As you care about your diet and physique along with blood pressure, heart rate, and the maintenance of your healthy arteries, you must also consider caring for your heart valve as well.

BetterRead tells you a lot how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and, today the focus would be maintaining your heart valves in a healthy manner:

What is the Function of your Heart Valves?

You may wonder that you have a great knowledge about your heart, but, in fact, you always miss to have a know-how about four heart valves, and the leading one being the aortic valve. It is the main valve that tends to control the blood flow that comes out of your heart into the rest of your body and it is considered to be overstressed all the time. This valve, known as aortic valve opens and shuts down as a gateway 60 times in a regular minute, functioning 24/7 in a repetitive way. It is totally a miraculous functionality that can last for a 100-year-old person. Due to this instant opening and closing of the main valve, it is a must to get regular reform in the end. As we get old, it is for sure to notice that our heart valves get thick or a gathering of calcium on the valves that can be seen on a heart ultrasound. Whereas the potential life-threat to us is known as aortic stenosis, that is a rigid thickening of valves, beginning to interrupt with our blood flow that is pumped out of the heart on a normal basis.

Here is how to take care of your heart valves:

Eat real food

Heart movement is bound to take care of your ticker, that includes your heart valves and that identifies to manage your cholesterol. People with high cholesterol intake have the high chance of narrowing of their aortic valve. Rather than taking medications, you must start to notice your regular diet meals, especially to talk about carbs. The more junk food you eat, the more likely you are going to get a high cholesterol level. You need to put your focus on healthy eating and the intake of minimal processed greens, beans, nuts, veggies, fruits and grains.

Notice your blood pressure

In the past decades, a high blood pressure was considered on a ratio of 140/90. But, recent guidelines suggest that 130/80 is a possible ratio for a high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the second most reason that leads to severe heart diseases and we can prevent it from happening as well. You need to consider your blood pressure on a regular basis to diagnose that either you are suffering from a high blood pressure so that we can take an action to control it before it causes severe problems down the lane.

Keep your Heart Healthy & Quit smoking

You can also put a blame upon smoking for one of three deaths caused by a heart disease as it boosts plaque to build up in the arteries, that eventually helps the blood to clot, thus, raising our blood pressure. Quitting isn’t only healthy for your heart but leaves a positive impact on the functioning of valves. You will notice immediate healthy changes for your heart as you quit smoking.

Less intake of salt

Well, if you are suffering from high blood pressure or having a heart-related disease, you must cut back the regular intake of salt. You need to maintain at least 1,500 mg of salt per day. It will be difficult at the start but cooking fresh meals at home will eventually go on a long run to reduce the amount of salt intake. As a matter of fact, almost 70 percent of the salt in a regular diet comes from the food outlets or packed cans.

Consult your doctor

You need to consult your doctor on a regular basis to stay healthy as he will let you know through different prescribed test results about the risk of heart-related disease and how to cope up with it. Heart valves related issues may root out from congenital heart defects and one of the leading symptoms for that is the murmuring of heart as it is considered as a red flag for valve related issues.

Regular Exercise

We are pretty sure that you have had enough listening to this exercise word for a healthy lifestyle, but don’t take it for granted if you binge on the sofa watching TV. All you require is a little amount of struggle for a regular walk, jog or hitting a gym, unless it becomes your daily habit. It is going to work wonders for you in many different ways, not only for physical health but for mental health benefits as well.

Hope, you find this article informative enough to keep your heart valves healthy. Share your views on this one.

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