Yes! Every member of the 40-year-old club is going to relate to these facts. You keep seeing some old lady hands that are going to stick out of your sleeves when you turn 40. There you are, going to your daily work life, reaching for your kitchen dishes and old lady hands cooking different Cooking Recipes for their family. These hands tend to be quiet confusing, with loose skin and sunspots with layered-off veins. If you turned out to be 40 this year. Forty! That is so weird to come across as you have always been young throughout your life, as a matter of fact. No matter how you dissect this fact, but you have aged out of the young category and been graduated to the mid group of life. Your brain starts feeling a bit confused because you feel like you were in a college a minute ago, hanging out with your friends. Looking into the mirror and talking to your friends in your house, you can come up with a couple of telltale signs that you have entered the forties so quickly and not all of them are bad news for you if you turned up to be 40.

You can no longer quit eating bread for a day and lose extra pounds

Once upon a time in your life, you could be able to make a minor adjustment, maybe going for a jog, and wearing skinny jeans for a perfect hangout with friends. Apparently, a body gets over this when you turn 40. Your body just wants to be fat and happy, relaxed. As you turn 40, you can almost eat 400 calories in a day for six weeks and your body is going to release only three pounds. Then next day you eat half a tortilla bread and gain 17 calories. Your body becomes not interested in your diet routine or those skinny jeans you used to wear. It wants yoga pants, trousers, and T-shirts. You feel regret that you could have worn anything before 40 with those skinny looks that you actually had.

And you finally get a Soothing handle on who you are

Once you turn to 40 years old, you shed your skin of the existential dread. You know a lot about what you are good at, what you value, what you love and how you want to live and stop worrying about anything else. You simply start to give a damn about what people think about you. All of the above questions used to keep you up at night in your teenage life. Right? The 40 will be bringing out more security and harmony that you couldn’t imagine. You will know what you are good at now and you will do that. You won’t feel apologetic and uncertain about certain situations. You won’t be tiptoeing through your life, doubting about my place and my gifts, too much scared to go for it, dream for it and pray for it. When you turn 40, you no longer have to wait for permission to live as you want to live.

Something weird is going to happen to your brain

This brain of yours has served you well enough for quite a long span of time, but it starts punking you when you turn out to be 40. You won’t be able to remember the directions and other things pretty well. You would be forgetting things like why you have walked into this room. And the fun part is, sometimes you will not be able to recall your third kids' name. You will be talking on your cell phone while searching it around your house. Your brain has already completely accomplished up till now and has done its best.

But you also develop resiliency

Conflicts used to paralyze you before 40’s, criticism would have been crushing you and you desperately needed the approval of things from parents. As you turn 40, you will quit caring so much what others think of me and definitely, you will not be needing approval for your life. You will be able to decide about your work, your house changes, your career, or even your hairstyle and so on. If people don’t like your decision, well, whatever is what you would be thinking.

Your skin will change

When you see an old picture of yourself, this is the thought process. You would realize the differences between the younger you and now. You will develop double chin and your eyelids will be bulky and your chest will loosen up as well. There will be certain changes that will be developed to your skin.

You will learn what's important

This husband, your kids, your little life that you have built up till now is all that matters from now on. After 40, you are going to slow down to tell everyone in your family about how wrong they are, and you will be quick enough to gather your friends and take deep breaths of joys with them. This is all that you need at this point of time. After all, it is your beautiful, precious life. You will stop realizing insecurities, jealousies, and comparison of lifestyle with others, and that is the true legacy you need at this certain age. You must decide on your days that eventually have grace, strength, laughter, and security.

While turning to 40’s, you will love better, laugh out loud, stand taller. Real life has tempered your arrogance and developed fears that are going to vanish. And this my friend, is the best version of yourself.

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