Ever scarfed down your favorite ice cream or a homemade chocolate dessert cake, or even a simple cupcake when you are craving and dying to mesmerize your sweet tooth? Laying eyes on a sweet treat can lead you to crave that becomes serious. The visual of sugary foods is what it takes to consume what so ever delectable dessert is placed in front of you. It is merely not a sign that your body is hungry or need nutrients. It is a dopamine response. Moreover, you may find this article more interesting to avoid sugar for the rest of your lives. But, the good news is that there are the simplest ways to manage your sweet cravings. Here are some useful tips that will help you sail right past the delicious dessert placed in front of your eyes.

Keep Yourself moving

Your first step should be to create a certain distance between you and the goodies. If you are at home or at work, head yourself back to the sofa or a desk. Are you salivating over a sweetie cake or a cooking show? Skip the channel. Spotted a pudding on Facebook? Scroll real fast. Sometimes, it is as simple as out of sight and out of mind. Distracting yourself really quick can lessen the cravings as well.

Get mindful

There will be times as you are at a buffet restaurant or a party and you can’t run away from the dessert tray, or return to another activity that does not involve food. In such case, it can be really helpful to use such mindful practices. Step one is to slow down for a while and observe how the craving feels like. Urges come and go real soon, like waves coming towards the shore, and if you decide not to give in to them, they will go back out just as easily as it comes into your mind.

Savor a small bite

It is going to work for some people only. If you have ever eaten an entire bag of candy, then for sure you are not one of them. But if you know you can stop yourself after a tiny portion, go for it. Focus on the mouthfeel, the sweet temptation, and be verbal about how much great it is. Eat a little part and start doing something satisfying.

Set up real guidelines

Say you know you are heading to a sweet tempted zone such as a wedding festival. Forgoing all the mere treats from your workplace candy jar or your kids' stash may not be working or helpful. But you must decide to have one piece, for instance, two times in a week to satisfy your cravings and stay in line with your healthy eating goals.

Make a negative Link

Are you easily triggered by creamy pie or pancakes, or melty ice cream in ads while watching TV? Consider the reality behind those ads. There are billions spent on marketing and make you tempted to eat these products. But, what you are going to eat is artificial flavors and harmful ingredients in the form of that sweet marketed thing. Would you still think to eat it? No, Never.

Keep a healthy version of your favorite treat with you

If your mouth waters every time when your coworker wraps out a chocolate, try packing your own clean treat such as biscuits so that you don’t feel deprived. For chocolate lovers, a piece of fruit can satisfy a sweet tooth. And if it is baked goods that you crave for, bring in a homemade version of honey and lemon drink or sweetened maple syrup.

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