There is nothing worse than waiting until you turn 20 and finally have a clear bright acne free skin, and then the overwhelming part is that the acne doesn’t necessarily end up after your teenage years end up. Adult acne is the real panic situation that you have to suffer from but rest assured, you are not the only grown lady to deal with it. Put it this way: Nowadays, pollution and smog are so common that pimples and meeting wrinkles happen almost every week. Researchers came across to the fact that adult acne has been on a surge from past 10 to 20 years and if you have been prone to acne in your teenage, chances are that you have an oily skin that is the real reason behind adult acne to breakout even after late 20’s. Even though the outcome seems real dreary and wrinkles plus acne sounds just like the lamest joke ever to be made to any girl, right? And you also know the cause that your complexion woes can be a real help to your skin and keep the acne problem at bay. Moreover, you need to try these Top Five Fruits for a Glowing Skin in Summers.

SooperChef has found the most effective ways to wipe out your acne for good cause.

Back and Shoulders Acne

Back and shoulder acne can be easily caused by your backpack straps or tight fitted synthetic clothing that you wear. If you really have those small red pimples in this area, then it is majorly the reaction of a cleaning agent. Your passion for junk, fatty, and fried food is also a major cause of acne to appear on your back and shoulders. You can treat such acne by taking saltwater baths once in a week or by washing it with apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio.

Chest Acne

The most common of all causes of such acne on our chest is the allergic reaction to the washing powder or your favorite shower gel can be a damage cause too. Such pimples can also happen as a reaction caused by fizzy cold drinks, spicy or excessive seafood. It is better to make a mixture of baking soda with clear water and then properly massage your skin while mashing it properly on your chest. After that, let it dry and then wash it off with the Luke warm water.

Neck Acne

A tight collar can be a cause of your skin damage, ultimately causing pimples to your neck. Neck acne might also be happening to you due to the result of an allergic shampoo or hair rinse. But, most important of all is your sweet temptation of desserts to eat out at any cause anytime. For the removal of neck acne, wipe away your neck with a cotton pad soaked in a lemon juice and let it be there for ten minutes. After getting dry, wash and clean it off with a warm water.

Arms Acne

Allergic reactions to your skin from various detergents, digestive problems, and usage of antibiotics can all be the different causes of pimples to appear on your arms. If you visit the nearby swimming pool or gym, most often is that you can get easily caught up with the fungal and bacterial infections that result in the acne of arms. You can get rid of such acne with the help of potato juice. Just slice or cut a raw potato into half pieces and rub it on your problematic area. Let it rest for a couple of minutes and then wash it off after half an hour.

Legs Acne

Imperfect or unhygienic and tight fit synthetic clothes are the most common of the reason when it comes to the form of leg acne. Pimples can also form out after shaving when you cut down the unwanted leg hairs with a dull or poor razor. For keeping your legs shiny and bright and acne free, you can add 5 to 6 drops of tea tree oil to your shower gel while taking shower and wash your legs on a usual basis.

Facial Acne

Face Acne is the worst of all types. It’s a panic nightmare a girl can ever imagine. It sucks so much and ruin all of your days and make it pathetic. But, you can get rid of it with this simple overnight trick. Add some baking soda into a small quantity of toothpaste and make a paste out of it. Apply it overnight and wipe the warm water in the morning. You will be amazed to see the scar-free area after removal of a pimple from your beautiful face.

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