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Salads recipes can be delicious, rich in nutrients, healthy and satisfying type of meals on their own or can be used as a complementary meal served with various other dishes. Whatever sort of salad, you’ve picked for yourself, SooperChef brings you a great collection of Salad Recipes in Urdu that are assured to please your taste buds.Eating simple salad recipes is a great source to add nutritional value to your meal and if you are on a diet, salad recipes for weight loss stays a perfect companion. You can make the combination of the best natural green veggies, fresh fruits, creams, mayonnaise etc. Mix the right amount of food to create a mesmerizing taste without the major calorie addition salad dressing.Follow these instant steps to make tasty salads at the comfort of your home guided by SooperChefYou can easily make fresh salad Pakistani recipes by following 1-minute instant cooking videos. Fruit salads can be a perfect choice to start your morning or an appetizer, snack to be served at any time of the day. Follow these simple steps to make the most delicious salads for you and your family.

Select your Fruits

Pick up fresh and seasonal fruits from grocery store. Make sure that the fruits are ripe and nice for the salad. It is better for you to pick the ripe fruits so that you love the flavor of your salad. You can pick mangoes, cherries, red apples, peaches, grapes, kiwi, etc.

Wash the Fruits Properly

It is really important to wash all of the fruits with proper care before you make slices and dice them in your salad.

Slice your Fruits Equally

Halve your fruits. If you want the salad to be juicy and easy to chew and eat without having bigger bites, then you should slice them in a proper shape that is comfortable to chew before you put them into the salad bowl. Remove the upper lid of the fruits in a regular manner.

Now Place all the Veggies and Fruits in the Bowl

Place all the freshly chopped veggies and fruits in the bowl. You can add sugar coated syrups, lemon juice to sweeten the taste. Place the apples, kiwis, strawberries, boiled potatoes, grapes etc. in the bowl. Toss them slightly so that the flavors can blend perfectly.

Add Cream, Mayonnaise as per your Taste and it is Ready to Serve

You can add fresh cream, yogurt, mayonnaise as per your taste and your favorite salad is ready to server. Enjoy this dish at room temperature or you can have it chilled. Pair with a glass of fresh lime or orange juice that will bring a tangy flavor to your Salad.SooperChef is the first Ever and Complete Digital Food Network of Pakistan recipes that provides you an extensive range of delicacies on a daily basis. Get the best Ramadan recipes and Eid ul Adha Recipes at SooperChef. Simply download our Android & iOS app to get the daily notification of instant cooking recipes.