Willing to renovate your home as it got old looks and seems to be outdated in regards to style? Here is what you should ask yourself and clarify the real picture before you reconsider your decision of renovating your TV lounge, taking down any unnecessary walls or simply paint your outside of the house.

BetterRead has gathered some valuable tips to consider before renovating your home.

How much is your budget?

Either you are using your savings to build up the entire place, you need to be certain about your budget. Make sure you hire a contractor and discuss your budget details with him and stick according to the planned budget. Over styling and finishing is going to cost you big time with the cost of extra charges on your pocket. You must be maintaining at least 15 percent of the total project or extra costs, that remains certainly hidden. While hammering out the cost, don’t forget to save every single penny with the help of reliable contractor.

Do I need a go-ahead?

If it is your house, you are surely going to set rules for it. But, if you own an apartment or a rented home, it is likely to consider their approval before going ahead. Get the rules in written in a legal document form with the real home owner and define the limits that you are spending your money and you will cut it from the rent. That will be a wise decision to invest in a rented home. Make sure of your cities development authorities law as well before renovating extra space out on the street as well.

Can I get recommendations?

The real time to renovate is on! It is time to gather a contractor or an architect. Bring up your planned design, budget and scheduled stats and ask them to show some examples or varieties of work they have done before. You can get the best referrals from your close friends. Make it sure to discuss in detail about the quality of doors, windows, woodwork that is going to happen in your home. Get at least four to five bids from various workers to compare their style and advise and then opt for the best suitable design. Make sure to talk about the quality of the work they will be doing before they get started.

What will be the payment plan?

We will advise you to pay only one-third of the labor as an upfront, another on the mid of the project and final payment must be held unless the project is completed. As everything goes in progress and under construction, you will definitely want to figure out these things before the work gets started.

Who is heading the Labor?

Most of the time, it happens that you live in the same home within the construction zone. But, practically speaking, you need to figure out the number of laborer on a daily basis that are going to renovate your home. A head count also lets you know what will pop in to your budget and how much time will be required to end up with the renovation. Be specific with your house rules as well as which bathroom you should be using and one for the labor, and where to dump out your raw and unused material to space up your home.

Type of Guaranties that you will receive?

Upon completion of the renovation, you are surely going to receive the guarantees of the work, design and several items that are being used in the process of renovation. But, if you are not getting the guarantees and claims or warranties of the work, ask for them while purchasing the material. You need to keep them safe as they can be further used to claim the products if any of them needs a repair or a fix from the contractor side.

Hope you find the article informative and you will consider these steps before renovating your home.

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