Our home is the most beloved place on this planet where we live and stay for most of the time. We almost forget the fact that our home consists of various objects that make us age faster. But, the earlier you find such important items in your home, the better your chances are to enjoy a glowing skin, youthful, smooth body for a real long-time span.BetterRead has gathered a list of the major household items that you may not know are causing a harm to your youthfulness, ruining your beauty as well.

Air conditioners and Central heating

The colder the outside temperature is, the less moisture it is capable to retain within your body. As it gets cold inside during winter season, the air heats, but the water vapor quantity doesn’t tend to increase its level. That is the reason the air in our home becomes dry and our skin and mucous membranes are the primary organs to suffer the most out of it. Our body and particularly our face gets really sensitive and start to itch, and even the skin starts to peel off. This leads towards a further damage causing dullness to the skin and making wrinkles on your face. You need to battle such situation with the help of using moisturizing creams to protect your skin from getting dry.


People are too much conscious about hygiene nowadays as they are crazy to keep their bodies smooth, clean, and remain fragrant throughout the day. But, if you do skin cleansing every single day with various products, it can cause the natural skin’s defensive barrier to wash off. This barrier protects us from bacteria and even helpful to premature skin aging. It is recommended not to use cleansers for washing your body every single day and do read the ingredients that are mentioned on your soap or shower gel as most of the times, it contains chemicals that are harmful to our skin.


Most of the time, people select flax linen or cotton for pillows as they are pretty cheap and easy to wash as well. But, such pillowcases made out of certain materials can damage the appearance of people who care the most about their well-being. Thick cotton pillows increase the risk of creases on the face, that is going to turn into wrinkles later on. Also, these materials harbor a huge amount of bacteria inside them as well. You need to replace cotton pillows with silk. Although silk is more expensive, it has an ample of advantages. It is durable and smooth for the skin, moreover, it prevents any sort of bacterial growth as well.

Smartphones and computers

Blue screens follow almost each of us from morning till we go to sleep at nighttime. Typing text messages or emails via phone with our necks bent in a downward direction is a real cause of a double chin. Many researchers claim that the blue light of the screen can be harmful just like UV rays. You can install a special anti-blue light screen protector if there is no way to minimize the time span you spend in front of the laptop.


As we all are sure, sugar is the main culprit of weight gain. But the latest research depicts that it also causes skin inflammation and premature aging. Sugar starts to produce a certain type of molecules that directly attack the collagen and elastin in our body that are responsible for a smooth, glowing and beautiful skin. You need to stop the consumption of sugar and replace it with honey or other substitutes available in the market. Excess of sugar is the main cause of diabetes. Here are some of the Best and Worst Foods for People with Diabetes.

Hope, you find this article informative enough to read. Do share your views on this one.

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