These certain circumstances or precisely a condition to be called, where body tissues bulges via weakening or leaning your muscle fiber lining, can be disastrous and create an unimaginable panic. But, if you seek out for the early signs, it would be possible to reduce your suffering and get the proper treatment at a hospital that you need on an instant basis. Here are some of the leading symptoms to the disease known as Hernia.

A bulge in the abdomen

The most important symptom of a hernia is really painful, prominent lump or protrusion in your abdominal area. But that is not the only factor that you could experience as painful or potentially threatening condition towards a hernia. Moreover, there are other hernia signs that you are ignoring also.

Panic attack while lifting or bending over heavy objects

Discomfort or irritation in your abdominal area can be a symptom of a hernia even if you don’t have a visible bulge. Precisely, you feel pressurized, pain, or irritation/discomfort while lifting objects or bending down, or while coughing. You really need to consult your doctor at that point of time. Hernia can also clarify the situation in the form of a panic tightness in your groin or abdominal region. Some of the common type of hernias are obturator or femoral hernias, in which an abdomen tends to get pushed towards the groin or the upper leg and can only be revealed by the help of CT scan.

Feeling full

It is one of the most frequent issues and a leading symptom as it is really confusing if you are full with your stomach or not. An inguinal hernia is the most common type that occurs in the lower abdominal or groin part and it can cause a real panic while leaving you with a fuller stomach sensation. You need to consult your doctor if you feel bloated and heavy with stomach or with a feel of overeaten and you haven’t eaten that much for a while. This type of feeling becomes painful and considered as a leading sign of a hernia. There are some tips to feel less bloated after a huge meal.

Muscle weakness

The weakening of muscles is also a leading symptom of a hernia. Once you are prone to this disease, the pressure on your muscle becomes an obstacle for your daily life activities, causing fatigue in muscles. And, if you are feeling weak muscles of your upper leg and groin part, the hernia is the main culprit to be responsible for this activity.


You definitely need to get to the ER straight away if the fever is accompanied by the symptoms of hernia. It could mean that your herniated tissue is strangulated and it is not getting the right amount of blood flow in your body, leading to a life-threatening situation.


Most probably, the large intestinal part can herniate also, leading towards a blockage in the digestion process. This would end up to constipation and difficulties in passing gas. In such cases, the parts of bowel can cause swelling and become strangulated, a type of symptom that requires a complete surgical operate to get fixed.


The type of a hernia known as hiatal one can trigger your upper abdominal region, and it has varying signs that starts with a chest pain or a heartburn as a part of your stomach contracts via tissue weakness into your esophagus and the escaped stomach acid can cause an inflammation in the specific area. This will lead towards a burning situation that may feel like a heartburn. Here is what you should know about heartburn. Hope you find this article informative enough to read. We would appreciate your views. Also Read: Foods That Are Secretly Hurting Your Brain


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