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Mongolian Chicken

Sooperchef has added another delectable cooking recipes to its long menu and it is known as the Mongolian Chicken recipe. As the name suggests, the Chicken Mongolian recipe gets its name because of its origin that dates back to the Mongolian empire. There are many other tasty continental recipes on our menu like the chicken schnitzel, chicken loaf, Italian chicken, hummus, peri bites, hot shots, rainbow cake, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken tempura and chicken lasagna. Mongolian chicken is an alternative for the classy Mongolian beef recipe as it is much healthier than it. Furthermore, it is also easy to prepare taking less than an hour to get done, this makes it one of the best choices if you are willing to prepare a tasty meal during the rush hours of the day. Some of the main ingredients that are used in the preparation are cornstarch, brown sugar, vegetable oil, minced or grounded garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, low sodium chicken stock and sesame oil. Mongolian cuisines were traditionally mildly spiced but with time and influence of other cooking styles, many new variants have come forth. Usually, this recipe is served with boiled rice, egg fried rice or you can have it with a spoon and fork if you like. You need to follow sooperchef.pk if you want to download the complete recipe and preparation method of the delectable Mongolian chicken recipe in both English and Urdu languages. You can also learn to cook from our two minute, instant step by step video guide.