, the Kabuli pulao it is dressed and decorated with dry fruits and nuts like cashews, almonds, and walnuts. In any case of what the cooking technique is, a pulao recipe is always seasoned with meat stock or broth. This is one of the major distinctiveness which differentiates it from the biryani recipe since biryani is seasoned with spice and aromatic plants. Biryani is believed to be the progeny of the unique pulao recipe as it was prepared in the Indian subcontinent approximately four thousand years ago. You can study the expertise of preparing the aromatic and appetizing chicken qeema pulao recipe by logging on to sooperchef.pk and downloading the complete recipe and preparation procedure in Urdu and English lingo for free.

Chicken Manchurian with vegetable fried rice

Chicken Manchurian with fried rice Chicken Manchurian with vegetable fried rice is one of the most loved recipes of Pakistan and is loved by food lovers of all age. This Indo-Chinese recipe was first prepared by Chinese community living in Calcutta, India. From there onwards, this delectable and tangy recipe has taken all over the Asian sub continent by storm. It has gained much popularity in many other parts of the world including Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, silence, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and some parts of North America. There are many other delectable Chinese recipes on the sooperchef menu like chili chicken , stir fried beef , chicken schnitzel and chicken loaf. Most of the time the chicken Manchurian is served as it is but when it is served with fried rice then the taste gets a thousand times better. The fried rice made for this purpose are mostly stir fried in a cooking utensil made out of cast iron, known as the Karahi . In Japan a similar cooking utensil if the same shape and outlook is used and it is known as the wok. There are thousands of variants of the fried rice themselves like the vegetable fried rice which is prepared with an assortment of vegetables like capsicum, chilies, tomatoes and potatoes. The chicken fried rice and egg fried rice recipes are also served with chicken Manchurian . If you want to learn the art of preparing the delectable chicken Manchurian with the fried rice recipe than log on to SooperChef where you can find the complete preparation method in Urdu and English language for free.

Murgh Yakhni Pulao

When you are looking for a rice recipe to eat, then nothing else hits the spot like a good old plateful of steamy hot Yakhni pulao recipe. There are many other delicious rice recipes on the sooperchef menu like Sindhi biryani, Kabuli pulao, the Punjabi Yakhni pulao, Kashmiri pulao, chicken Murgh tikka pulao, chana pulao, chicken qeema pulao, and chicken moti pulao. Pulao is basically a rice-based recipe which involves the cooking of rice in a seasoned broth and sometimes animal fat and bone marrow. Mostly brown and golden, the rice attains its texture and color by being sautéed in a little oil prior to the addition of broth. Pulao can be prepared with lamb, mutton, fish, beef, chicken, and prawns and in some cases, vegetables are also added. It is a staple food of many countries including Armenia, East Africa, Latin America, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Caribbean, Greece, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle Eastern countries, Iran, Uzbekistan, and turkey. The word pulao is derived from a Persian word which means cooked rice. The word Yakhni, however, refers to the seasoned broth that is used for its preparation. In some cases like the Afghan (Kabuli) pulao recipe, it is seasoned with dry fruits like cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, and almonds. If you log on to sooperchef.pk, you will be able to download the complete recipe of this aromatic Yakhni pulao along with the complete [preparation method. You can also acquire assistance from our step by step, high quality, instant video guide.