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Chicken Shashlik With Egg Fried Rice Recipe

For all the foodies out there, who are sick and tired of biryani and qorma all the time, Chicken Shashlik with egg fried rice recipe is the right thing for you. There are many other continental food recipes on the sooperchef menu like hummus, peri bites, chicken karahi, fire chicken, chicken shawarma, hot shots, rainbow cake, Jubilee mousse cake, chicken tempura, chicken manchurian, chicken schnitzel , Spanish omelet, chicken lasagna, Italian salad, chicken cheese noodles and malai boti recipe. Chicken Shashlik recipe has a Persian origin but it is popular in many parts of the world including Russia, Iraq, Mongolia, Israel, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and northern America. Traditionally it was made with cubed shaped chunks of mutton or lambs that were skewered over a coal based heat source. The skewers could be lined with meat chunks only or they could be assorted with alternating pieces of meat, vegetables, and animal fat. The vegetables used for the purpose are usually mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Originally, Shashlik was made with mutton or lamb but nowadays it is prepared with chicken, veal and sometimes beef as many new variants of the dish have come into play. In Pakistan and most of the Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, Shashlik is made in a thick red curry and served with fried rice or grilled vegetables, however, it can also be served with a hot tandoori naan or chappati and sometimes a rumali roti. If you want to learn to cook the delectable cooking recipe of chicken Shashlik with egg fried rice recipe then log on to sooperchef.pk where you can find the complete recipe of chicken Shashlik in Urdu and English language.