How to Avoid Dehydration While Fasting In Ramadan

How to Avoid Dehydration While Fasting In Ramadan

How to Avoid Dehydration While Fasting In Ramadan

During the days of fasting in summer, there is a great risk of dehydration, especially among elderly people, patients with diabetes or kidney diseases etc and children are more prone to dehydration, as well as field workers who are to perform physical activities in the sun are at a high risk of dehydration. Severe dehydration starts with symptoms such as extreme dryness in the oral cavity, dry and wrinkled skin, general fatigue and constipation. Sooperchef has listed five ways you can keep dehydration at bay during the long arid days of fasting, this Ramadan.

Drink Plenty of Water between Iftar and Suhoor

This is a no-brainer that water is the best way to keep dehydration away but in Ramadan, we can only have water for a specific period of time. So during the period of iftar to Suhoor, it is advised to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. Another healthy tip about hydration is to drink lukewarm water as it is more easily accepted by the body. Furthermore, fruits and vegetables that are high in water like cucumbers, watermelon and grapes etc are great for the reduction of thirst with their high water content.

Avoid Excessive Usage of Spices

It is highly recommended that spicy and extra salty foods should be kept away from the iftar table as they increase the body

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