There are a million ways our food talks to us, and many times where words cannot explain our emotions then food is the best option to express that particular feeling. Like when questions like what to eat, can’t decide what to order or I am just too lazy to cook or maybe a hangout with some friends is under consideration, then there is simply a one-word answer, karahi! Yes whether you are from Lahore and love spice or from Baluchistan with a simpler taste, you cannot just deny the fact that karahi is sometimes the only thing on your mind. Here at sooperchef, we have compiled a list of Top Five Karahi Recipes that you can find on our website for free, and prepare at your own home. 

Chicken BBQ Karahi

 chicken bbq karahi An innovative Karahi recipe that has recently gained much fame especially among the young generation of foodies in Pakistan is the chicken bbq karahi. Instead of being prepared with regular raw chicken meat, it is readied with pieces of grilled chicken which give it a unique and distinctive flavor and an entirely new taste making it a mouthwatering bbq/Karahi amalgam. 

Lahori Karahi

 Lahori Karahi recipe There are no second thoughts or debates when it comes to the love of spice by the denizens of Lahore, thus the notorious Lahori Karahi is one of the spiciest karahis that you can find in Pakistan. As the name suggests, the recipe originates from the celebrated city of Lahore and has gained quite a reputation all over the country. Generally, the meat used for the preparation of Lahori Karahi is chicken meat because it is much easier to cook and takes less preparation time, although there are some lesser known beef and mutton versions too. Its also called Lahori Chicken Karahi

Balochi Karahi

 balochi mutton karahi A traditional Balochi meat based recipe that was made famous by highway restaurants of the rocky province of Baluchistan bears the same name as of its point of origination, the salty Balochi karahi. The original version of this uniquely styled and delicious karahi was readied with lamb or mutton meat but in the contemporary times, it is also being prepared by chicken, beef, and veal and is eaten all over the country with great delight. 

Mutton Black Pepper Karahi

 Mutton Black Pepper Karahii Just like the Baluchi karahi, the mutton black better karahi is one of the mildly spiced Karahi recipes of Pakistan. The origins of this Karahi are not specified but it is believed that the cooking style was first inspired by the Baluchi art of cooking as they bear much resemblance. The distinguishing factor of this karahi is that its preparation only involves the use of black pepper and green chili for seasoning and no other spices like garam masala or red pepper is added. Furthermore, a rich dose of yogurt is also used for in preparation which gives it a creamy and mushy texture. This type of flavoring makes it just the thing for foodies who don’t like to have too much spic on their plates. 

Namkeen Karahi

 Namkeen Karahi Recipe One of the most uniquely flavored Karahis that Pakistan has to offer is known as the Namkeen Karahi. This Karahi recipe is a variant of namkeen gosht; a salty meat dish made with lamb or mutton meat and is usually served with tandoori roti at highway restaurants all over the country. It is generally readied with mutton meat which is shallow fried in its own fat and a little bit of cooking oil with vegetables like tomatoes and some yogurt thrown in the mix. In some areas like KPK, namkeen Karahi is prepared with dumba (sheep meat) which is cut into cube-shaped chunks and stir-fried in fat and a little oil, this version of the namkeen karahi is also referred to as the shinwari karahi.


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