Yes, these are the things that happen for a good cause if you add an extra hour to your regular day, you could get the best out of benefits throughout the day for your diet routine, your attire, your appearance, and your office work related routine as well.

BetterRead has gathered a couple of benefits that can happen if you start waking up an hour earlier on a regular basis.

Get yourself Time for Some Work Out

So, if you are not a morning person, starting to wake up early in the morning, you don’t need to quit your snoozing and keep yourself moving. Hitting the gym before the sunrise is a perfect way to boost your day, and this particular habit can actually be a mood booster for your own self and you will start feeling productive. Moreover, getting a proper workout earlier in the morning can lighten up the evenings and you will probably get some free time to cover up your unexpected day to day life responsibilities.

You could have a Healthy Diet Routine

When you are late for work, the worst thing that happens is to grab a fast food on your way to the office or you even give your time for sweet donut temptation to curb your appetite. Obviously, late sleepers are bound to consume more calories throughout the day and on worse than that is the intake of fast food. The night owls tend to have a high BMI. So, if you get an extra hour in the morning, you can actually cook yourself a high-protein breakfast, for instance, eggs, salads, fruits, toasts, etc. to make you feel satisfied and nutritional. Moreover, it will make your stomach feel satisfied.

Improvement in your mood

Waking up in the sunshine might freshen up your mood too. Many studies have proven that early risers are more happy and positive for the rest of the day in comparison with the people who wake up late. Morning people also tend to be healthy due to the fact that they like the sunshine of dawn and dusk.

You will Start feeling less anxious

A late start to the regular morning routine can really turn to a disaster for the rest of your day, leaving you sleepy and with the rush of millions of thoughts running through your head throughout the day. What you should be doing instead is to use that calm morning time to make your to-do list for the rest of the day to get the things aligned in a proper way. It will be helpful to provide a peace of mind. Meditation can also give you the ultimate benefit of providing a mental boost for the rest of the day as it battles away with anxiety and improves reasoning skills as well.

You could look more Appealing

A morning person has an ample of time to pamper him/herself. An extra hour in the morning means you can have a proper hour to spend on little things such as ironing your favorite shirt, styling your hair, clipping your nails and the list goes on. It will definitely improve your appearance and outfit, creating an everlasting impact on your colleagues and bosses.

You could avoid the Rush

Getting yourself in the mid of rush hour traffic can ruin your mood for the rest of the day before you even reach your office. Instead, leaving for work an hour earlier will give you a passage to avoid the congested roads and traffic on it and you can get yourself the best parking spot in the workplace as well. You can also treat yourself to an early morning brewed coffee or a cup of tea.

Hope so, you find this article more informative and you are going to act upon the advice given above.

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