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Special Chicken (Murgh) Biryani

Greetings to all the sooper foodies! There have been some really exotic and delicious recipes from all over the world on the menu of Pakistan’s number one online digital food network sooperchef. Recipes from Some of the biggest cuisines around the world like the Caribbean, Japanese, Arabian, and Indian cuisines were brought to you via your smartphones but there is no way that any recipe around the world can lessen the love for a plate of delightful and aromatic biryani recipe from the heart of a Pakistani foodie! And for that reason, we are proud to introduce the delectable and palatable special chicken biryani recipe in urdu to your kitchens. There have been many other delectable and drool-worthy biryani recipes on the menu of sooperchef, some of the most honorable mentions include the protein-packed qeema biryani recipe, the aromatic chicken dum biryani recipe , the nutritious and infamous Bombay biryani recipes , the truly smoky and delectable amalgamation of bbq and biryani; the delectable kabab biryani recipe, the beautifully vivid Sindhi biryani recipe and the last but not the least the biryani with meatballs: kofta biryani recipes . Biryani is one of the most eaten rice based recipes of the Indian subcontinent, and the significance of this recipe can be estimated by the fact that there is a version of this recipe in every location of the Indian subcontinent. From college canteens to five-star restaurants, funerals to auspicious occasions like marriages and parties, all serve and enjoy biryani with great delight. You can access the complete special chicken Murgh biryani on sooperchef.pk in Urdu and English language, for free.