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Bohri Fried Chicken

Are you one of the folks who are on the lookout to taste new varies of fried food, then consider yourself lucky as the Bohri fried chicken recipe by largest digital food network of the country, sooperchef is here! The Bohri fried Chicken recipe is made with pieces of chicken meat, (typically broiler) which are thoroughly enveloped in a batter, prior to the process of being deep fried in a fryer or deep metal utensil known as the karahi. The distinguishing characteristic of the Bohri chicken is that it has a unique garlicky flavor and aroma. The recipe is a beloved snack of the Bohra community, all around the country and eaten with great joy by foodies of all ages. This fried chicken recipe can be served at many auspicious occasions like Iftar during Ramadan as it is trouble-free and easy to prepare in a minute period of time. On the menu of sooperchef.pk you can find a wide range of fast food recipes that can be accessed in both English and Urdu for free. Some of the top notch recipes on the menu right now include the crunchy chicken flatbread pizza recipe, the delicious chicken Kachori recipe and the crispy Dhaka chicken recipe, the delicious chicken tender recipe and the last but not the least, the soft and mushy finger fish recipe. The fried chicken recipe gets it magnificent taste through the process of its marinating, which involves spices and seasonings like dry garlic powder, salt, red chilies, black pepper, coriander, cumin, wheat flour, and corn flour. To accomplish perfectly astonishing essence and whiff, it is vital to keep the chicken meat marinated for 4 to 6 hours, foregoing the deep frying process. Log on to your very own sooperchef.pk for the whole Bohri fried chicken recipe in Urdu and English language, free of any cost.