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Chicken Karahi

Pakistan is known for many famous recipes that are eaten all over the country with great delight, and the chicken karahi recipe by sooperchef, the largest online food network of the country is something that you cannot miss at any cost. This delectable recipe is made into a large, open-mouthed cooking vessel, known as the karahi, which is why the name is given to it. there are many tasty and nutritious karahi recipes on the menu of sooperchef, some of the most honorable mentions that can be found on the panel for free in Urdu and English language include the hearty and brackish namkeen karahi recipe, the lively and sizzling Lahori karahi recipe, white chicken karahi, chicken shawarma the steamy and moist qeema karahi recipe, the imaginatively briny mutton kali Mirch karahi recipe, and at last but not the least, the innovative and newfangled chicken bbq karahi recipe. the karahi recipes in Pakistan are very well known and each province has a variant, that represents the very color and culture of the specified province, for example, the shinwari karahi is native to the KPK province and is mildly spiced while the Lahori chicken karahi is much more deliberately spiced as per the requirements and tastes of the people of the Punjab region. Karahi is often sold at roadside eateries and five-star eateries alike and is sold by the kilos. Easily preparable with any kind of meat available including beef, veal, chicken, mutton, lamb and sometimes fish, the karahi is one of the most notorious recipes of the country that can be found with much ease. It is served with tandoori roti or naan, but can also be eaten with roti and paratha and is served, sizzling hot inside the metal karahi it is prepared. The garnishes used for serving often include a salad usually made with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and diced onions. Sometimes, green chutney or zeera raita is also served alongside the karahi to further enhance the experience and flavor for the consumer. The cooking pot, karahi is typically made out of cast iron, but in the contemporary days, it is also available in lighter materials like copper, stainless steel, and non-stick surfaces. You can find the complete chicken karahi cooking recipes in Urdu and English language for free at your very own sooperchef!