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Arabian Rice Recipe (KFC Style)

If you are one of the folks who loves chomping down on Arabian recipes and has a sweet tooth for the Arabian recipe then wallah! The crispy and tasty Arabian rice recipe from sooperchef.pk is the choice of recipe that you have been looking for. The recipe was made famous by an internationally famous food chain KFC and thus has gained much popularity and is eaten all over the world. Over the course of the last year, there have been a great number of delectable recipes on the menu of sooperchef.pk: the largest online digital food network in the country. some of the most top rated recipes on the panel include the cheesy and tasty pizza fries using readymade fingers recipe, the saucy and delectable pesto pasta recipe, the effortless and healthy chicken burger for kids recipe, the flavorsome chicken pie recipe and at last but not the least the tasty and delightful Arabian maqlooba recipe. The Arabian rice recipe popularized by Kentucky’s Fried Chicken (KFC) composed of chicken chunks that were fried and served with rice that was topped with or without sauces of your choice. With our recipe of the variant, that uses K&N’s ready to fry fiery fingers and rice, you can enjoy the same great taste while preparing it from the comfort of your own homes. The Arabian cuisine consists of various different recipes including regional cuisines extending the Arab world from the Maghreb to the Fertile Crescent in the Arabian Peninsula. Most of the Arabian recipes of the Arab cooking style are primitive and hundreds of years old and reflect the true nature of the Arabian culture that was much influenced by the traders that traded spices, foods, herbs, and flavors with the Spaniards before the crusades. The Arab kitchens are influenced highly by the hot climatic conditions, cultivation as well as trading possibilities. Log on to sooperchef.pk and enjoy the complete Arabian rice recipe in Urdu and English language for free.

Chicken Shashlik With Egg Fried Rice Recipe

For all the foodies out there, who are sick and tired of biryani and qorma all the time, Chicken Shashlik with egg fried rice recipe is the right thing for you. There are many other continental food recipes on the sooperchef menu like hummus, peri bites, chicken karahi, fire chicken, chicken shawarma, hot shots, rainbow cake, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken tempura, chicken manchurian, chicken schnitzel , Spanish omelet, chicken lasagna, Italian salad, chicken cheese noodles and malai boti recipe. Chicken Shashlik recipe has a Persian origin but it is popular in many parts of the world including Russia, Iraq, Mongolia, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and northern America. Traditionally it was made with cubed shaped chunks of mutton or lambs that were skewered over a coal based heat source. The skewers could be lined with meat chunks only or they could be assorted with alternating pieces of meat, vegetables, and animal fat. The vegetables used for the purpose are usually mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Originally, Shashlik was made with mutton or lamb but nowadays it is prepared with chicken, veal and sometimes beef as many new variants of the dish have come into play. In Pakistan and most of the Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, Shashlik is made in a thick red curry and served with fried rice or grilled vegetables, however, it can also be served with a hot tandoori naan or chappati and sometimes a rumali roti. If you want to learn to cook the delectable cooking recipe of chicken Shashlik with egg fried rice recipe then log on to sooperchef.pk where you can find the complete recipe of chicken Shashlik in Urdu and English language.