Most of us don’t have any idea about the excessive utilization of sugar badly impact our teeth and body weight. Yes, both at the same time. Be that as it may, the properties of sugar are considerably more harmful and hazardous for common wellbeing of the humans, and guess what! No one even talks about the bad effects that sugar leaves on our body. Likewise, People in Lahore Goes Nuts Over the Launching Ceremony of Baskin Robbins at Packages Mall to have a cup of their favorite Ice-creams. At that certain point of time when sugar enters our circulation system with an accomplished mixture of food item and proteins, for instance, elastin and collagen. The response that tends to happen destructs the creation and emission of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for your beautiful and appealing young-looking skin. Sugar makes the skin sensitive to the direct sunlight, which is the most important happening in maturing of our skin tone. Moreover, do you want to become diabetic! Well, we got you covered with Top Ten Foods that Aid you in the Battle of Diabetes.

SooperChef provides you four major reasons to be reluctant or not so tempted towards desserts, sweets and cakes.

Sugar Advances Skin Aging

When the excessive amount of sugar is taken as a food diet, it gets into our bloodstream, sugar links in a chemical way with proteins like elastin and collagen that ensures the youth and freshness of your skin. Be advised, such an interaction damaged the proteins and the destruction of elastin and collagen makes our skin dry and full of wrinkles. Moreover, it makes new and harmful effects on our body. For instance, they make our skin more susceptible to the sunlight, which ensures to enhance the aging factor.

Sugar Develops Inflammation

The tendency of sugar to intensify the inflammation means that it promotes the outlook of pimples, acne, and wrinkles on your skin layer. It also increases the risk of many harmful diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, etc. Moreover, when we drink carbonated fizzy drinks or sweetened tea to treat ourselves, sugar becomes a toxic ground for bacteria in an already inflamed throat. So, it turns out that the traditional methods are even harmful and useless for our bodies.

Sugar, The Main Cause of Cardiovascular Diseases

Scientific researches done by various doctors in this century thought that cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by minimizing the consumption of fats that we intake by using diets containing cholesterol. However, sugar was considered a minimal danger to the human body than cholesterol that we intake with our daily diet consumption. Unfortunately, most of us want to get on fat-free diets and don’t cut out the usage of sweets. But, recent studies showed that sugar is a major cause of increased cholesterol levels and it sticks to our blood vessel walls that are already damaged by sugar intake in the form of excessive desserts and sweeteners that we use.

Sugar Drives You Insane

Various researchers and studies have come across the fact that sugar leads to anxiety and depression. It happens as sugar lowers BDNF hormone levels, which is inhibited in common people suffering from depression. Other studies indicated that excessive amount of sugar may increase anxiety that we try to get rid while eating something sweet. Isn’t it an irony?

Hope you will eat less amount of desserts and sweets with a minimal intake of it on a casual basis after reading this thought-provoking article.

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