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Dahi Baray Recipe

Dahi Baray Recipe in Urdu and English Dahi Baray recipe is so yummy and mouthwatering to be made at the time of Iftar. It is a popular street snack that is served all across the country and is spicy and a pure desi delight. There are various other Pakistani food recipes that can be tried at the time of Iftaar but Dahi Baray serves as a perfect appetizer at the time of Iftaar. For making this delicious recipe, you need ingredients to make tamarind sauce, bhallas, preparation of special yogurt for the dahi Bhalla dish and finally the mix of it will make the scrumptious Dahi Baray recipe. You need to add water, tamarind pulp and cook it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Add salt, chat masala, red chili pepper, sugar, jaggery powder and cook the mix with water on a medium low flame for ten to fifteen minutes. Your spicy tamarind sauce will be prepared after blending the mix into the blender to add into bhallas. For making of Bhallas, you need to blend white and yellow lentils by adding water into the blender. Then, add baking soda, salt and stir it well into the mixture of lentils and shape them to deep fry. Let the bhallas cool for fifteen to twenty minutes and then soak them in the salt mix water for ten to fifteen minutes. Now, squeeze the bhallas and drain out the water from them. Put the bhallas in a bowl and prepare a mix of yogurt by adding black salt, chaat masala, green chutney, and tamarind sauce as per your taste and preference. Your spicy and tangling in taste Dahi Baray are ready to serve. Follow SooperChef for easy to make cooking recipes with step by step procedure to prepare the dishes that are covered within one-minute instant videos. Download the Android and iOS apps for free and learn to make new dish every single day as SooperChef is your true kitchen companion.