From a perfect brunch to an exciting and delectable picky dinner, your Mom is surely going to feel like a queen of her home when served with any of the below listed are top 5 Mother’s Day Menus that she is going to love if cooked from your hands.

Arabian Mandi Recipe

This recipe is originated from the Middle Eastern countries but it is on the menus of famous restaurants and eaten all across the globe. The recipe is a basic rice recipe cooked with steamed meat. It is one of the delectable and easy to make recipe that you can easily cook at your home. The version of Arabian Mandi Recipe brought by SooperChef is covered in the 1-minute instant video that is surely going to please the taste buds of your mom and entire family and can be eaten at lunchtime or dinner. Get the complete recipe here.

Mutton Ginger Recipe

Mutton Ginger Recipe is unique of its own kind and loved by the foodies all across the nation, especially admired by those who love to eat mutton. This delectable recipe is a twist of mutton and ginger with a dense spicy gravy. It makes a perfect combo with naan or roti and served with raita and salad. Get the complete recipe to make this easy dish at your home. Watch the 1-minute instant video here.

Chicken Reshmi Kabab

This recipe is a sheer treat for all the food lovers who want to experience something new and enticing in the categories of kabab. This special recipe is going to delight your taste buds with a complete mouthwatering flavor. It can be prepared in a very easy manner with the help of minced or diced meat of chicken, mutton or beef and heated or grilled over any sort of heat source. Usually, people try this recipe as a part of BBQ. Get the complete recipe of Chicken Reshmi Kabab here.

Kalmi Tikka Recipe

This one easy to make recipe is something you will definitely look forward to add to the menu for this Mother’s Day to surprise her with a completely new variety. Tikka is basically a BBQ recipe that comes in all sizes and shapes and is usually formed with the marinated meat of chicken, mutton or beef. The basic spices used for marinating tikkas are ginger & garlic paste, pepper, chilies, salt, basic spices mixed all together in a raw yogurt. Get the complete exciting recipe of Kalmi Tikka here.

Creamy Rice Pudding Recipe

This one easy recipe of the pudding is going to serve right for the sweet tooth. It can be served after a spicy lunch or dinner. This one recipe is so mouthwatering and rich in flavor and can be easily prepared with the help of ingredients that are easily available at your nearby utility store. Watch the 1-minute instant video and prepare this sweet delight within the comfort of your home.These recipes are going to serve you right for the Mother’s Day menu. Have a wonderful and joyous day ahead with your Mom.


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