Have you ever been sick and tired of doing the same routine work and want to be a super being that is more healthy, positive and smart? Here is the great news for you guys!

BetterRead has gathered a couple of handy tips for you so that you can start using and upgrade your brain to the next level. And these are really simple things to be done. Let’s have a look at them!

Stop nagging

Once you make complaining or moaning about different situations as your habit, your brain starts to trigger multiple changes throughout that tends to create a negative character of yourself and that definitely leads you towards depression. Instead of whining and protesting about how hard your life is, you must be getting out in the park, take a walk and meditate on a regular basis. Various psychologists have recommended that people who gets engaged in at least twenty minutes of positive work depict a great and active mind and the chances of illness also decreases as well.

Be grateful to God for what you have

All you need to do is find at least three things by the day end that you feel grateful for. Psychologists say that such type of an exercise is going to boost the serotonin levels of your brain. Serotonin is important for the proper functioning of your prefrontal cortex, which regulates your self-reflection and the emotional balance of your brain, thus aiding it to bypass previous anxiety, stress or panic patterns. What you should do is think positive. Be positive and keep calm. You can even write the things down that you are grateful for.

Share your negative feelings

You may need to write them down in your diary. There is nothing to be shy about. Go ahead and start writing them in to the piece of paper. Various scientists stated that writing your negative feelings is going to process the emotions and tend to reduce the amygdala response, the fear corner of your brain, ultimately leading to lessen the level of stress and anxiety that you have. A calm amygdala explains the happy side of yourself.

Be around supportive people

Chilling out with friends or being in the same state that other happy people do is going to benefit your brain in a great manner. On a wide scale, your brain will undergo with positive outcome and changes if you are going to surround yourself with intellectual and emotionally stable people or friends. Did you know about the fact that human beings are infectious? You can easily get contagious with certain type of behavioral and emotional attitudes within your social circle. This type of phenomenon is known as social contagion.

Hug someone

Hugs are truly magical in fact. It doesn’t mean you need to hug someone you don’t even know. You can hug your family, friends and life partner. A warm cuddle makes our brains tends to release dopamine – yes, your pleasure hormone. That is exactly why you feel immediately relaxed and safe. Various type of research conducted showed the results that hugging tends to lower blood pressure, reduces your stress and improves your mood.

Stop multitasking

You definitely need to turn your multitasking into single tasks. When you are having a call, browsing on the internet with assignments, typing a text message, you surely are multitasking. Various studies have proven that when you try to put your focus on more than one thing at a time, it minimizes your productivity by almost 40 percent. All you need to do is cut out your distractions, and remain focused on a single task for a limited time period. Once you are done with the work, you need to reward yourself with a short tea break or a physical break.

Hope you find this article informative enough. All we need from you is to smile for the rest of your lives.

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