Are you in doubt of your own intelligence and how smart you are? Here are some indications that you are mistaken. The chances are you will be going to recognize at least 2 to 3 of these things in yourself straightway and will start considering yourself more smart and intelligent.

You’re the oldest sibling in your family

One major interesting research has come to the fact that the older siblings in a family have higher and significant benefits when it comes to yourself as compared to their younger sisters and brothers. This is the obvious reason why the oldest one tends to be comparatively more successful than the youngest in the family.

You have a slim figure

Back in 2006, an unusual investigation was conducted. It showed an interesting connection; the larger a person’s waistline, the lower they have cognitive abilities. According to the other conducted researches, an 11-year-old child who tends to receive poor test scores are more inclined towards obesity by the age they turned to 40. There is an intense probability that in comparison with their cleverer peers that study better, tend to do better in their education, and will look after their health in a proper manner.

You loved reading even as a child

Do you still have memories in your mind about going back to your earliest days as a child? The chances are that you are very smart, especially if your love for books developed earlier when you were still wearing diapers. Researchers proved that the infants who learned to read at an early age scored higher in their tests later in their life. Reading from an early age improves one’s both verbal and non-verbal abilities.

You’re left-handed

Left-handed people are more inclined towards divergent thoughts – a way towards creative thinking that is implicated to solve various tasks and problems. Left-handed people are seemed to be more inventive and know how to cope up with troubles or get out of the difficult situations in a better manner. Isn’t it a sign of great intellectuality?

You often worry

Various studies prove that most of the people who often worry a lot about things seem to be more intelligent as compared to those who don’t worry at all. It might be the case that it is a result due to the fact that they are thinking about possibilities of their actions and therefore try to make sure that everything that is in their heads turns out to be as best as possible.

You’re taller

Tall children study better than their peers and while they reach their adulthood, they end up earning more money than others, according to the research conducted at a Princeton University. So, if you are tall, you must be proud of yourself.

You’re curious & anxious

Curiosity and being anxious about things is one of the important trait in intelligent people, according to a professor of business psychology of London University. Curios and anxious people have the tendency to possess more refined form of thoughts and in the long run they seem to be interested in discovering new things and developing them as people.

You strive for perfection

Most of the people who are smart are usually perfectionists. They seem to be never satisfied with the way things are working around them. For instance, if they are not happy about their outlook, they will go extra miles to look their best by buying a new clothing or stepping up their grooming norms. Their life is a constant work in progress and they seem to be like that.

Your writing is messy

Creative disorder is a concept that was made by our ancestors long ago, and there is even a research involved in it that serves right as a type of ‘fuel’ for those with a unique and creative nature. Messy handwriting is also one of the symptom of a creative person.

You’re a Freaky night owl

It sounds a bit funny that the people who stay up at night eventually have an edge over an intellect than early birds. The tendency to work and to be creative at night, was not developed in us as natural. It is for the reason that intellectual people go to bed later as they keep on striving to expand their limits.

We would love to hear your comments on this one.

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