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Keema Samosa Recipe (Pakistani)

Keema/Qeema Samosa Recipe  Hello Foodies. Welcome to SooperChef, your ultimate kitchen companion that guides you to make delectable and unique dishes every single day by providing you the complete recipe, ingredients, instructions along with the cooking method, all covered in the 1-minute instant cooking video. You can watch the video and cook within the comfort of your home and try a unique mouthwatering recipe every single day for your family and loved ones. This time, SooperChef is bringing you the desi delight of special type of Samosa Recipe that is known as Keema Samosa Recipe. This favorite and famous kind of samosa is eaten and loved as a snack all across the nation. Serve it with ketchup, sausage or mint chutney and enjoy munching on Qeema Samosas. The name depicts the ingredients quite well. The recipe is made out of minced meat that can be from chicken, mutton or beef as per your taste and preference. The minced meat is boiled and mixed with the basic spices to add sour taste to mesmerize your taste buds and filled in the samosa patti. After that, all you need to do is deep frying them in the cooking oil until it gives a golden brownish shade to the samosas. Your delicious Qeema samosas are ready to be served. They can be eaten at any time of the day to curb your hunger cravings and we are quite sure that this recipe is going to fill your stomach for a long time as well. Watch the above one-minute instant cooking video and learn how to make Qeema Samosas within the comfort of your own kitchen. You can also download the Android and iOS apps for free and get the daily push notification of new recipe every single day as SooperChef is the largest digital food network that provide you a complete support and learning to cook delectable and vibrant new dishes every single day.