One of the best part if you travel a lot is having a taste of the local food around the world. Each country has some specialty to offer when it comes to food, and we always look for that specialty food experience. Most of the times, there is no need to get yourself ordered an expensive dinner or a meal at a fashionable and a prominent restaurant because street foods surely represent the most affordable to your pockets and yet it is delicious as well. BetterRead has searched around the globe and brought you the best street food to show how vibrant and delicious the food of each country is in its own style.

Chicken Karahi in Pakistan

Chicken Karahi is one of the most well-known Pakistani food recipes that is served across the country and loved among the foodies of Pakistan and subcontinent as well. This dish can be prepared with a variety of meat. For instance, lamb, chicken, mutton, beef but most commonly in Pakistan, this dish is made with the chicken. The most versatile part of this dish is that it has several variants that keep on changing according to the regions. Every variant is spicy and so delectable when we talk about its taste. So, we would recommend to give it a must try to taste at your home. Watch this 1-minute instant cooking video and learn how to cook this awesome Chicken Karahi at the comfort of your home.

Doner kebab in Turkey

The German-style doner kebab is somewhat same like a simple ‘kebab,’ that was presented among the world by Turkish immigrants in Europe in the 70s. It has since gained the popularity of street foods in Germany and most parts of Europe. It translates from the Turkish rotating kebab and ingredients consists of sliced and chopped pieces of beef, lamb, chicken or mutton that are slowly roasted on a vertical rotating spit.

Arancini in Italy

This Italian street food is translated as a little orange but believe us it has got nothing to do with the oranges. The name is originated due to its color and shape. The dish is made from stuffed rice balls, coated with breadcrumb and then deeply fried. They have a filling of meat, tomato sauce, peas, and mozzarella. Arancini was basically originated in Sicily in the 10th century under the Arabic regime. It has been a street food of Italy from quite a time now. It is also served as a finger food in all parts of the country.

Poutine in Canada

It is a Canadian dish that basically was originated from the province of Quebec, and it is served with French fries and cheese curds, with a topping of brown gravy. The dish was originated back in the late 50s and now has become the cultural mark as the most popular junk food in the whole Canada.

Pirozhki in Russia

Pirozhki is the smaller version of the Russian word known as pie. These small pies are so famous among the whole country and are sold almost in each corner of the country, usually in cafes and shops. The stuffing in it can be developed by the mixture of meat, fish, eggs, and veggies with fruits.

Pastel de nata in Portugal

This dish was firstly created by Catholic monks of Portugal in the 18th century. The monks used the leftover of egg yolks to make out pastries and cakes and that is how this dish got the fame. This egg tart mixed with sugar and butter is nowadays the most well-known and the popular street food across the country.

Ceviche in Peru

This dish is known as Peru’s national dish and also well-known due to a holiday in its honor. This classic dish consists of recipe that includes chunks of raw fish that is marinated in freshly squeezed lime juice or bitter orange juice, chili peppers, sliced onions, salt, and paper. If you wonder why it is most popular among Peru, just think about a national holiday in the honor of Ceviche.

I am sure as a Pakistani you would have an appetite of Karahi. We would appreciate your comments.

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