The Holy month of Ramadan 2018 is only at an arm’s length now and the best thing to do right now is to learn more about the thing (other than prayers) that our Holy month of Ramadan is known! The largest and number one ranking, digital cooking, and food network of Pakistan: has decided to provide you with a list of tasty and easy to prepare Iftar recipes that you can make for yourself and your family and make iftar an even better experience this Ramadan.

Teriyaki wings

If you are one of the folks who are in for a change on the taste buds or just craving something Chinese for iftar, then the saucy and tangy teriyaki chicken wings recipe is the go-go signal for you. Although this Chinese delicacy might take a bit of time in the preparation, although it is totally worth it as it will make your taste buds dance with joy after a long day of fasting. Find the recipe here.

Banana pineapple smoothie

Speaking of a long hot day of fasting, at the iftar table, a delectable and rejuvenating drink is essential. And nothing would do the trick better than banana pineapple smoothie recipe. this all natural energy drink would not only provide you with a great refreshing and revitalizing sensation but would also give a boost to your immune system, provide antioxidant properties and would be rich in nutrients and minerals like potassium, manganese and vitamin c. Read About: Pakistani Iftar Recipes you should try During this Ramadan

Strawberry and banana smoothie

When talking about refreshing smoothies, the strawberry and banana smoothie recipe comes second to none. Loaded with the antioxidant properties of strawberry and the potassium and mineral content of bananas, this smoothie will decrease the risk of kidney stones, supply fiber and regulate digestion while being tasty beyond explanations! Get the complete recipe here.

Bread roll

When dealing with the preparation of the iftar meal, it is necessary to bear in mind that the iftar recipes are supposed to be healthy as much as they are supposed to be tasty. One of such recipes that you can easily prepare is the tasty bread roll recipe by, which can be prepared in a minimal amount of time using everyday food items like mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, bread, and bell peppers etc, which makes it a perfect item to prepare in the rush hours of the iftar timing.

Aloo Samosa

No matter how many healthy or tasty or fancy food items you add to the roster of your iftar menu, it won’t be complete without a samosa! it is a matter of fact that samosas are one of the most popular street snacks of the Indian continent and some of the most widely relished iftar food item. It is served with raita or chutney but can be eaten with any kind of sauce you like. Prepare your own samosas this Ramadan by downloading the recipe here, for free.

Arabiata pasta

Most of the time, we tend to eat lighter and easy to prepared recipes for our iftar meal, since they are easier to deal with. One of such recipes is the saucy Arabiata pasta recipes that are light and easy to prepare but very delicious and appetizing when it comes to flavor. This nutrient dense food can be paired with fiber-rich vegetables, protein-laden cheese and meats, and heart-healthy fish meat with mono-saturated fats which makes it one of the healthiest recipes you can prepare for iftari.

Beef Steak

This one is for the big eaters like me, or if you are a meat enthusiast or some fitness freak, then the protein-laden beef steak recipe is something you cannot miss. Even if you are trying to cut weight and get in shape before Eid (to fit in your Eid dress, no pun intended) then let me tell you that beef is loaded with all kinds of nutrients like zinc and protein that will ensure muscle mass and fat loss with some good exercise more: Top Six Foods for a Heated Stomach


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