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Beef Steak with Lemon & Honey Sauce

Beef steak with honey and lemon sauce Meat enthusiasts and protein lovers, consider yourself in luck, as your very own sooperchef.pk is bringing in the flavorsome and nutritious beef steak with honey and lemon sauce recipe. This tasty beef recipe is highly rich in nutrients like protein and contains a minimal amount of fat which makes it the gold standard choice for people dealing with fat and trying to get in the shape they want or maybe just trying to burn excess fat off their waistlines. There is a wide range of tasty recipes that you can find on sooperchef like the fiery and hot peri peri chicken recipe , the mushy and chewy honey chicken drumsticks, the crispy and crumbly chicken bbq nachos and the tasty tarragon chicken recipe . Steak is usually prepared by slicing meat from corner to corner in muscular parts with the possible insertion of a bone. Steak is prepared by a diversity of meats which include chicken, bison, beef, veal, mutton, sheep, reindeer, turkey and deer. Steak can also be prepared with fish meat, the meat used for the function is generally from salmon or large pelagic fishes like swordfish, marlin, and tuna. Steak recipes are typically prepared by grilling but they can also be prepared through a frying or broiling process. Some illustrious steak cuts are known as rib eye steak, T-bone steak, top sirloin steak, and flank. Steaks are served with an array of appetizers like mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, French fries, cheese, and rice along with a variety of sauces like hickory sauce, mustard sauce, bbq sauce , tomato ketchup and chili garlic sauce . Log on to sooperchef.pk to download the entire beef steak with honey and lemon sauce recipe in Urdu and English language for free.

Homemade Chicken Corn Soup

Winter has made its presence known in most parts of the world by now and this year it has been early indeed. A cold wind is blowing and the chilly weather is soon to take over. In this type of weather, food becomes even tastier and feels much more delightful, but it is hard to go outside and buy stuff, but fear not, your very own sooperchef.pk has decided to bring a delicacy of winters, the tasty and healthy homemade chicken corn soup recipe to your kitchens via your smart devices. There have been many great recipes on our menu which you can try to make this winter even beautiful, just like the delectable and creamy Swiss roll recipe, the perfect combination for seafood lovers and bbq lovers the fish tikka recipe, the tangy and saucy tamarind chutney recipe and the last but not the least the date bbq sauce recipe. Chicken corn soup is one of the very famous and well-known soups that have made their way into the hearts and kitchens of soup lovers all over Pakistan. it is made with the chicken and corn which are simmered in water with a variety of other elements. The soup looks very much like a clear broth most of the times with a misty aroma, which is assorted with chicken chunks, and other common ingredients like rice grains, dumplings, and barley. Other types of soups like hot and sour, seafood, and mushroom cream soup recipes are also prevalent in Pakistan, especially during the winter season. You can find the complete homemade chicken corn soup recipe on sooperchef.pk.