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Kabab Masala

Kabab Masala Recipe in Urdu & English Kabab Masala Recipe is a traditional bbq recipe on the sooperchef menu and is loved by foodies of all ages. There are many other traditional cooking recipes and bbq recipes on the sooperchef.pk menu like the stir fried beef, chapli kabab, beef stroganoff, malai boti handi, chicken cheese kofta curry, nihari recipe, chicken tarragon, chicken bbq handi, chicken bbq biryani, mutton kundi, sindhi biryani, chicken malai boti, chicken malai handi, Murgh Yakhni pulao, Sindhi dum biryani and Murgh white qorma. Kabab recipe is a meat based dish which is traditionally prepared by grilling or skewing pieces of meat on a fire source. The fire source used for the purpose is mostly charcoal or firewood. The cooking process takes over earthen or iron cooking utensil known as the angeethi or it can be done in an earthen or clay oven known as the tandoor. This type of cooking is said to be originated from the Arabian Peninsula and now it is popular all over the world. It is especially admired in Muslim countries like Pakistan, Levant, turkey, and Bangladesh during the auspicious occasions of Eid ul Adha where many bbq parties take place. The word kebab is a derivation from the Persian translation of grilling. There are thousands of varieties of kababs all over the world and each one represents a taste and culture of its own origin. You can find a wide range of kebab recipes on the sooperchef menu and download the complete recipe for kabab masala recipe along with its preparations method in Urdu and English languages.